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My cat Linni is getting a bit fat, so it's time to transition over to healthier food. No more convenient super market brands, and seeing as she's not good at self-regulating, I'll try to stop free-feeding dry food in favour of set meal times (she gets canned food too, but replacing the brand of kibble is a good place to start).

Finding basically healthy cat food has proven troublesome though. First, I researched and set some parameters:

- High protein percentage, as few carbs as possible.
- Stay clear of corn, soy and grain (they're worthless to kitty tummies, they just get pooped right out again).
- Opt for muscle meat if possible.

It seemed so easy. What a fool I was.

More words about cat food than I'd ever thought I'd write )

Eventually I found a fairly cheap brand that offers 41 % protein to 25 % carbs, with some real chicken meat in it, and grain and corn is the second and fourth ingredient listed, respecitvely. Not ideal, but way better than the trash she was eating - that coupled with carefully measured meals should hopefully make her lose a little weight over time. My little fattie.


Jan. 6th, 2012 02:14 pm
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Back in Bergen again - where I discovered a commode in the shower and the wires and bits of the water heater coiled up on the the bathroom floor. Not entirely certain what's going on there.

Now that I'm back to my regular life - and computer - again I feel like there've been so many things I've neglected to write about this December. Just look at all the things I've done:

- Finished all of The Wire, which I feel I should have written A WHOLE LOT about, because it is probably the best TV series I've ever watched. Top quality. It's this damn-nigh perfect entity - which is why I've never been able to write much about it, because I can't pick it apart and latch onto specific things to fangirl about, like I do with my other shows. All the characters are complex and flawed, ALL of them do both wonderful deeds and despicable ones, the stories are spellbinding but never gimmicky. The Wire is just... amazing television.

- Listened to Tiny's upcoming baby's heartbeat. Well it - she - is already a baby but she haven't made her world debut yet, you see. I accompanied Tiny to her check-up, and the doctor listened with one of those doppler things and I... spontaneously started crying. I mean - I know my sister's eight months pregnant and I've felt the baby kick and hiccup and everything, and I'm not a very sentimental person, but hearing those heartbeats I got shockingly emotional all of a sudden.

- Celebrated the most ethical and environmnentally friendly Christmas yet, by replacing the usual "I don't know what to give you so here's some silly knick-knack I found in a store two days ago that we both know you'll never use" with Fair Trade digestibles. Well Tiny did, and I latched on. Didn't recieve any complaints, and that vanilla fudge was excellent.

- Cut Linni's back claws all by myself. Linni, who'll lash out the moment anybody tries to hold her or otherwise contain her. Linni, who's perpetually nervous about anybody touching her paws. And yet I managed to do it all in one evening while we we're both lounging on mum's sofa, and she never hissed or bolted. So now Linni can walk on hardwood floors without that click-click-click noise.

In fact when we moved Linni to mum's place I was worried that facing mum's two resident cats would make Linni withdraw and hide like she did at the shelter, but once again my cat showed off how adaptable she really is. She respected Missi, the elderly no-nonsense cat, and vigorously played with Luna, the young off-the-wall mischevious one. Here's a photo Luna and Linni at a rare quiet moment:

Good holiday overall!
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It's really getting chilly at night. I've found my old hot water bottle because there's nothing I love better than to drift off to sleep feeling the heat radiating from the bottom of my bed.

This being my first autumn with Linni (well my first autumn with Linni outside of the shelter) it hadn't really occurred to me that Linni too would become fond of my hot water bottle.

And you see, Linni usually hates sleeping at the end of the bed at night.

So when I woke up at night feeling nature's call, I groggily checked to see if Linni was sleeping next to me (which she usually does), and satisfied with not finding her there, I leapt out of bed - and in the process kicked Linni halfway across the room from where she'd been sleeping happily curled up on the duvet over the hot water bottle.

Ah the jolts of guilt that comes from pet ownership. She's forgiven me by now though.

For the remainder of the night we figured out a compromise; hot water bottle in the middle, my legs on one side and her on the other. No more cross-room cat kicking.

