Feb. 3rd, 2015

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I'm finally reading Justice League: Generation Lost (a.k.a. "oh God is there some way to salvage Infinite Crisis"). Yeah. Remember when I fell into the Infinite Crisis rabbit hole, desperately searching for some kind of in-universe fallout following the murder of Blue Beetle? Remember how there was none? That's what Generation Lost was for. Allegedly. I only started reading it today.

It's only five or so years old, which is shockingly current cape comic reading on my part. Of course, the storyline piggybacked on one of those huge unwieldy cross-title events I can't stand (Brightest Day). Basically a bunch of characters came back from the dead, including poor retconned Beetle-mudering Maxwell Lord. So Generation Lost is about getting the ol' Justice League International gang (well its few surviving members) back together to take him down again.

I adore this cover. Just a cute callback to JLI #1, except Booster is starting to realize something's wrong...

First issue was quite good in that kind of "whoa did shit hit the fan VERY FAST" kind of way, Lord broke both mine and Booster's hearts in one fell swoop. It's been going sort of downhill after that (both writing- and artwise) but luckily I get to read the concurrent Booster Gold issues (written by the original JLI creators) inbetween and it's fantastic so far. It deals with the fallout of the dramatic stuff happening in Generation Lost so well and asks all those questions I've been pondering about Infinite Crisis too:

How could Maxwell Lord go from morally grey but ultimately kind-hearted father figure to maniacal blood-thirsty supervillain overnight? If he was evil all along, why weren't there any signs?

There's also Booster passionately defending JLI as something more than a punchline. "We weren't a joke! We mattered!" I might have choked up a bit. Reading my garish super soap opera.


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