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Hi, I'm not dead! Been sorta busy for once this month - first my sister had her big wedding party (one year after the wedding). It was Rockabilly themed and they'd hired a band and everything, it was great. Secondly, it was time for my school reunion (roughly equivalent to middle school/junior high). Everybody'd become adults, it was really weird. Thirdly, I was best man in my best friend's Maria's wedding. Had to don a bunad for the first time since I was a teen. Marriage equality rules, by the way.

So all in all, not dead. In fact I had a dream last night I posted a list called "Ten random comic book things that make me happy". And here I am.

So. Why not?

10. Namor the Submariner's and Black Adam's pointy Spock ears.
09. That one time Chas was unavailable and John Constantine had to ride with some random long-haired biker.
08. How Ralph (Elongated Man) Dibny's nose twitches when he gets intrigued by a mystery.
07. The debate on whether Ralph Dibny can't help it or whether he does it as a gimmick.
06. Mucous Membrane.
05. Plastic Man's dumb sense of humour.
04. When The Spirit gets flummoxed by an unexpected kiss.
03 Ted (Blue Beetle) Kord's costume.
02. The height difference between Big Barda and Mister Miracle.
01. How Blue Beetle helped young inexperienced Booster Gold grow as a person and they became soul mates and I get all emotional about this relationship between two fictional superheroes and just shut up don't tease me.
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On Saturday I went down to the library to get some movies (wound up with Nausicaä of the Valley of The Wind, Paprika and To Kill A Mockingbird - all three were pretty marvelous movies, score!) and they've reorganized the comic book section, which means I don't have to crawl on my knees to get to the Spirit comics anymore - in fact they've put a couple of volumes up on display.

It made my heart jump, because OH GOD YES THE SPIRIT. I haven't read any comics featuring my favourite pulp hero all semester (though I did finally read Eisner's A Contract With God), I feel like an unfaithful girlfriend who've realized she was a fool to stray. Oh Denny!

This summer we'll patch things up and everything's gonna be the way it was, I swear!

(But where did I leave off? I think P'Gell was on her eighth or ninth husband...)
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So in the dark eighties (the year I was born in fact) they made a TV movie based on the Spirit comics. Since I wasted an evening last week on the Miller version, I thought the least I could do was do the same with the notorious Michael Schultz version.

I love how IMDB has 'male shirtless bondage' down as a plot keyword )

And IMDB tells me Robert Pastorelli was in this movie? WTF I love Pastorelli, where did he hide?
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Heh. Oy.

I've just seen The Spirit - you know, the movie.

How did I see it? I downloaded it. Illegally. And I'm SO DAMN PROUD of that fact, because that means nobody involved with making this insult to comic and movie fans alike earned a penny from me.

Okay, okay, so it actually got some things right:
- The Spirit's window is of the right design.
- The Octopus wears gloves.
- Dolan smokes a pipe.

Yes. And what did it get wrong?

I'm high on this wonderful nerd rage right now (w/illustrations) )

So many horribly gags.

Okay, so I actually laughed once: After a painful two hours of groanworthy one-liners through gritted teeth, what does the Spirit scream into the Octopus' face* when he finally has the upper hand at the end?



* OMG I actually wrote "cream into the Octopus' face". FREUDIAN SLIP WHAT.
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Reading more comics about my favourite non-superpowered masked vigilante, The Spirit! God I love the public library of Bergen. I'm as far as 1948, the sixteenth volume.

I love how I still get excited each time The Spirit removes his mask and we never get to see. Especially since - durr - I've read the comics from the first issue when he's just plain old Denny Colt, criminologist. I've seen him maskless.

Ooh, look at all those pretty original covers over at CoverBrowser. Just a peek and you'll see why I love this series so much. Oh, this one is adorable!

And, hum, I still need a Spirit icon.
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Eg har folda mine hender
Spilt blod, knekt tenner
Nå sitt eg her

Every time I take a break from reading The Spirit, I always remember it as just some camp entertainment suitable for unwinding after a long day of school.

And sure that enters into it, but each time I pick it up again I'm surprised by how astonishingly engaging and well-made it is. Yesterday I read the story 'Showdown with the Octopus' from 1947 and I was literally holding my breath. When the Octopus fired a shot straight through the Spirit's hand I winced, which is not something I do even at modern comics.

