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Still not dead! Life is admittedly a little extra shitty these days, which means my dumb goofy escapism is all the more important to me. Whaddyaknow, I'm still weirdly stuck on this one sleazy miniboss from this one goofy hack-and-slash video game.

All those years ago when I first got a tablet pen I would draw exclusively in Photoshop and it was fine by me because I didn't know any better. Then I discovered Paint Tool SAI and after a bit of a steep learning curve I fell completely in love with it and its multitude of brush settings. Now I have found something to surpass even my beloved SAI and it's called... Manga Studio. You can select and manipulate several layers at once oh my God! There are a ton of other features but that alone is, gosh, completely amazing.

So this was gonna be a quick doodle to figure out Manga Studio without fiddling with any of the brush settings, but it kept on going even though adding and expanding a drawing without a sketch underneath is not how I usually work at all. It was a fun experiment though.

In Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance there's this goofy Harley with electric blue tribal designs and it belongs to Jetstream Sam, because of course it does. And you don't own a thing like that unless you're absolutely 100% in love with it.

Like I said I didn't even sketch this out before I started rendering so I don't know what's going on with the perspective in this. Here's a closeup of the face because that was basically the original doodle and the part I'm actually quite proud of.


In the game you never see Sam without his armour so I had to try and figure out what his cybernetic arm would look like without the massive pauldron or tactile glove-thing. Also I'm physically unable to imagine civilian Sam wearing anything but V-necks for some reason. What a hot mess.

I feel like nothing sums up where I'm at art-wise than me going "yes I'll meticulously recreate this RL polish logo" immediately followed by "ehh backgrounds, who needs'em".


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