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Agh, finally managed to fall asleep sometime around five in the morning (in part because I couldn't stop myself from finishing the second season of Game of Thrones, fair enough), and at seven the construction workers across the street started with their pneumatic drills and angle grinders. I could just cry. There must be something about things like that in the Geneva Convention.

But Game of Thrones, oh my God. Quality television. 2013 can't come fast enough. I know there are quality books too, of course, but for once I'm reveling in the fact that I haven't a single clue how the story is going to unfold. Every death (I understand there are going to be a lot of those) comes as a complete surprise to me. I love stories where no one is safe, no matter how loveable.

And ooh that nigh-perfect marriage of actors (Peter Dinklage! Charles Dance! Michelle Fairley!) and editing, and sets, and ooooh costumes! Every episode I pray for more Littlefinger, because I'm a sucker for all his outfits. Seems like I'm not the only one. Daenarys has also been sporting some badass clothes lately, mmmm.

And obviously my desire to rear baby dragons is at an all-time high.

I want one.
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When it comes to games, I talk with my guy friends about such thing as combat engines, graphics, plot and various gameplay mechanics.

Here, however, I can confess how I love using the protagonist in Assassin's Creed 2 as a beautiful Renaissance dress-up doll.

Who's the swankiest Florentine teenage contract killer in 15th Century Italy?


(Daaamn right!)

Why don't all games have a sequel set in Renaissance Italy? I find myself very forgiving about history mistakes because seriously, nnngh, embroidered doublets and dyed half-capes and ruffles like a swallow's flight and you even have the ability to customize the costume somewhat. In my hands Ezio Auditore da Firence is currently running around Italy in a fierce scarlet and saffron outfit. Now if only you had the ability to customize his hair so you wouldn't be exposed to that nineties' 'do in every cutscene (everytime he removes his hood I'm all "noooo Ezio!")

If I would complain about the estethics, it would be that I think it's a pity all of our valiant hero's fingers are intact. His forefather Altaïr rocked that nine-fingered look.

Bonus thing I don't think I'll discuss with my gaming friends in the immidiate future: Young Leonardo da Vinci is a little ball of sunshine and puppydogs and I might be seeking him out even when it's not strictly necessary for the plot.
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The Bergen film club is pretty much having the best mini-movie festival in ages with the Powell and Pressburger productions. On Tuesday I watched the absolutely wonderful A Matter of Life and Death (a.k.a. Stairway to Heaven) and I was so impressed with the acting talent of Roger Livesey (not to mention his sonorous voice and red hair) I decided to stroll down there again tonight and watch the silly little romantic comedy I Know Where I'm Going! from 1945.

It was like Guys and Dolls all over again - here's an actor I potentially like, though I could never imagine fancying him at all - how absurd! And then those sneaky film makers dresses him up in exactly the kind of clothes that makes my heart flutter (for the first half of the movie Livesey wears a Naval uniform, for the second he wears a kilt. NOW THAT'S JUST CHEATING.) and put him in a couple of steamy PG love scenes, and before the end comes I'm sitting on the edge of my seat sighing contentedly every time our brave hero kisses the girl.

Notice how I'm certain the film makers did these things with the intent to make me stuck on this guy, even though the movie was made before my mother was born.

Anyway, here's a funny little thing that happened before the movie started: I was alone in the movie theatre except for two men (one day I'm going to have the movie theatre all for myself...) who were engaged in conversation. This is what I picked up:
"What, he's Canadian? But all his big roles are Americans, aren't they?"
"Sure, but that's not all... [Here he lowered his voice conspiratorially] He's a Canadian Jew!"

I had to chuckle at how scandalized they both sounded, but in my mind I couldn't help going "ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT WILLIAM SHATNER." Jeez Trekkie fangirl...
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I think I'm much happier about the Pratchett TV adaptations after I decided to view them as nothing more than very very elaborate fan art. Like staring at a three-hour fan-drawn picture. I'm usually the first one to sulk when I feel a movie adaption doesn't do justice to a beloved book, but I finally realized that when it comes to Pratchett adaptations, there is no chance in hell it will be anywhere close to brilliance as the original book. But they can be fun, right?

Going Postal might have a real problem with pacing, and I might have groaned once or twice, but all in all it was a very enjoyable way to spend three hours. I even laughed out loud on several occasions!

Caps and remarks )

So. What will be the enjoyable but ultimately disappointing next Discworld TV movie?
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I sat down to watch Hans Christian Andersen (1952) to get my monthly dose of Danny Kaye, but the whole movie was pretty much the opposite of what I was expecting (I think the peak of disbelief came with Danny Kaye and Farley Granger doing straight ballet in a dream sequence). In a good way.

For one it's the first fifties' pseudo-biopic I've seen with a disclaimer at the beginning, going "This is not the story of Andersen's life, it's just a fairy tale". I thought to myself "I can get behind that. The story of Andersen's life is just a never-ending string of passionate infatuations with unobtainable men and women, who'd want to watch that?" and then the movie - even though it contains two wonderful love songs, 'No two people' and 'Anywhere I wander' - centers around a story of unrequited love. Holy shit, a saccarine fifties' musical aimed at children where the leading man doesn't get the girl?