So refreshing )

Oh, and browsing through the comics shop today, I noticed they had stocked a copy of Darwyn Cooke's first volume of modern Spirit comics. Very excited at this. Looking forward to reading them one day, when I've exhausted the Eisner collection at the library.

There are three good reasons I look forward to Cooke's Spirit:
1. People say they're actually very good and fun and tongue in cheek like The Spirit ought to be.
2. Covers like this (Strong, capable female characters, that's The Spirit I know!)
3. I've mentioned it before, but the Spirit teams up with Batman for an issue. The Spirit and Batman. How can that possibly not be the greatest, funniest thing in the entire world?

In non-vigilante news, the new Kaizers Orchestra album was released today. So far I like about half of it, we'll see if the rest grows on me (it usually does when it comes to Kaizers). Just four days until I see them live, and just two days until they come to Bergen to do a signing.

And yet, while I was sitting at the library researching the martyrdom of St. Catherine of Alexandria for my term paper, what song was continually playing in my mind? This. damn. thing. Sometimes I want to ask my subconcious a big dubya tee eff.
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I've just discovered that appearantly Green Lantern's powers are useless against anything coloured yellow. This really tickles me.

I've been thinking about broadening my comic book horizons since I'm still pretty tied to the fantasy genre, with some bits of detectives and vigilantes in the mix. But I can't quite seem to muster much enthusiasm for superheroes.

It's like Superman versus Batman, but with no exciting bits )

On more familiar grounds; Constantine Hellblazer )

I realize I still haven't seen Frank Miller's Spirit movie. After the premiere I've never heard anyone speak of it again, I take that as a sign it was not the greatest cinematic experience since Lawrence of Arabia. Knowing me, I'll watch it and bitch about it anyway some day.

Speaking of filmatizations, I read a commentary from the director of the new Downey Jr. Holmes movie, that what they wanted to do with the movie was make "James Bond in the Victorian Age". And I'm thinking, "dude! I would have loved to see that movie! Why did you call the main character Sherlock Holmes anyway?"

I know, I know, wait and see, it might actually be good, blah blah blah...
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It's bright on the outside
The bright love the dark side I know
It's obvious but sometimes
You just have to say it so

Just to prove that I'm not entirely stuck in the 1920s I'd like to point out that I've started reading The Spirit again.

That's from the forties, so you see? Totally modern.

Oh Spirit, which female characters won't you kiss on flimsy plot grounds?

I've been listening to first world war-era vaudeville songs. I love how a lot of them are dirty, but in such elegantly roundabout ways. When I get you alone tonight is really sweet in a way.

Right now I'm seriously in love with Take your girlie to the movies (if you can't make love at home) ("There's no little brother there who always squeals / And you can do an awful lot in seven reels").
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I am mad from Scandinavia
I want a guy in the London area
He must be crazy and Sagitarius
Cause I am Leo and I'm hilarious

I must say in the comic reading department, no two words have made me grin so much as the title of the Spirit story 'Satin returns'. Silk Satin is my favourite character by a far shot, she's independent and clever and British and just about the only one who can one-up the Spirit. I've heard in the forties people were writing letters to Eisner begging him to make him have Spirit and Satin hook up since they were so obviously perfect for eachother, but he still insisted making Ellen the Spirit's girl. Wah.

Satin also got the campest introductory story of all. She's initially a villainess who manages to capture the Spirit and tie him up, but he saves his life and simultaneously converts her to goodness because he's just that good a kisser. I should probably take offense as a reader, but I'm such a sucker for cute vintage camp.

But I'm getting a hankering for some Hellblazer, I regret leaving all my TPBs at my mum's. But the more I think about it, I grow more and more certain the perfect Constantine story only exists in my head. I can squee about Marcelo Frusin's art or this and that dialogue or Constantine's attitude, but I don't think I can point out which story I think is really really great.

And Lucifer. I should totally get back to finishing Lucifer.