(Illustrated for your convenience no good reason at all)

I guess that'll be the agreement for the next couple of nights too. Maybe when it gets colder I'll make a ghetto-style hot water bottle from a soda bottle and put it in her bed next to my desk.
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Another day, another bunch of job applications sent off. That paranoid moment when you fear that employers disregard your application because you've got an unusual name and they might think you're some dirty furriner. I mean, that might not be the issue with me at all - I've got a pretty "safe" Germanic and English name anyway. I still take care to point out on my résumé that Norwegian is my native language though, just in case.

But anyway, that's me fretting as usual. I take heart, if I don't find anything very soon I'll go back to retail or the grocery store, and I'll keep sending applications for other jobs.

So anyway; Last night I did my last shift at the cat shelter. It was a melancholy goodbye. The official explanation is that my new non-student life means I've got less time and resources to do volunteer work, and that's certainly true, but I can't deny that me and the organization no longer seem to see eye-to-eye on certain practical and political matters.

Over the course of the summer (while I've been away) there have been run-ins with the police, a lot of bad publicity in the local press, and I don't think my superiors have handled the matter in a good way. I know everything they've done, they've done with the best of intentions - to help abused animals, and I'm not saying we shouldn't fight for them, tooth and claw; But I believe there are better ways to do it, I don't think civil disobedience, breaking the law, and inhabiting every damaging animal activist stereotype out there will help our cause in the long run. Now my boss has to pay a hefty fine; that's money that could have been spent on food and spaying and medicines, and now it won't because my boss wanted to make a point. Not to mention the money contributors we've lost because "we're just some fundamentalist animal activist whackjobs after all".

Let me move on to my usual rant here: Why blaming the police really doesn't help )

See? I still care about important things. Politics, even. That doesn't change. It's just that writing about comics or TV shows is much kinder on my blood pressure and RAGE METER.
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I was literally losing sleep thinking about it. Not so much that I expected bad news, just the thought of the stress of capturing Linni and then having another vet scoff at my inability to hold or carry her. I was really not looking forward to this.

And then it went off without a single hitch. Amazing.

First of all, the vet (who I'd warned about Linni's antisocial tendencies) was just so extremely good at her job. Remember that the previous vet refused to even give Linni the most basic of check-ups because "she's too aggressive". Well, this one checked Linni's ears, her teeth, everything. She picked her up, carried her into the reception room and weighed her (a few hectograms too many, I suspected as much), and later trimmed her claws, just "snip snip snip" (and Linni is usually terrified of anyone even brushing against her paws). I was completely amazed.

(Of course Linni, my little pooping machine, was perfectly terrified throughout all this. But this is the first time I've seen Linni scared without getting aggressive - she swatted at me from inside the cage and hissed a little bit at the vet initially, but she still allowed the vet to do what she needed to).

I also told the vet my concern about the angle of Linni's hind legs. This is something I didn't even see before Tiny pointed it out to me, but Linni's hind legs are knock-kneed, she walks with her heels turned inwards. I worried about early signs of hip dysplasia or something like that (Linni's not very fond of jumping up on stuff), but the vet told me it was possible that malnutrition as a kitten had stunted her muscular growth, or that it was simply something congenital. Eased my mind, in any case.

Everything went so much better than expected.

ETA: Okay, and here's what she looks like chilling out next to me as I'm typing this:

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I'm now at my dad's in Eidsvoll, where the moose (meese?) are thick on the ground (saw a mother with its calf yesterday), British drama's on the telly and I've had a stroke of genius concerning my forgotten eye mask (solution: Wide, soft hairband!).

Visited the vet today - not with Linni as you'd think, but with an adolescent black half-Persian called Iben H. (it's sort of a pun on the Norwegian word for "ebony" you see) who's suffering terribly from a urinary tract infection. Iben belongs to dad and Kari, so while dad was at work I acted as chauffeur. He - Iben, not dad - got more antibiotics so hopefully things are going to get sorted out promptly.

Tomorrow we head for the family cabin for the weekend. Two days without a proper toilet is usually weighed up for with a beautiful view of the river and lovely barbecuing. Catch you on the flipside.
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I have successfully set up base at my sister's. Much eating of cheese doodles and watching of the second season of The Wire has been done (Omaaaaar! ♥). Though true to form I can never manage to sleep the first couple of nights when I leave Bergen (but it's okay, I've been reorganizing my image folders again at night. Okay, so mostly creating subfolders titled "HAHA WHAT" in the various fanart folders).

