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So get this: I drew something... that isn't fan art!

I know! I, like, had an image in my head that wasn't rooted in my love for a comic book or a video game or a training app, and then I... I drew it! And now that I'm posting it I've spent several minutes fretting over the title of this entry because, okay, usually fan art is a suitable term for the things I do, regardless of quality. But art? Do I make art? That sounds like I expect it to go in the Tate gallery or something.

Anyway, some satyrs/fauns (traditionally there is a distinction between satyrs and fauns but in modern English the terms are used interchangeably so for once I'm not going to be a stickler for proper language) for the Tumblr Satyrday challenge.

I was planning to go for that classical art depiction of satyrs where the fur starts halfway down the thighs but then I realized that would mean I couldn't draw a fuzzy satyr butt. Never compromise when it comes to fuzzy satyr butts.

satyrs in lovefiiix2

I don't know much about them except they're not-so-secretly in love with each other. Their relationship is in that tender early phase where both are relatively sure the other one feels the same way but there's just enough doubt there to stop them from taking the definite first step. Instead they take turns shyly showing each other affection, getting a little braver each time.

It's not very often any drawing of mine goes from idea to relatively finished product in just one day. Heck, usually I'm so paranoid about missing any obvious anatomical errors I force myself to wait another day to post it, just so I can look it over with fresh eyes. Yeah, I can spot of a few things with the satyr boys up there I could have cleaned up but sometimes it's nice to not spend days fiddling with an image.
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