So yesterday the film club screened King of Kong: A fistful of quarters, about the fight between the two world record holders in Donkey Kong. I have never laughed so much at a documentary before. Initially I giggled because of the sheer dedication and obsession these grown men displayed for an eighties arcade game, but little by little I was sucked in and in the end I was really worried about which one of them would end up with the final record. If you can get hold of it, you should really watch it - you'll be surprised.
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You make me wanna
Soak it in gasoline, stain my new shirt
You make me wanna
Sip lysol from a cup, so clean it hurts

So I was chatting with Tiny on the phone, trying to explain how this particular illustration used in my philosophy class makes my hair stand on end. Somehow I started summarizing Descartes' proof of God, and Tiny interrupted me: "And that's why they had to kill Captain America" (this was from another conversation we had yesterday).

I now believe every chain of thought should conclude with "and that's why they had to kill Captain America." Oh God, don't let me giggle next Philosophy class.

Also, look, from [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets: Synchronicity. Two days ago this would have meant nothing to me. Now it made me giggle. Nate/Wade is so close to canon it hurts.

I've now read the entire Deadpool archive at [livejournal.com profile] scans_daily - I was working on a sketchy cartoon of the major reactions I had reading through those 215 posts (ranging from "marry me :3" to "I'll murder you in your bed, you bastard"), but in the end it got way too long and wasn't that interesting. But today I noticed that the little doodly circles I make in class when I'm bored were little by little transforming into the Deadpool logo.

Ooh, and finally WWII is over! I've been reading volume after volume of the wartime Spirit, and first I didn't mind the ghost writers, but now I've finally reached 1945 and I immeditaly notice how much better Will Eisner did it. And I've missed the weird little home-scenes of the Spirit. Sitting around in his dressing gown drinking coffee, as always wearing mask and gloves. Aw.

Well, it wasn't like I had a lot to say to the world today. I'll soon heat my pizza and then head to the film club.
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How you get a-rude and a-reckless
Don't you be so crude and a-feckless
You been drinking brew for breakfast
Rudie can't fail, no no

I'm starving to death, but I'm even more pissed off than I am hungry. I'm waiting for the IKEA guys to deliver my new desk. They said they were going to be here at five. That was four hours ago.

God, I'm so hungry. The bread is mouldy and I haven't bought dinner yet. And I was planning to go to the film club tonight and enjoy myself. Looks like that won't be happening. Screw you, IKEA.

...But good thing the net can bring me good news, or not exactly "news" per se. You mean to tell me Jeremy Irons got the role of goddamn Vetinari in The colour of magic, and nobody has told me this? Jeremy Irons. Vetinari. My poor fangirl heart can hardly take it. Why on earth haven't I've seen this? (One, I can't get hold of it. Two, my expectations of a Terry Pratchett-based miniseries with Tim Curry, Christopher Lee, David Jason and goddamn Jeremy Irons are so astronomically high I will have to shoot myself right after I've seen it).

And and and they're doing Going postal!!


Okay, now I've been down to the store and bought some din-din, and the shifting guys have been here, so my mood is better (and my blood sugar isn't level with he floor). But on my way home from the grocery shop I accidentally stepped on an Iberia snail literally bigger than my thumb, and it wasn't the audible "squosh" that got to me, it was the momentary resistance that instinctively told me that I'd stepped on something's head.

And it's getting late so here's a another meme:

Request one & I'll give you a letter; then you have to list ten things you LOVE that begin with that letter. Afterward, post this in your journal & give out some letters of your own.

[livejournal.com profile] ursulageorgi hit me with a D.

De-de-delightful (now with images) )
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Now with the wisdom of years
I try to reason things out
And the only people I fear
Are those who never have doubts

To maintain some balance after yesterday's wordy entry I'd just like to point out that the Spirit just punched a full-grown bear out of a window.



And I'm still fascinated by how often it is vital to the Spirit's cases that he strips down to his underwear. Fanservice: An older concept than you might think.

The criminals that catch him are especially adamant about removing his shirt, but nobody thinks about his mask. Not that they would get anywhere though, I suspect that Mr. Spirit is a bit full of himself really. They'd go: "Oh! ... It's some guy."
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Now I got shrinks that will not rest
With their endless Rorschach tests
I keep telling them they're out to get me
They ask me if I feel remorse and I answer, "Why of course!
There is so much more I could have done if they'd let me"

I've been rewatching Glorious. Eddie Izzard's right, I bet Michael Caine-type indignation must be very effective. "You're a big lad but you've got no brains, so shut your bloody face." You do not fuck with the Cockney Awesome.