And speaking of saccarine, you'd think Copenhagen looks almost exactly like Munchkin Land. But I can handle saccarine when Danny Kaye's involved. He's so adorable he makes the hordes of blue-eyed rosy-cheeked children seem drab.

And ungh stupid sexy Farley Granger.

And if you want a song that will never leave your head, look no further than this:

[Error: unknown template video]
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There are certain things that I really should have thought of sooner.

Such as how I have had a lifelong love for Oliver Twist AND musicals, and yet it never occured to me to watch Oliver! (1968) until today.

Some thoughts )

I read somewhere Dickens was slightly horrified when he realized people thought that the life of Fagin and his boys sounded fun and colourful and exciting. Ah, reading the book when I was ten or so I wanted to join a pickpocket gang like that...
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Digging further into old BBC dramas I've finally come across The Onedin Line, a.k.a. Everybody's A Bastard. I love it. I've had enough of noble characters staring woefully at the rolling sea, here's a whole cast of characters who just keep swindling and tricking eachother. I'm four episodes in, I hope it doesn't change.

And the costumes and the look of the thing, my God! Try as they might, they just couldn't keep that touch of seventies' estethics out of their 19th Century drama. Slightly too flared trousers, an abundance of turtleneck sweaters, hair slightly too long on the guys... It's, it's wonderful.

And durr, the cover keeps me amused on its own; For some odd reason it has two synopsises of the series, each presenting the main characters and plot, only one place it says "[James Onedin] marries the ship's owner" and the other "[James Ondedin] marries [the ship's] owner's daughter". I was standing in the checkoutline wondering whether he really did marry the girl's father or not. It would add some drama at the very least.


Nov. 4th, 2009 10:03 am
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While browsing unrelated matters last night I came upon this shot from the set of that guilty pleasure movie of mine, Prince of Foxes!


No but really, I regard it as one of those movies you can watch for the beautiful Renaissance costumes alone. All that embroidery and Welles in black velvet robes and guh. Time for a rewatch some day soon.

Right, okay. I'll try to make this entry the end of today's procrastination - I have a paper to write on the similiarities and differences of the Achaemenid Empire and Han/Qin China. Oy. I'm entertaining thoughts of heading down to the laundromat with a couple of towels just so I won't hear the siren call of the internet.
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Yes! After a number of Westerns of very varying quality I finally found one where DeForest Kelley plays an awesomesexy baddie. And rides a horse :D

Sheepskin coat and black leather gloves fuck yes.

Oh yeah there might have been a plot in The Law and Jake Wade (1958) I'm not sure, I wasn't paying attention to that.

On that note, I was perusing [livejournal.com profile] st_secrets_arc yesterday (what do you mean "procrastination"?) where I came upon this secret. Apart from the fact that I've found more stuff than that person, that could so have been written by me! God I've watched so much crap because of that man. I REGRET NOTHING.

Ah, but I finally finished the Empires paper (Rome won) and now I'm going to celebrate with more delicious mancandy some Bogey - can you believe I've never seen The Treasure of Sierra Madre?
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I don't think there's any sense to the frequency of my reaction post other than "welp, there they go putting on improbable but very sexy disguises again, which in turn means a whole lot of screencaps".

'A piece of the action? You do not even know what the action's going to be.' )
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If that isn't the weirdest entry header I've made I don't know what is.

Right, I'm nine episodes into the second season of TOS and so I thought it was time to do another reaction/pic spam post.

Why don't I wait until I've finished the season? One, I want to squee while the squee is still fresh. Two, and somewhat related: WE HAVE HOOKER BOOTS.

You read that right: Hooker boots. )
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Thought: Why is he called the Lone Ranger? What, doesn't Tonto qualify as a human being?

Anyway, I promised myself I wouldn't post any more Star Trek reaction posts before I'd finished the first season. Just so I, you know, wouldn't spam the heck out of everyone.


Devolves into a pic spam as usual )

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I was tired of the land, of diseases that were bland
And some troubles that I didn't care to face
Now I wake each morning to the intercom's warning
And I wonder why I ever went to space
The last two days I've been racking my brains trying to find something other than Star Trek to blog about.

But you know what? Forget that.

So obviously I've discovered filk music. Or, I've been aware of it for some time, but now I suddenly understand a lot more of the references. It's so shiny.

I've also decided to abandon the "watch whichever episodes I've heard of" routine in favour of watching them chronologically. Mostly because I realized that if 'A Piece of the Action' turns out to not be one one of the coolest/funniest/sexiest things I've ever seen, I might never be happy again.

I can't think of a single other theme they could put in Star Trek that makes me as excited as gangster tropes. At all.

So at least there's thirty-two more episodes before I get to 'A Piece of the Action' and my world potentially falls apart. Yay!
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Because dude... hooked.

I can say this though - I actually feel twinges of guilt watching these episodes. It's like I'm betraying my Doctor Who background.

