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Yes here I am again. There've been some troubles with unstable internet access, but things are getting better all the time, and I'm switching companies tomorrow.

So what do you do in the evenings without internet when there's nothing but boring Olympic Games on the telly?

Games. You do games. Gaming.

Personally, I just finished Dragon Age II!

Also I played and completed L.A. Noire!

Right now I've gone on to the first Mass Effect game. I'm really intrigued by the "your choices carry weight in the sequels too" thing (which was very neatly done in Dragon Age 2), but eh, I really don't like those kind of dour grey sci-fi settings. I'm nine hours in and so far I just feel like I've done nothing but gotten lost in a lot of grey corridors, and done a lot of cover-based shooting at Geths.

Sometimes when I'm not gaming I'm reading. Right now it's The Tiger's Wife by Téa Obreht, and a massive one that I bought for my bachelor research but never read, about the plight of the common woman throughout Norwegian history.

Oh, and I'm still reading Justice League comics. Still early nineties issues, oh dear.

Oh wow, it's been so long since I wrote a long, random post just because I'm bored. And I'm not used to sitting on this hard sofa like this, ow ow ow.
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Oh wow, suddenly the net starts working like a charm! Ohhh yeah.

So in today's news: The municipal election! I marked it on my calendar, encouraged friends to go vote, was somewhat puzzled by the fact that my polling card never arrived in the mail, eventually found the Bergen city hall (I've never been there before!) and... realized a little too late that I don't belong to this municipality, and thus wasn't eligible to vote today. Ah. Damn. I'm such an airhead.

Well there's always next time. Meanwhile I'll get my municipality registration in order and become a proper Bergenser, I promise.

Then, just because it popped into my head, I checked to see if I could donate blood in spite of my nose piercing - I've been hearing different things and would like to hear what the local hospital said. Nope, they don't want me either. And so continues my ongoing anguish about vanity versus clear conscience.

And of course it's been pissing down all day. You can tell coming home and finding the internet working was a welcome surprise.

Oh, and another neat thing: Today's Bounty is in port! So of course I went down and looked at it. It's the ship MGM made for Mutiny on the Bounty, so yep, today I visited a set Marlon Brando's worked on. I would have gone on board only the entrance fee was fairly ridiculous. Sure it's a piece of that old-school Hollywood magic and it's neat that it's still sea-worthy forty years after it was made, but it's still just a Hollywoodified copy of a historical ship.

Still, kinda cool.


Sep. 8th, 2011 11:54 am
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And just like that, my internet decides to stop working. I'm waiting for the internet provider to call me back. Don't ask me how I'm online right now, it's not morally defensible.

So what's new? Last night I was the last person in Norway to finish the Pillars of the Earth TV adaption. I caught the first couple of episodes when they showed it on Norwegian telly this summer, and it's taken me a while to (ahem) acquire the rest and watch it.

Mmmm that's some good telly. Sure it made me the historian in me snort derisively (and I hear it wasn't really a faithful adaption of the book, so dodged a bullet there by not having read it) but the "appreciator of good drama and actors" in me was very pleased. I can't remember the last TV show that made me go "AAAAH GAH NO NO DON'T GO TO END CREDITS YOU STUPID AASAGHGJ" at every cliffhanger.

Also spent something like six episodes trying to figure out whether I was crushing on Matthew MacFayden or not. I think in the end I decided no, it was just my accursed weakness for that subtle Norfolk drawl and actors with the ability to look like they're in some kind of constant, exquisite pain.
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I just don't know what on earth's up with Churchill all of a sudden (Churchill the laptop, obviously, not Churchill the Churchill, though I know I study history and sometimes get worked up over historical people and events. Today, for instance, my lecturer told me that jolly old King Sverre might have been "the biggest psychopath in the history of Norway").

It's been a long time since I bitched about tech problems, but I see no good reason why, when I'm using the tablet with Churchill, the result is that the cursor feels an overwhelming urge to try to be two places at once:

Granted it's a cool effect, but not very helpful.

- Whereas on my other ancient literally-falling-apart laptop, Roborovskij, there's no problem whatsoever.



To counteract these frustrations, I'd just like to mention that today when I was returning from lecture and generally being in a miserable mood, Mr. Haci, the gentleman who rents out the room next to mine and who generally is my favourite neighbour, opened the front door for me and then bowed deeply with an elegant flourish of the hand.

Mr. Haci always brightens my day :D
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Churchill's home again! Oh hi there honey, it's lovely to have you back again!