Linni is once again proving to be so much quicker to adapt than I give her credit for. She was just about paralyzed with fear for the duration of the trip (not even the impetuous fly that landed on her nose could make her move, and she loves to chase flies). I worried that the trip might have been a very traumatic experience, so when we got to Tiny's I shut her in my bedroom and assumed she'd be sitting under the bed for a couple of days, but later that night she wanted to explore the rest of the apartment. The second day, yesterday, she would finally let me pet her again, and both Tiny and Morten (Tiny's fiancée) managed to pet her a little bit before she ran. I was very pleased when she came to me last night and wanted to snuggle up to me in bed, like she usually does.

All in all, Linni's still wary and easily frightened (she spends large parts of the day sleeping in my bedroom), but considering I thought it would take at least a week before she wanted to have anything to do with me again, we're really making a lot of progress.
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I travel over the mountains again tomorrow - the usual seven or eight hours by train from one side of the country (Bergen, my home) to the other (the Oslo area, my family). I must have made that trip a dozen times by now, but this is going to be the first time I do it with a stressed-out cat among my luggage. Since Linni's not aware of the impending ordeal I'm fretting for the both of us. I'll be armed with soft towels and Feliway spray and salmon treats. At least I learned from our recent trip to the vet that she's quick to settle in the carrier, she doesn't wail or try to break out, but it's not going to be an easy time for her.

But that's something to worry about tomorrow morning. First I need to clean this place (well I don't need to but it makes the return a little bit more pleasant) and pack my things.

And before that I'm going to have pizza and watch History of the World Part 1.
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Back from Linni's first visit to the vet since she came into my care - Linni's second ever, actually.

"Is this someone I know?" the vet asked, peering into the carrier.
"Yes, from way back," my boss explained. She'd kindly driven us. "She was one of our... special cats."
"Ah," the vet said. "Behaviour issues."
"Just very shy and skittish," I said. "She's not aggressive or -" and then I was cut short by the flurry of claws that sliced through the skin on my hand. Linni promptly jumped down from the examination table and under a chair, hissing and spitting at anybody that came near.
"Just pick her up and hold her," the vet told me as he prepared the syringe.
"Uh... I've sort of never attempted hold or carry her*."
"What, really?"
I could feel myself blushing, feeling like an embarrassed mother trying to excuse her bratty kid's behaviour in the store. "I've just sort of let her do her own thing!"

Eventually the vet had to get down on his knees to administer the vaccine while I scruffed her on the floor. Then my boss (who's got a lot of experience with aggressive cats) immediately shoved her back into the cage and that was that. He'd originally planned to do a quick examination but decided against it when he saw her behaviour.

She's currently back in her safe hiding place under my bureau, cleaning herself. Revaccination is in three weeks. This is going to be interesting.

*That is, I know she panics the moment she feels something obstructing her and I haven't been forced to pursue the matter any further until now. I've been trying for weeks to just get her collar back on, for goodness sake.
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Lately there's been an overabundance of spiders in my room.

Of course, usually I regard one spider as an overabundance, but when I come over another spider every few days I guess I need to recalibrate. Four years of living on my own has made me a bit braver when it comes to spider hunting but they still make my skin crawl beyond words.

But apparently there's an odd kind of arthropod-related insanity that comes with owning a cat.

Like last night when a particularly nasty spider - the kind that seems to have way too many joints in each leg - crawled over my foot. I recoiled, reached out to grab a magazine to squash it with, but then I reconsidered. I shouted for Linni who was sleeping in the kitchen, and to my great delight she came running (I was so proud of the fact that she responds to her name - then today I experimented by shouting "Yogurt! Yogurt!" in the same tone of voice and she still came running. Oh well.)