I could resize all those pics, but I'm too sleepy )

By the way, Star Trek fans of my flist, are there any good TOS image galleries out there? Preferably with proper promo pics, but caps are fine too. My google-fu seems to be failing me.
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Okay, so the bodies lie strewn about the place. He steps over one, cape gently swishing, and as he looks the scene over he... he puts his hands on his hips and does this tiny little swivel.

And from that moment on I knew I would love Darth Vader.

Yes, thanks to my friend Rune I have now finally, for the first time in my life, seen the first three Star Wars movies.

Hours of oogling that fine Han Solo ass )

We also had this conversation:
"So Tilly, do you plan on seeing the new Harry Potter movie?
"I suppose. I'll watch anything with Alan Rickman in it."
"Me too! ...Say, have you ever seen any Star Trek?"

And we did watch Galaxy Quest. And it was hilarious.
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I've decided I want to sew something, just because I have such minimal experience in the area (all in all: a few crooked school projects a decade ago, and a couple of teddy bears).

And then I thought, hey, if I'm going to sew I want to do something unusual (well, unusual if you discount the internet). Something... you guessed it, steampunk.

Planning, in case something comes of it )

Here's hoping I won't fail and grow bored with it and never finish anything. I feel like rereading some Jules Verne. And finding out where the heck you buy clockwork gears.
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I'm a legionnaire
Camel in disrepair
Hoping for a frigid air
To come passing by
The latest news: Apparantly I sweat cat mint.

This morning I threw some dirty clothes on the bed while looking for a skirt, and then Missy (who's a cat, for those uninvited) climbed up as she usually does in the morning and then just went wild. Not an "oh warm bed with familiar smells in it yay" reaction, but that wild cat euphoria thing with rolling and purring and rubbing.

Either I have a weird kitty or I'm going to have to watch out for being cuddled to death by cats each time I leave the house because of my mint glands or something.

In completely different news, I finally watched Captain Blood yesterday, yay!

When an English lion creeps up on a nest of French foxes he does well to wear a bushy tail )

The epic sea battles have actually put me in the mind of rewatching the entirety of the Hornblower series. That's something to remember when I return to Bergen.
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Mmm Errol Flynn in thigh-high boots and tights so thin you can see the muscles work as he moves. Yesss.

And then I'm forced to admit that my shallowness ended there, because I got far more caught up in The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) than I expected to, as a non-swashbuckling Flynn movie. Usually I'm not crazy about Bette Davis but she blew me away in this one.

I'm going to have to see more Flynn movies. Captain Blood, definitely need to see Captain Blood.

In dread news, I did my first proper shampooing today - and goodness that felt great. No discernable difference in hair so far, except my scalp going "OH JESUS YES". Spent two hours working with it to get it to dry, but with sunshine like this it was just enjoyable.
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And at the gate of the embassy
Our hands met through the bars
As your whisper stilled my heart:
No, they'll never catch me now

So I did go and see The Good, The Bad and The Ugly last night at the film club*.

Man oh man was that seven kinds of neat.

The excitement, the music, the editing, the characters (oh Alcoholic Union Captain, we hardly knew ye), THE COSTUMES (I was entertained by just how many different outfits they gave to Clint Eastwood; Just like leading ladies in thirties' musicals! "Mr. Eastwood's dresses designed by...")

I used to think I didn't like Westerns (but then again I was only familiar with the "black hat versus white hat, then showdown in Main Street" type) but I caught myself sitting on the edge of my seat grinning like an idiot again and again. And antiheroes are the best kind of heroes.

I am also slightly weirded out by just how much of a sexy hunk Clint Eastwood used to be. When he first came on I felt a stange desire to collapse into girly giggles by the mere sight of him.

Also this seems to be the only promo picture ever made for this movie:

Oh dear, I'm going to have to see A Fistful of Dollars aren't I? WHAT HAVE I STARTED

*Actually calling it "the film club" is simplifying the truth. Mostly I go to Cinemateket, a fairly low-budget place that screens old worn orginal reels of whatever people are keen to see. Bergen Film Club is another entity, showing newish movies in the city cinema. I'm glad we've sorted this out.
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The young ones, darling we're the young ones
And young ones shouldn't be afraid

I have to admit that when I'm subjected to the words "Soviet television" some deeply ingrained prejudices comes to life within me. But yesterday I thought "sod it" and decided to follow everybody's advice and watch some of the Russian Sherlock Holmes adaptions with Vasili Livanov in the starring role.

I have definitely never been subjected to any Holmes adaption looking this good before. Half of the background stuff looks like Sidney Paget illustrations come to life. The outdoors look like it's outdoors (which is more than can be said about quite a bit of the Granada adaption), and the costumes and the furniture look breathtaking.

I lose my chain of thought over particularly stunning shots of curtains for goodness sake. And the use of natural light only brings the rich fabrics out more.

Furthermore Vitali Solomin looks more or less exactly like I've always envisioned Watson.

Of course the adaptions are not perfect - it has its slightly cheesy moments and the women wear eighties makeup and Holmes dons his deerstalker and Inverness coat at the drop of a hat, but it's fun and engaging and oh my God how good it all looks.

For a decade now I've refrained from shipping H/W (except for sort-of-married. You know.), and then for some inexplicable reason these two...


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