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[Error: unknown template qotd]- Learn how to do a dread updo. My dreads are getting long, I really want to be able to tie them up and get them out of my way now and then. Also dread updos look cool.

You might have guessed I'm not a big fan of New Year's Resolutions. Mine generally go "keep my good habits, lose some of my bad ones".

Yeah, I think that'll do this year as well. Happy New Year!
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Linni has this obsession with soft things, like blankets or my pyjama bottoms. She'll smoosh her face into the soft fabric and knead and purr. And drool a little bit.

She's also finally realized that even if I'm sitting with the computer, I'm approachable for cuddles and attention. (She's currently lying on top of my right arm which is making typing a little difficult.)

So today while I was reading my facebook feed she sat on the desk right in front of me, pushed her face into my dreads (which were hanging free for once) and started kneading.

Thus I have it from a connoisseur that I have lovely soft dreads.


Jun. 8th, 2011 12:49 am
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There! AH! I am done, I have finished it, I've pressed the Send button, I am FREE.

Oh man did that archeology paper take a lot more work than I thought it would. Craft and trade in Medieval Scandinavia can suck it, it wasn't a great paper but it's done, my back is killing me (my chair finally broke today, it's been a bit taxing perching on the remains), and I can finally take a holiday.

What shall do first, of all the things I've felt too guilty to spend time on the last two months?

I know! A dread soak! Man, it's been way too long since I spent an evening soaking my dreads for hours. I'm going to go out tomorrow and buy the baking soda and then I'm going to have the most delicious deep clean while listening to Kate Bush and Bing Crosby. Then maybe I'll take take some yarn and tie in my old dread thingamabobs, like the little seahorse pendant. It's summer, I need colour.

(Incidentally my dreads' second anniversary just went by. Last year I posted a pic spam of my dread journey but this time - well, be content they've gotten longer, and a little tighter and messier. Nothing dramatic.)

But right now - don't mind that it's way past my bedtime - I need my evening ritual. I need my Kentish apple tea, my cat, and a thoroughly ridiculous episode of Lupin III, and then to bed.

Ah. Free.
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Got a few minutes to spare as I'm sitting alone in my mum's house until Tiny comes and drives me to Oslo where I take the train back to Bergen. Of course it all feels slightly ridiculous seeing as I'm planning to return for Easter, but this is after all the penultimate week of English lectures and I got a feeling I should attend them.

But gosh, lots of things this last week: On Thursday, after showing Tiny and her Man the sights in Bergen, I spent seven - count them, seven - hours backcombing and twist'n'ripping Tiny's hair to get the dreading process going. I'm glad we decided to put in some solid prep work first - rubberbanding her hair into fifty-two neat little sections (in contrast, I've got thirty-five dreadlocks) - because from there on it was pretty pleasant work, though my thumbs felt like they were going to fall off once we passed the midnight mark. I'm well pleased with my first foray into making dreads rather than wearing them. My babies. I'm going to watch them grow and develop from here.

On Friday we went to Oslo by train (with plenty of stops as there was both storms in the mountain range and signaling problems on the track), and on Saturday we went shopping before the Kaizers Orchestra concert in Oslo Spektrum.

Bullet points because, well, Kaizers Orchestra )

Welp, that was as disjointed and out of order as my Kaizer reaction posts always are. Good to be back in the game.

And now, a long boring journey back to Bergen (I'm totally going to pop into the comic book shop at the station. I'm thinking Dark Avengers. I'm still waiting for Gargan to eat somebody's brain.)


Sep. 9th, 2010 04:50 pm
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You have to understand. When I had decided to get dreadlocks I spent a lot of time in online communities for dreadheads, and they taught me this one thing: That you have to be prepared for nasty comments and subtly insulting questions from strangers.

And I did my best to prepare myself for this. And I've kept on preparing myself. On and on and on.