I tapped my fingers on the floor to get her attention, and then I flicked at the spider to send it running. I deliberately touched a spider, okay. That was when I realized that owning a cat seems to have altered me in some fundamental way. But at least Linni got five minutes' entertainment out of it - though I kept my eye peeled to ensure she didn't lose track of it. She's not exactly the Great Calico Hunter.
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The shelter I work for also runs a little shop downtown where I get crazy discounts, so of course that's where I go to buy cat food and other things for Linni. Like the shelter, the shop is also staffed by volunteers. You can divide the numerous volunteers in this organization into three groups: There's the morning shelter shift (who clean and make sure all the cats are fed), the evening shelter shift (where I work - dealing with customers and adoptions) and the shop staff. You'd be surprised how little these three groups have to do with each other, we're pretty much strangers to each other.

So today I went to the shop to buy cat food, and to get my discount I informed the lady behind the register I worked at the shelter.

"Oh!" she said. "I'm so glad to finally meet someone who works at the shelter! There's one thing I'd like to ask you... I visited the shelter last year and there was this one cat that completely stole my heart away. Last thing I heard it was still at the shelter, and I'd just love to hear how it's doing."
"Sure, do you know the name?"
"Yes, it's a calico named Linni."

You could see the surprise on my face! I gladly told her about Linni's new living situation and she made me promise to bring more pictures the next time I visit the shop.

Yeah, I know I've been negligent on the Linni updates lately. She still seems to be a content and placid cat. She shows no inclination to lie in my lap, but she's obviously a glutton for physical contact - the moment I sit or lie down in bed (and considering I live in a one-room apartment that's happens a lot) she jumps in, chirps and leans up against me and sort of slides into a lying position. If I move a bit she crawls up close again. I've never had a cat who loves to spoon before.
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Yesterday was one of the most pleasant days I've had in months, which is sort of incredible considering I spent most of the day working on my archeology paper about viking ship technology (the conclusion was AW HELL YEAH VIKINGS).

I went to the second hands-on archeology seminar which was a treat because my favourite thing about taking archeology is the Touching Really Old Stuff bit, and I got to touch a lot really old stuff, like viking age dice and shoes and pipes and toys. And because this seminar was held at the Bryggen Museum I took care to go look at my favourite stick in the world - a little piece of wood with carvings depicting a viking fleet disappearing into the distance, drawn a few hundred years before the laws of perspective where figured out (Conclusion: AW HELL YEAH VIKINGS).

And all is well here at home. Here, let me bore you with yet another picture of Linni.

We have discovered the Blanket of Calmness so things are going great. When positioned on the Blanket of Calmness things that are normally terribly frightening lose their edge, like people walking in the corridor, or cuddling with your new owner. Even if the Blanket of Calmness inexplicably moves to new places, like the middle of your new owner's bed, that's also okay.

Now I'm off to travel to new and scary places and try to locate a scratching post. Somewhere in Sandsli, I believe.
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Man, Project Linni is going so much better than expected. Yesterday I observed her doing a slew of things that I've never ever seen her do before in all the time I've known her, such as:

01. Chillin' out in the open. In the slightly-more-than-a-year I've been watching her at the shelter, I have never ever seen her stand in the middle of the floor. Linni's spent her entire existence crawling along walls and pressing into corners so this is wonderful news.

I even got pictorial evidence! (Finally something better than that grainy phone shot)

This was when she discovered the TV. I suddenly realized she's probably never seen one before,
but after the intial shock she seemed to realize Robert Preston wasn't going to step out and get her.

Not only does she stay out in the open, she even dares to sleep there. On her side, even, not just in kittyloaf position (I love the phrase "kittyloaf", so descriptive!). Yesterday she actually spent more time on the carpet next my bed than in either of her hiding places (and her extra-secure hiding space under the bureau has fallen almost entirely out of use!).

02. Playing. I swear, I never once managed to make her to as much as bat at a piece of string while she was in the shelter. Yesterday I went out and got the least scary-looking toy I could find (a fishing pole with a peacock feather at the end) and after half an hour of coaxing she finally got into the game. - Even rolling on her back and swatting at it, which is actual playful behaviour rather than "THIS IS A BIRD AND I'M GOING TO KILL AND EAT IT".

03. Showing an interest in humans of the not-"OH GOD THEY'RE GOING TO GET ME" variety. Which is to say she's started following me around. The moment I turn she runs and hides but obviously the curiosity is there.

