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Me and my friend Rune went to the Game of Thrones exhibition! (There are no spoilers in this entry, by the way).

It's one of the eternal mysteries of the world why on earth the GoT exhibition should stop in Oslo, in the only Scandinavian country on the tour. Oslo is small fry compared to Stockholm and Copenhagen, but nevertheless it was there, it was free, and me and Rune queued for two and a half hours in the freezing cold to get a peep at these things (Rune was appalled by the wait, me I was expecting it to take longer, like four hours or something).

The exhibition was great! Me, I'm a costume geek so I ran straight for the dresses (I have so little interest in dresses in my day-to-day life but make something for a TV show or movie and I'm there salivating) and armours and things. My favourite costume on the show (Daenerys' blue dress with the shawl) was there, and Brienne's costume was worn and weathered just right, Joffrey's embroidered tunic (I think from the wedding?) was so beautiful, and the detail in Tyrion's leather vest was so intricate! I'm a little sad it didn't have any of those beautiful costumes of Littlefinger's, and there was just one Cersei dress, but I had a ball staring at the craftsmanship of all of them.

There were weapons too -- the Mountain's sword was easily as tall as me, and I'm pretty tall! Joffrey's velvety crossbow was easily the most beautiful thing there. And there were banners, and jewelry, and plot items.

Rune hasn't yet begun watching the newest season, so I was really worried either the exhibition or one of the guests would spoil something for him. Innocence like that needs to be protected, sheltered -- he really hasn't a clue about the shit's that's gone down so far this season. ("Ugh, this character -- he's probably gonna live forever, isn't he?" SCREAMS INTERNALLY). But it was all safe -- even the SUPER IMPORTANT PLOT ITEMS from season four were labeled just as vaguely as other little knick-knacks. Rune is going to freak when he recognizes them on TV!

We'd heard SO LITTLE about this exhibition in the press (which focused mostly on how long the queues were) so we really didn't know what to expect. One thing we hadn't heard about at all was an Oculus Rift (Virtual Reality) experience of scaling the Wall. You stood alone in this phone-booth sort of room, with the little screen thing over your eyes, and headphones on, and the floor even rumbled as you were pulled up in the little lift. Rune complained about the resolution of the images, but I had to take off my glasses to experience it so it looked pretty good (a.k.a. blurry) to me.

Anyway, as you reach the top of the Wall and really feel like you're teetering on the edge of this impossibly tall structure, the technician (who kindly instructed you as you went in) ACTUALLY PUSHES YOU IN REAL LIFE. I screamed. I never scream when I get scared but I did this time. (The most sadistic of the technicians looked so much like Littlefinger it was a little eerie). I've never tried Oculus Rift before, it was really immersive and cool.

And that was my day out and I had a lot of fun , and afterwards I ate chocolate, it was also good.


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