And... nothing. A few disapproving looks from elderly ladies at the post office, but otherwise nothing. The only strangers who've actually commented on my hair have been positive (though not Norwegian. I think Norwegians are too polite to talk to strangers in any case).

But YESTERDAY! I was dealing with a customer and her adult daughter at the cat shelter when the conversation took a surprising turn to my hair. They asked me polite questions about it, until the customer (an elderly lady) asked me, "I suppose you don't wash them?"

OH YES, I thought, swelling with pride. This is what I've trained for! "Oh I do," I replied cheerfully. "I wash my dreads as regularly as I did my hair before I got them." (which technically is a lie. I used to wash my hair twice a week, now I do it once a week, but with better products).

"Oh," she replied. "But how?"

This... I hadn't prepared for. It stumped me so totally I had to segue the conversation over to something else (though in hindsight I should have gone "I use this fantastic invention, shampoo, and I work it into my hair and then I wash it out with this other thing, I think it's called water..."). How do I wash my hair indeed. That's another one I'll need to prepare for in the future.

Vanity case

Jun. 6th, 2010 09:32 pm
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You know what? I've had my dreads for a year! Yup. In celebration, have a picspam!

Something old, something new )

Man, I should know better than to expose unknowing web people to an entire picspam devoted to myself! Appy polly loggies, friends. Dreadheads are a bit weird like that.
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In honour of the day I've hand washed a couple of my sweaters in the sink and ordered some Lush soaps.

Okay I'm a big liar, I'd already done those things when I realized what day it was. But I can still feel good about it.

I've been thinking about how I really hate when people assume things about me based on appearances, but I've realized that if I have to subscribe to a stereotype I prefer to be a granola-munching hippie (who happens to not like granola very much) than anything else.

The chronology of growing awareness )

My new project is trying to find a toothpaste that can be bought locally that isn't tested on animals. Colgate; You and me, we're done professionally.
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I'm waiting for an old horror movie (that I know will be hopelessly bad) to finish downloading, so I can shut down my computer and go to sleep. It's been counting down from approximately one and a half minutes for over an hour, so now it's become a matter of principle.


- Today I bought one of these wooden beads for one of my dreads.

Pretty, no? Also mum made a present of three lovely dresses from Indiska, my favourite clothes chain.

- I leave for Bergen on Monday morning, and Tiny's keeping me company for a few days. I've never spent those six/seven hours with someone I like before.

- Missy (my kitty) has become a chubbie. Little fatty fatty cat.

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I've had (most of) my dreadlock extensions removed, and man, I'm in love with my hair right now! Suddenly I've got these wild organic dreads that don't weigh my head down - sure, five or ten centimeters are undreaded at the tips of each lock right now, but it kind of works. Anyway I'm going to go for the patience method with those, they'll redread by themselves eventually.

In honour of this momentous occasion I've decided to review all the commercial dread products I've used over these six months - because God knows I've bought some useless rubbish.

stuff for my locks )

I'm going to need a dread icon. And take some pics of my awesomecool hair.
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Okay, so obviously the name of the game is if there is to be sleeping, never two nights in a row. Aaahaha I'm going to be such a wreck in the morning. I went to bed three hours ago and sometimes I can't tell the difference between a legitimate attempt at falling asleep or just lying awake getting more and more upset.

So anyway, been thinking a lot about my dreads lately. I love them, I adore them, they're starting to develop this lovely silky texture that makes me toy with them all the time, but at the same time I'm seriously considering if I maybe should snip off the extension parts come Christmas.

Reflections )

In the meantime I'm looking up neat dread accessories, beads and sleeves and things. I've even started looking at regular rings on eBay - I mean, imagine how cool this would look on a dreadlock:

And this week I hope to buy some good cotton yarn to wind around some of the problem spots. I still have the pieces of string Tiny tied in my hair for Halloween and I quite like the look.
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Ah, my first dread soak! Another great occasion of my dreadlock era.

