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More Metal Gear! You know, Revolver Ocelot is a character I have a lot of affection for but in a kind of "Jesus Christ you little shit" kind of way. When I discuss Ocelot with other fans I use about twice the amount of expletives I'd use than when we talk about villains I actually can't stand, so I see how it can get confusing.

He is a piece of trash bastard after all. He's great.

I really don't like Ocelot's character design in the upcoming game The Phantom Pain. They basically just took the voice actor's face and added bizarrely dark eyelashes (you need to pick a lighter shade of mascara, Ocelot). In the original Metal Gear Solid Ocelot's character design was based on Lee Van Cleef in Escape From New York (a lot of elements in the game series are based on that film actually) and in the prequel Snake Eater they aged that design down in a pretty acceptable way. Winding up not with a younger Lee Van Cleef -- there's a dash of David Bowie in there too I think -- but something unique and not completely removed from the original design. Unlike the new one. Ugh.

Anyway, I should have stopped rambling at Snake Eater, that's the thing I was building to.

I really like Ocelot's character design in Snake Eater. I like the contrast to the older Ocelot, who's got this long flowing hair, and in Snake Eater it's a buzzed military haircut. He's trying to act so tough with his uniform and engraved revolvers and meanwhile his little pink ears are so exposed in the Russian cold.

He might be a master spy and triple agent but in the end Ocelot is Trying Too Hard personified, and I think that haircut is a perfect symbol of that.

Anyway, sketching angry Ocelots is a nice way to wind down at the end of the day.

It became a little study of blushing as well. Basically I've never liked colouring, so anything I can write off as my own unique artistic vision is a good thing (see also: Outlining clothes without actually drawing them).

Man I just really hate this trend of making video game characters look exactly like the actors voicing them. It took me out of Mass Effect when the Illusive Man looked exactly like Martin Sheen, it takes me out of Ground Zeroes when I notice how Kiefer Sutherland-y Big Boss is starting to look around the eyes. I know I just said I liked it when Ocelot used to look like Van Cleef, but at least the rendering technology at the time didn't make it a 1:1 likeness.
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