So I watched the teaser trailers to Frank Miller's upcoming Spirit movie for laughs, and now: I was prepared for some changes. Characters develop over time, there's a reason you don't often see Batman out cheerfully rollerskating with Superman these days, and as for The Spirit, I've only come as far 1944 - the Spirit's flying car has (thankfully) been unceremoniously dropped from the stories, Ebony White has gone from being a cabdriver to becoming a young child of indeterminable age, and our hero has finally started wearing socks. I was certain some changes had occurred.

But this. Oh Frank Miller. Crappy CGI? Check. Sexy sluts? Check. Weird psychedelic sequence? Check. Sin City visuals even though that has nothing to do with the source material? Check. Oh wait, it gets worse.

But hey, I've found a reasonable explanation! )

I've been thinking about superheroes anyway. You see, I was raised a Superman fan. But I remember feeling sorry for Batman because he was the only on in the Justice League without superpowers, "But," my young self deducted. "Batman must be the most dangerous member of the JLA, because he has the most to prove." Or it might have had something to do with Darkwing Duck, I'm not sure.

Why Batman is cool (and the Joker is a kitten) )

And as for The Dark Knight, I'd just like to say: The Joker is awesome. He's Batman's nemesis and I have a hard time believing they'll be able to best this one. And I think Heath Ledger did a good job as an actor. But do you know what? Mostly I enjoyed the way the Joker was written. I believe many other actors would have done an equally good Joker because the part (and the movie) was so well-written. So there. (I'm a bit sad they aren't able to shoehorn Harley Quinn in there though, because she is a great villainess).

And as I'm on my major comic book geek-out anyway, can you imagine how great the Lucifer poster in this webshop (about two thirds down the page, marked "Lucifer #16") would look on my wall? And (gasp) the grey Arkham Asylum T-shirt! Ooh, evil geeky webshops.
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Noge bak meg rasler
Kan det vær' et dyr som ligger for døden
Kan det vær' en fyr eg har truffe på puben
Eller var det bare en hybelkanin

:D Guess which film club is arranging a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show!


The film club of Bergen, bitches! Roll on, November. Plenty of time to rehearse shouting "ASSHOLE!" at the screen.

So I thought I'd wind down after the seminar yesterday and went to the library and set up camp in the graphic novel/comic strip section. And let me tell you, the public library of Bergen has the greatest collection of graphic novels I've ever seen outside of geeky shops! All sorts of exciting vintage titles I've contemplated through the years. So I sat down with Corto Maltese.

Oh, how prepared I was to fall in love with Corto Maltese. After having gone through the entire second volume of the saga, I sort of sat there and, well. Jeez, this thing wants me to fall in love with Corto so badly. "His passionate personality he inherited from his Gypsy mother, the infamous prostitute Niña de Gibraltar, but it was his English father who gave him that cool reasoning manner..."

I feel like writing an entire story about Corto Maltese where all sorts of exciting thing happens around him, and in every single panel he shrugs his shoulders and goes, "Whatever." Because that was what the stories read like.

So I picked a up a random volume of The Spirit (the complete canon of 1944) instead and got utterly sucked in. I had to borrow it home with me - I haven't borrowed graphic novels home from the library since I first picked one up, which was the first volume of Sandman all those years ago. I read through it all in one sitting, then I started doodling fanart. At one AM. The Spirit anno 1944 fanart. Oh Spirit, you so cool.

So. I went a little crazy there. The lovely coincidence is, out of, what - thirty volumes, I managed to pick the one (no. 9) that features THE COOTER!!!! That image has been in my "hilarious contextless images"-folder for a year now.

Oooh, he was even teamed up with Batman for a one-shot! Shoot, now I wonder which would win a no-gadget fight.

So in conclusion: The Spirit, good - Corto Maltese, boring. But I still used a Corto Maltese image, because his character design intrigues my girly side.


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