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Last year I decided I should finish one drawing every month and it really helped me get back in the creative swing of things, but after a while it had me going "Ooh I have an idea for a drawing but I've already finished one this month, I better wait in case I'm at a loss for ideas next month" and it got silly so now I try to draw whenever the mood takes me.

So more Doctor Who -- I'm relistening to all my Eight audios (wow, The Stones of Venice and Minuet in Hell are even worse than I remember them) and in the future I'd like to make fanart of the stuff that happens in them, but first I wanted to see if I could draw the eighth Doctor at all. And I was frustrated with my inability to draw curly hair and decided I needed the practice.

I know "sketch" is a vague term when I apply it to my art, and I keep changing the definition. Used to be I called ALL my art "sketches", because I thought they looked so amateurish and unfinished (also because I used to draw them in pencil, scan them and colour them in photoshop, so they were a lot closer to the sketch part compared to these days when I work almost exclusively digitally).

These days, when I call them "sketches" it usually means "I know there are mistakes/sloppiness here but I'm not gonna beat myself up over it".


I'm guilty of exaggerating McGann's nose a lot, but it is a very lovely nose and I had a lot of fun stylizing it. I also consciously used his real (ca. 1987) hair for reference rather than the ratty wig they had him use for the TV movie. Man I hate that wig.

Now that I've been staring at a lot of pictures of McGann I'm a little bit surprised at, well, how good looking he is. I know, "duh", but like, individually his features aren't very striking, but they're put together in a very pleasing way. Even when I'm drawing him I get the urge to tidy up his eyebrows and soften those nasolabial folds but then it doesn't look like McGann anymore.


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