Mar. 21st, 2014

New season

Mar. 21st, 2014 02:18 pm
tilly_stratford: (Fops with canes are teh sex)
My crocuses (croci?) have started blooming!


Planting something in autumn to see it bloom seven months later feels like cheating somehow, like it shouldn't be allowed. And I've moved around so much in my life I was half convinced I wouldn't even be here when spring came and then all that work (it wasn't really that much work) would have been for nothing. But here I am, and here they are, and sometimes things work out like they should. There's also the tulip bulbs, which I look forward to blooming later in the spring.

I've got a lot planned for the garden this year, though seeing as I've finally landed a job (after a year of unemployment) I might have to dial it back a little bit. In any case I'm definitely gonna make a new flowerbed, away from the scorching heat that gets reflected from my building's red brick wall. Somewhere along the fence, where it might catch a little bit of shadow from the neighbouring house, and then I'll keep the first flower bed for succulents and things that can tolerate the heat (last year the poppies thrived, so they can stay).

I've been dreaming about making a small vegetable garden in a corner of our (immense, empty) garden, but that might just be more work than it's worth. Anyway, there's the watering issue -- last summer I had to carry all the water into the garden. This year I'm looking into hooking up a hose to my kitchen faucet and running it out the window, but it's still gonna be cumbersome. So we'll see about my dream victory garden.


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