04. Vocalizing in other ways than hissing. And man, I just don't know. Every time I turned off the lights and went to bed it's like she wanted to figure out how to make every noise known to Cat. During the night I heard her mieow, yammer and chirrup, and I've no idea what prompted any of those.

I've got admit I was surprised to hear her mieow though, since feral cats as a rule stop meowing once they reach adulthood (which makes sense, since meowing essentially translates to "I want your attention" and ferals don't learn that they can communicate vocally with humans). Linni's obviously tamer than I first thought.
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(I apologize in advance if this journal turns into LINNI CENTRAL this week, but A) It's preferable to "ANGST ANGST EXAM ANGST", and B) I want to keep some sort of log in the beginning so I can really keep tabs on the progress we're making.)

Today I realized that Linni is essentially me in cat form: Very nervous, overreacts to the slightest changes in the status quo, wary of strangers, but mellow in the company of the few people she trusts. (I realize I've just described 90 % of all cats but Linni is all those things and then some.) Apart from her fondness of fish we are essentially identical.

Anyway, log of sorts:

As for me, the scratches and bruises I got yesterday capturing her at the shelter are healing nicely.

As for Linni, cut for those who are easily bored by crazy cat-lady talk )

The biggest surprise by far came when I woke up in the middle of the night and realized Linni was lying in my bed! Well, at the foot end obviously, and she didn't stay long, but I didn't think she'd approach me like that for weeks yet.

She also seems to calm down when I've got music or a movie on (which isn't surprising as there's always a radio playing at the shelter), so I put on the radio before I went out to buy groceries. Returned to find I'd just subjected her to two hours of Graham Norton, hope that wasn't too traumatizing for her.
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Man, I've just got the best support group ever. I've got my family to calm me down, my buddy Åsmund to copy the relevant pages I'll need for my paper (on Monday though, so it'll be a tight fit but if I get a head start over the weekend I'll pull through), people send me things to cheer me up ([livejournal.com profile] leaper182's been sending me delightful snippets from her Lupin III fanfic and also evidently told Jigen to come and be my muse, hee) and people are just, whoa, amazing.

Yeah so while I'm still quite jittery (I always am in exam periods, I've had worse freakouts than this) things seem to be shaping up. Thanks everybody. It takes a village and all that.

But I've got big news: I've acquired a cat. I am now an actual Owner of Cat. Which incidentally is why I'm sitting on my bed with an aching back and writing this on my wonky old laptop with the broken space bar - the little furball's dozing off under my desk - thusly:

Notice her cool disregard of the blanket I so lovingly put down for her. And yes I promise I'll get some better pictures once she's settled.

Yeah I... I just couldn't let Linni spend her life in the shelter. She's always been special to me - did you know she came in the same day I began working at the shelter? Yeah, it's been that long.

Backstory and vital statistics )

So I'm following all that advice I've been giving to customers (it's kinda funny being on this side of the process, last time I had to deal with an acclimatizing cat I was hardly out of nappies) and I'm hoping she'll dare to venture out from under the desk soon (I've tidied and placed blankets on all the high sweetspots I know cats are fond of and she goes to sleep on the cold floor. This will be a learning experience I think) but here we are. Day one.
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My dear dear sister Tiny has been in hospital and removed the screws in her leg from when she broke it two years ago. Although we've agreed it's a relief that Magneto can no longer use her leg to do evil deeds, I thought I'd make a little cheer-up entry specifically for Tiny.


Let's see what we've got here... Oh, we've got your Richard Hammonds and your Olivers!

TTAO: Things Tiny Approve Of )

That's it. Get better sooooon sis!

(And if you should not be a blood relation of mine and still enjoy something in this post feel free to join in on the squeeing.)
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While the election is trucking on in the US the latest big thing to hit Norwegian politics is yet another fur farm scandal (warning for unpleasant images). Pictures and videos of the atrocious conditions in Norwegian fur farms have surfaced and people are understandably upset. The Food Safety Authority's (which I've mentioned before is the department that handles all animal welfare cases) suggestion is to increase the number of their inspections, the Progress Party wants "animal police" (don't they know you've got to have laws about animal rights before you can nab animal abusers?), the Labour Party wants to ban fur production in Norway.