I set up a very comfortable soaking station, made a new playlist (featuring the battle music in Amok Time, because all hair soaks should be HARDCORE) and made the recommended cleaning concoction (hot water, baking soda, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and sea salt):

Water pre- and post-soak )

Actually not as bad as I expected. I feel like I do with all cleaning - it's only fun if you can tell the difference afterwards. I would have been disappointed with less dirt, even though I wash my hair every three days.

Ooh, my hair and scalp feels absolutely great now.

Also, the desktop meme:

Not at all shippy )
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Hey, did you know how long it takes to get used to having dreads?

Three months and one week!

I just realized that yesterday's shower is the first post-dread one I've gone through on auto pilot, where I didn't even have a moment of "oh wait, I have to wring the water out of my locks", and just did it without thinking.

I've also finally reached the point where I'm not terrified of getting them wet or dirty or caught on things. These babies are my hair now, they've stopped being this new weird thing I have to deal with on a daily basis.

Quick pic before bedtime )

Meanwhile, I think watching a tiny bit of Westerns has had a bad effect on me. Last night I listened to Dean Martin's country song for over two hours. What. I've never liked them before.


Aug. 20th, 2009 08:47 pm
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I was halfway through writing a gigantic emo post about what an uninteresting waste of space I am (I just came home from a student barbeque socializing thing that didn't really go according to plan), but thankfully Tiny called and did wonders for my mood.

So instead I'm going to mention that today was the first ever time a stranger stopped me in the street just to tell me what awesome dreads I have.


He even shook my hand! I've heard dreadheads say things like that happen, but I didn't know you got such a high from it.

(I'm about to lose another half of a dread, but I'm trying to be more c'est la vie about it. Had I known what I know now I would never have gotten extensions at the same time as they were backcombed, but I'm damned if I'm going to be bitter about it).

A complete stranger told me I have made a cool cosmetic choice. Do you know what a weird concept that is for me?
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Save up all the days, a routine malaise
Just like yesterday, I told you I would stay
I can't believe how much more childish that dread studio can get. I asked on their blog, politely, about their stance as anti-wax when they've put plenty of it in my hair, and now they've deleted the entry. You've got to be kidding me.

Been in a bit of a foul mood all day. Being annoyed continuously is utterly exhausting. Good thing Tiny is having an insomnia bout now and we can agree that even dressed only in tiny white hotpants and a trucker cap, Freddie Mercury was still cooler than we can ever hope to be. That's saying something.

Also (though DrMowinckel has been down all day) I finally found a picture that captures the exact moment at the Skambankt concert when I thought to myself "DAMN I NEED TO START TAKING PHOTOS OF THIS AWESOME BAND":

DISCLAIMER: I swear that looked many times dodgier cooler in person.
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I've learned something cool today: In the Rastafari movement, the belief is that it's Jah who forms your dreads - and the shape of the locks are connected to your personality. I suppose for an atheist it's a good picture of how dreadlocks are mostly a product of patience.

That's the sort of zen thinking I could need right now anyway, considering I lost half a dread today.


It's not even so much the "my dread fell out" thing - worst case scenario: that particular dread (what's left of it) will untangle and I'll have a spot of loose hair until my sister comes for a visit and we attempt to re-dread it, oldschool style.

No, the thing is that two weeks ago the dread salon made me pay them approx. £145 for what they called "a reparation" (on dreads they'd made themselves not two months before, and after they'd told me "if you start to worry about one of them, come right down and we'll fix it!"). I just feel they've taken advantage of me. I'm writing an angry mail right now, just need to vent here.

Fuck off, salon. You lost a customer today.

At least most of my other dreads are coming along nicely and tightly. I do my own maintenance on them these days.

Abbe Brel

Jun. 29th, 2009 07:50 pm
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Et depuis, toutes les nuits
Quand nous dansons le tango
Je regrette mon écurie
Mon écurie et mon galop
Hey, the Macmillan Encyclopedia of Popular Music has more to say on the subject of Strawberry Alarm Clock than Jacques Brel!

