Jun. 26th, 2014

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Finally (finally, that last big battle was a pain in the ass) finished Bioshock Infinite. Ugh, I did not enjoy it very much. I really liked the original Bioshock game (though it wasn't as ~deep~ as everybody thought it was), the second was a unengaging retread of the first, and I don't even know what to call this third one. I think maybe the studio are getting a bit too clever-clogs, now there's no end to the shit they put in the games in the name of "deconstructing tropes" and "subverting expectations"

The game really skeeved me out on multiple occasions (like in a "the game developers are creepy" rather than a "this game is creepy" way) and the central skyhook game mechanic handled like shit. Also, not much atmosphere to speak of -- at no point did it have me on the edge of my seat. Basically, it didn't deliver on the promise of that initial beautiful trailer.

There were basically two things that kept me going: The anachronistic soundtrack -- Bioshock Infinite takes place in 1912 but due to time rifts every so often you come across a modern song done in an old-timey style (I adore the jazz version of 'Tainted love') -- and the Lutece twins, Rosalind and Robert. I love the Lutece twins. They appear sporadically and mysteriously throughout the game accompanied by a lopsided waltz and talk fourth-wall-breakingly about parallel universes and quantum physics.

I'm so glad they won the VGX character of the year award, and got to do an acceptance speech:

Yes, I am still going to check out the DLC Burial at Sea -- one, it has Rapture from the original game in it, two; it's a homage to film noir, and three; The Lutece twins appear at some point. There is a distinct possibility it's better than the game I just played.


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