If you need reminding, Churchill is my laptop. He committed hara-kiri some time before the summer and it's only due to Kari and her heroic efforts he's back home here again, complete with a new brain (hard drive) and a... I can't think of an organic parallel to a keyboard.

So! Now I'm on a laptop that isn't completely rubbish, I can do the sort of things that you normally take for granted. Like not worrying about the space button falling off, or being able to transfer photos from my camera and onto the computer!

Yes, so here's a backlog of pictures I would probably have presented earlier, if I'd had the opportunity.

KITTENS. And some other stuff )

The horror

Apr. 28th, 2010 11:42 am
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I'm still coping with the loss of all the stuff on my lappie. It hits me now and again; "Ngh, all my photos from the last year!" "Oof, all my school assignments!"

I'm currently on my old laptop, so I decided to see what treasure trove of old files it still held when I came across this:

Oh Riker. I've missed you a bit, it's true.

It just happens to be a good visual representation of my state of mind these days:
"So Tilly, are you prepared for your upcoming exams?"

"How far have you come on that assignment that's due Monday?"

"I suppose you've secured a nice job to tide you over the summer."
*Da fayze of Rikerrr*
Really, the possibilities are endless.

In other geek news: Apparantly the legendary Shatcycle is to be auctioned off, aww. End of an era.
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Right. My sexy computer Churchill has definitely and irreparably crashed. I should be looking for that Windows install CD but if there ever was a perfect time to do the "things that have made me happy lately" meme, it's now.

Pic spams make me happy )

Okay, I feel little bit more chipper now. Time to start tidying my room - I'm getting visitors tomorrow!
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No. NO! Stupid TV, why won't the laptop connection work? It has worked perfectly for three years, it's the only reason I have a TV at all! The laptop can tell the monitor is there, why not vice versaaaargh.

But I one-upped that bitchy TV, I finished the third season of Black Books with the laptop on my lap (appropriate, I know). Hah!

I was so worried it wouldn't be funny anymore when I decided to rewatch Black Books - the first time I saw it on Norwegian telly it would air once a week, past midnight, and I was the antisocial cashier in a book shop at the time. But no, unwarranted fears, it was just as brilliant as I remembered it.

Observation: Not all sitcoms with canned laughter are awful. Huh.
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Never. Ever. fuck around with your laptop's graphics drivers because you're having trouble with mirroring to your TV. Because if you do, that means you're an absolute idiot who'll soon end up with a blank screen and a whole lot of frustration.

Thank God some of us absolute idiots have old drummer acquaintances with computer skillz who picks the most amazingly lucky moment (when you've just plugged into your old laptop and are about to shut MSN off) to send a message and listen to your worries.

Marius, I owe you a gigantic bouquet of flowers or something. Jesus.
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I went to a tech shop today in search of a new external hard drive, my constant mantra "anything but a Lacie, anything but Lacie" (considering my former Lacie turned into a zombie just about the moment the warranty ran out). I bought a 1TB (actually 931GB, but who's counting) Lacie. Damn are those sellers good.

And after three hours of cooling down my old one I've once again resurrected the zombie and am now salvaging the most important bits. Namely Hornblower and Darkwing Duck.

So. I hosted a movie night for some of my friends last night. Fun as anything, and I'm still so fascinated by how people can react so differently to movies. This is the first time in my entire life I've watched Singin' in the Rain with someone who found 'Make 'em laugh' laugh-out-loud funny. And who didn't get the least bit teary-eyed at the end of Hair. (I don't mean any of this in a bad way; different strokes and all that. Just fascinating).

Speaking of movies, I think I'm in the mood for some Bogie now. The question is, hero Bogie or villain Bogie?
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I can't seem to feel the envy I ought to feel
Or maybe I don't need the sour side of love

So of course when there's three days until term paper deadline Internet Explorer ups and dies on me. Then Firefox gets lonely and does seppuku as well. I have no idea why. At least I find that IE sans add-ons still works, and now I have for the first time in my life gone for Opera, hoping that it's got a stronger will to live.

So far... I'm really loving it. Opera is intuitive and easy to use and I love having my bookmarks on speed dial. Maybe I'll convert completely.

In writing news, I somehow still think my term paper has an interesting subject and I'm having fun with it. It's not every term paper you can debate at lenght what possible angles you can thrust a spear through a king's chest and still hit the heart.

But lawks am I tired. And then I find that The Daily Show and The Colbert Report episodes are no longer available to non-US citizens online (what on earth shall I watch during dinner now?!). And then I broke one of my favourite drinking glasses, I now have only two left of the nice ones. And I'm... just tired.