Yes, I want something to come of this, desperately. Any of the popular suggestions, if brought to fruition, will improve the current system. It's just that... Animal welfare scandals like this surface every five years or so - for a while people are righteously angry, the Food Safety Authority assures everybody it's only one of the "bad apples" we're seeing, people join a Facebook group and then everything goes back to normal.

I remember the first time I saw this sort of thing, I was fourteen or so. I was devastated when I realized all that had happened was that for one winter it was fashionable to be anti-fur.

So people, this time - please please prove me wrong. Let's actually try to change the system. And no, the little old lady in the mink coat is not our enemy. Leave her be. If you want to change the consumer mind, tell your friends that a lot more of the industry supplies fur for those fashionable fur-trimmed coats, gloves and hats, rather than full fur coats, and convince them not to buy them. But most of all - show your dissent, write to the Powers That Be (remember your tax money supports this industry!) and stand by your convictions.

Thank you.
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Case: There's an old geezer in Bergen who brags about hurting cats who walks on his property. Today my bosses at the shelter posted about it on facebook. People are understandably upset, but the variety of ways they react to it is driving me crazy:

A) Sharing the man's telephone number, urging people to call him and "try to reason with him" (I'm not entirely certain that's what they're actually going to do when they call).

B) Accusing him of being a pedophile (?)

C) Saying "No reason to go to the police, they never take these things seriously anyway." (One of my BOSSES said this. WHAT.)

D) Going "If anybody hurt my Felix I'd kill them!"

D) Telling off anybody who suggests that any of the above might not be the wisest courses of action.

I'm just - argh! Of course I think it's horrible, of course I hate this man, and of course a little voice in the back of my head is suggesting to let Anonymous go get him, or throw a brick through his window or something. It's just - I don't want our wonderful organization to turn into... whatever this is. People are so disillusioned with the police the majority just whine about it and go about their daily business, while the rest turn into prank callers. What is wrong with this picture?

And here I am, whining about it, because I don't know what to do either. At last the police has been notified, but other than that...?

If the newspapers pick up on this thing (somebody's called a major national newspaper) I desperately hope they focus on what ridiculous animal welfare laws we have in Norway (for one, do you know which department's in charge of animal services? The Food Safety Authority! No, seriously. And do you know when it actually became AGAINST THE LAW to have sex with animals in Norway? Last. year.) and bring it to people's attention, complete with the system taking care of this man... Not "Hohoho look at all these crazy cat ladies, they burned a guy's house down! Animal organizations are idiotic herp derp" or something.

I guess the case is on hold till Monday...
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Tough times down at the cat shelter - we've had an outbreak of cat flu. I'm still not sure exactly what kind (since cat flu typically refers to everything from kennel cough to H5N1) but there has been suggestions of FVR, or feline herpes. The infected kittens (the older cats were immune due to their vaccines) have been moved to foster homes and the room we usually reserve for unvaccinated cats has been thoroughly disinfected and is currently being aired out. The paperwork is in a state of mild chaos.

Anyway, in good news: Yesterday I facilitated the adoption of one of our dearly loved older cats, Lucy. She's been in the shelter's care since she was a kitten. It's the first time I've suggested a cat to a potential adopter (as opposed to just letting them roam around the house and try to pick up one they like). I was so pleased when it turned out to be a perfect match!

Also, here's Sarah draped over the tables in our main room. She's gigantic (if you haven't noticed, I adore huge cats).

And spoken for too, I'm glad to say - the owner will pick her up sometime this month.
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Churchill's home again! Oh hi there honey, it's lovely to have you back again!

If you need reminding, Churchill is my laptop. He committed hara-kiri some time before the summer and it's only due to Kari and her heroic efforts he's back home here again, complete with a new brain (hard drive) and a... I can't think of an organic parallel to a keyboard.

So! Now I'm on a laptop that isn't completely rubbish, I can do the sort of things that you normally take for granted. Like not worrying about the space button falling off, or being able to transfer photos from my camera and onto the computer!

Yes, so here's a backlog of pictures I would probably have presented earlier, if I'd had the opportunity.

KITTENS. And some other stuff )


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