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So I got a PS3 for my birthday and finally played Metal Gear Solid 4. It was terrible. Nonetheless, it reminded me how much I love the non-terrible parts of the franchise, so now I'm back into MGS in a major way, apparently making up for my awful lack of obsessions this year.

I played Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance which was a lot of fun, and then I took a deep breath and watched all the trailers for MGSV in a single evening (I haven't played Ground Zeroes yet but I plan to very soon). So that's my excuse for this: I got so upset about Kaz Miller I felt a very real need to imagine him safe and warm and content and not being tortured and look he has all his limbs as well.

This is what these games reduce me to.

I finally got the settings for my Sai marker tool just right, it's been almost meditative "painting" this while listening to Donna Burke's 'Sins of the Father' on repeat (wow I do love making myself sad).


Real quick:
- He's got trousers on and everything this isn't an attempt to stealth insert naughtiness into my art (apart from Kaz being a good-looking guy).
- I discovered I really really hate Kaz' shirt in Peace Walker. Those goddamn tilted pockets and the in-game model doesn't even have any buttons and AUGH.
- There's stuff I wish I was able to do better and there are things I'm quite proud of, same as always.

The funny thing is Kaz is from Peace Walker, which after MGS4 is my least favourite game in the franchise. I've just really taken to the guy and realized I've always been more invested Big Boss' goings-on than Solid Snake's.


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