On the bright side, I get to have breaks where Tiny and I peruse Dr Mowinckel for silly pictures. And oh, that reminds me: Yesterday somebody put a colourful party hat on the bust of Johan Ludwig Mowinckel outside the university library. After a long day it made me laugh. Thank you, anonymous student with a party hat to spare.
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And I say your uncle was a crooked French Canadian
And he was gut-shot running gin
And how his guts were all suspended in his fingers
And how he held 'em in

Poor helpdesk lady.

The saga started with me forgetting the password to my online bank account (or "forgetting" as in thinking I was so clever when I spent ages creating a foolproof password the last time I was logged in). I phoned the help desk, and the quest for proving I was who I said I was began.

It was no easy task )

Also watched Arsenic and Old Lace (1944). Have decided I'll just give up on Capra movies, I must be the one person in the world who doesn't think they're dead charming and hilarious.

And while two hours of Cary Grant doing double-takes and tripping over things only left me cold, all Peter Lorre had to do was smile apologetically and say "I was intoxicated" and I burst out laughing.

I love love love Peter Lorre.
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So I thank old Yale and I thank the Lord
And I also thank my father who was Chairman of the Board

Okay, I was obviously slightly ahead of myself on the whole "retiring old beat-up laptop"-lark, since Churchill has come down with a Trojan and is being scanned as we speak. It doesn's seem to be anything particularly serious, not the sort of "oh god all my files have been wiped" Trojan, but hopefully we'll get rid of it somehow.

The virus is one of the reasons why I'm not in a terribly good mood. Another is a brewing cold. Yet another all the schoolwork waiting to be done (the course in Medieval Paleography started this week. It's viciously interesting but doesn't exactly lessen my current workload).

But mostly I'm furious at BBC7 for apparantly cancelling their weekly reruns of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue. It was the only radio programme I looked forward to every week. What on earth shall I listen to while I'm doing my weekly tidying if not Willie Rushton and Barry Cryer giggling themselves silly over clumsy double entendres?

As for brilliant things: There was a Clive Merrison quote posted at [livejournal.com profile] two_love today that made my whole day. Oh my God that man has to be awesome in every way. And it's always cool to see actors that don't distance themselves from that time in the sixties when they ran around wielding dodgy plastic rayguns and even dodgier American accents in British scifi.

I also rearranged all my DVDs. I'd forgotten just how deliciously peaceful such things can be. I'd do the books next, but I can't be bothered to keep balancing on that bar stool anymore.
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Last night I had a dream about you
In this dream I'm dancing right beside you
And it looked like everyone was having fun
The kind of feeling I've waited for so long

Thank you for your comments and sympathy, flist. You are marvellous people.

In any case, I've got more freedom now I've no critters to take care of, so I'm taking advantage of that: Tomorrow night I'm heading to the other side of the country for the weekend. I haven't seen my family since New Years, it'll be wonderful to see them all again.

Tiny and I are planning to see Watchmen if we find the time, but mostly I'm just looking forward to spending time with everybody.

I'd leave tomorrow afternoon, but I've got to hang around for the broadband guy to come around. My neighbour across the hall is moving, so I've got to install my own and stop sharing hers (it's not like I was leeching off her or anything, we just split the bill between us).

I did finally get to see The Public Enemy yesterday. It's interesting how movies from the early thirties still seem to retain aestethic elements from the silents, like the makeup. Also, it's a Hollywood movie from 1931 and still it portrayed sex with less double standards than I've seen in many, many years. Mind: Blown.

Well, now I'm going to tidy up this place and mop the floors. Because I obviously have problems with what a professional broadband installer I'll never see again in my life might think about my tidyness.
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The blonde bombshell destroyin' men
Her blue eyes are smokey like an opium den
First she giggles and blows you a kiss
Then she'll whisper sweet nothings like a serpent's hiss

I've found yet another good reason to become more familiar with the first Doc's era:

Well hello there Steven Taylor. Starting the fine tradition of male eyecandy in the TARDIS there I see. (Not that I'm harshin' on Ian here, you understand.) Steven might have the personality of damp cardboard for all I know, I believe I won't care.

First I want to know why he's so often skipped on lists of companions, since he seems to have been in quite a few serials (well, more than Harry). And speaking of Harry, I'm working on a new seventies Who pic spam, but Photoshop Vista is a BITCH that keeps freezing when I use the automate batch tool, so we'll see if I get it ready one of the following days (yeah, like you care).

In non-geeky (?) news, I've started reading my Norse philology. My new favourite language-related thing: voiceless dental fricative. Just say it with me. Voiceless dental frrrrricative.

