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Every time I try to watch new Doctor Who I get disenchanted with the entire franchise and can't be bothered to watch any of it for months. I literally haven't thought about Doctor Who after the anniversary show last year when my only reaction was "Ugh, never mind then."

Until now: My love for the show has been reinvigorated in the most unlikely way: The sixth Doctor! Yes, the single most hated run in Doctor Who's history. I'm almost finished with The Trial of a Time Lord and you know what? It's mostly terrible, but Colin Baker as the Doctor is so good.

Not that it came as a big surprise -- I'm already familiar with Six through the Big Finish audios and the classic Who fandom loves him (yet still recognizes his run on TV was godawful), but I had no idea he was so much fun to watch as well! He's a lot more energetic and physical than I'd come to imagine him in the audios and Baker is obviously unable to deliver a half-assed performance, no matter how terrible the script is.

So for all of that Six deserves some fanart. This is literally the first time I've drawn Doctor Who fanart since, let's see... 2009!

My year of art experimentation continues with a cartoony style very unlike my own. For the longest time I've felt like my only two art styles are "As realistic as I'm able to go" and "Lupin III". This is something different and a little more exaggerated.


I wanted to do a muted colour scheme but that's very difficult when the entire point of Six' costume is "loud and brash". I gotta say I'm pretty fond of his outfit (the red spats and yellow trousers especially) except I really don't like the pink patches -- so, um, I'm not sure how those wound up front and center in my drawing. I also forgot to draw the cat pin on his lapel, whoops, just imagine the scarf is covering it.

At this point the only TV Doctors I haven't given a fair shake are Five and Seven. Who knows what the future will bring.
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