A lot of good that did. I've gotten a million times more information from fans on the net - like who Jojo was (who seems to pop up in his lyrics a lot) or the significance of Knock-le-Zout.

I *said* I was heading towards an obsession )

In dread news, I washed and shampooed them again today. Now they've grown tighter some places and looser in other. I'm slightly worried, but I was warned these things would happen. Only, I supposed it would mean individual dreads would get tighter or looser, not the both happening in the same dread.

Remember the mantra, Tilly: Dreading is a continuing process, dreading is a continuing process...
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Mmm Errol Flynn in thigh-high boots and tights so thin you can see the muscles work as he moves. Yesss.

And then I'm forced to admit that my shallowness ended there, because I got far more caught up in The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) than I expected to, as a non-swashbuckling Flynn movie. Usually I'm not crazy about Bette Davis but she blew me away in this one.

I'm going to have to see more Flynn movies. Captain Blood, definitely need to see Captain Blood.

In dread news, I did my first proper shampooing today - and goodness that felt great. No discernable difference in hair so far, except my scalp going "OH JESUS YES". Spent two hours working with it to get it to dry, but with sunshine like this it was just enjoyable.
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I want to live like common people
I want to do whatever common people do
I want to sleep with common people
I want to sleep with common people like you
Day four. The itching has... definitely started. I was prepared, but gaaaah. Even if I on the most only used to run a comb through my hair every third day my scalp is not happy about having no stimulation at all. Thank God for the cooling moisture spray from Knotty Boy (with a minty fragrance! It smells like my entire head took a breath mint), and I'm pretty sure I'll order a Head Honcho from DreadheadHQ.

The dreads are becoming more and more well-behaved though, and softer. I can actually sleep on my back! But my box of dread wax has mysteriously disappeared, so they're a bit prickly and fuzzy right now. Tiny is a right angel and is going to get some more in Oslo for me.

In reading news, I've been hard pressed to find a novel to take my mind off the itching. I'm halfway through A Hundred Years of Solitude, a few chapters into If on a Winter's Night a Traveller, likewise in Papillon. They're all wonderful, well-written books, but I think I need the action in Papillon to really get completely lost in a book. The rest'll wait until I have the right frame of mind again.

And now I think I'm going to go out and do a fair attempt at some jogging. Busy hands are not going to untangle my hair through scratching happy hands.
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Friends, I am officially dreaded up!

(This might be up for discussion. I've got intensely backcombed and tightened locks, it'll be another six months until I have mature dreads. I've got baby dreads. Newborn dreads. Dreadlings!)

After nine excrutiating and painful hours in a dread salon I've got thirty-five beautiful shoulder-length ones of them, and I love them (I'll love them even more when they start to mature and are not quite so prickly and stiff though).

You want pictures? I'll give you pictures!

I'm a mess, but my hair is killing )

I have this creepy notion of giving the locks individual names, possibly from a book. That would freak people out for sure.
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Oh goodness what a beautiful day! Twenty-five degrees in the shade, not a cloud in sight... I've been in the park getting horribly sunburned and watching the pigeons courting.

I'm in such a good mood I'm going to officially announce a secret plan of mine (well, "secret" as in "haven't bothered to tell people about it before it has come to pass but I can't keep my mouth shut anymore"): I'm finally going to do something about my mass of impossibly textureless Nordic hair, and I know some people will think it's a bit drastic (or you know, fugly), but here it goes...

I'm going to get dreadlocks!

Not that I ever feel like announcing any of my other cosmetic choices, but I've noticed that this one in particular seems to shock, and in some cases, appearantly annoy people. But then there are the ones that tell me they personally don't like them, but are awesome and support me anyway (LOVE YOU MUM ♥ )

Now before you start objecting )

Okay, so strangers are going to assume things about me. But last night I realized - hey, what can be so provocative about a hairdo Whoopi Goldberg has been wearing for decades?


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