I feel I should start using it in my daily conversations or something. Well, I kinda do, in English at least. Only, you know, not the actual word.
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I don't know what to do and I'm always in the dark
We're living in a powder keg and giving off sparks
I really need you tonight
Forever's gonna start tonight

Most love songs are best performed in a mellow, hum-volumed way. And then there's the few best delivered shouting at the top of your lungs, terrifying children, animals and boyfriends alike. This is one.

Who's my little laptop? Who's my precious darling laptop? You are! Oh yes you are!

It's fixed, my darling computer's fixed! And it's like it always was, sound files, unfinished short stories, Hugh Laurie wallpaper and all. One minute exception though: My welcoming screen is no longer in cyrillic (and Hugh Laurie I have now replaced with John Simm. Oh yeah.)

Oh, but it's back!

Quite a quiet day at work today. I had a great day though - I think this might have been my first day of work where I didn't do anything colossaly wrong (anyway, if I did, I won't find out for another week. So, yeah, all is well). And while I was giftwrapping George's marvellous medicine for a grandfather who couldn't wait for his grandchildren to discover Roald Dahl, I thought to myself, "Wow. This is a great job! At the grocery store people never asked my opinion on anything. If it was quiet I had no reason to go read the ingredients of tomato soup. Kids were never so jazzed about buying a popsicle as they are when they get their hands on the latest Phenomena book." I love it!

And I discovered another perk: Bookstore editions! Publishers gladly thrust not-yet-published books into my hands so I can read and recommend them when they arrive. For free!

Okay, finally saw The sound of drums. I watched it yesterday, today it's gone. BBC sure are quick on the trigger. Nice episode though. The Master is awesome as always, and the Doctor totally wants to be his little Gallifreyan wife. Not sure I really want to see The last of the Time Lords now, since I'm 100 % convinced of how it all will end. Boo.
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Her eyes had the fire of surrender
And her touch it was tender
And I guess in a moment as that
You forget about your hat

So yeah, time for a major update!

Naw, I still haven't gotten hold of my laptop, but now at least the place that's repairing it is letting me borrow another one. Crappy though it is, it's possible to logon to the net with it in my room.

So, let's do this thoroughly. Yes.

My new home )

My new job )

School and such )

So; Internet, you shiny shiny temptation. What to do? I think I'll catch up on some Doctor Who. The last episode I caught was the Shakespeare code, you know. And even that's as far as I've gone, I already adore the new Master. Aww. Evil Timelord, you cutie you.

Final hijack: I had this wacky dream a few weeks ago, I just remembered it. You see, I was playing on this swingset with John Barrowman. Easy as that. He asked if I wanted to come to this party he was throwing and I accepted because, dude: John Barrowman. (Though I have to admit, even in my dream I was thinking, "Whoa, hang on. Isn't he married? And gay?") It turned out it was a big family party with kids running all over the place, and I found out the only reason he had asked me was so I could do the dishes. And I did them, getting increasingly furious alone in his big kitchen while everybody was in the next room having fun. Eventually he came back carrying a big plastic bag and said it was a present from his old Austrian uncle. It was full of gooseberries, most of which were squashed. I smacked him and ran out.

That Barrowman. What an asshole.
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Oh gods I miss my laptop.

It seems reparations will take even longer since the place that was going to fix it went banca rupta. Oh yes. I don't even get to see it until this other place has gotten hold of it. Oh no.

I only got cash for another half hour at this internet café. Woe is me. Woe I say.

But, in other news, I got a job! A real, honest, money-handling job. At a bookshop, nonetheless. Aw, it's nice to earn money, but I still royally screw up now and then.

I'm going to work tomorrow, and you know what day it is. Uh-huh. I'm certain that by tomorrow night, I'll be sick to death of handling that massive black book.

Well, who knows when I'll be online again. See you then.

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Right, I guess you wonder why I've been away.

Well, I'll be away a little while longer too.

Truth is, when I moved into the new apartment (and it's a wonderful place, let me tell you, with friendly neighbours and a green-painted wall. My only regret is the proximity of the kindergarten where the children start screaming bloody murder at ungodly hours of the morning), with my own bathroom and even a net-connection, it turned out that there's something wrong with the connection thingamajiggy in my laptop. So now it's away being repaired, and I won't get it until another three weeks.

So you know.

And I'm dying without my beloved laptop. Only reason I can write this is I'm back at my mum's house picking up clothes and books.

See you in three weeks. Don't let anything interesting happen.


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