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So. Kaizers Orchestra, my favourite contemporary band. I haven't mentioned them in a while. Partly because I haven't been a big fan of their output lately; Their last three albums have been part of this elaborate storytelling project, known as Violeta Violeta. The response hasn't been... overwhelming, I think. I love some of the songs on those three albums, but boy are there a lot of misfires, a lot of experiments that didn't pan out.

Kaizers Orchestra is a liveband, they've won awards for their theatrical and high-energy performances -- I think that's why committing to an experimental series of concept albums wasn't the optimal thing to do.

But here's the point:

They're disbanding.

Last night Tiny and me attended one of the concerts on their farewell tour, known as Siste dans ("Last dance"). This would be our tenth concert. I'm not going to talk at length about how great Kaizer concerts tend to be, I just know they're the best concerts I've been to in my entire life.

So what was last night like )

All in all, when it was fun, it was as fun as it's always been, but a lot of things were kind of disappointing: The crowd, some of the set list, the lack of banter and tom-foolery up on stage. Tiny and I broached the subject afterwards that maybe it's for the best the band quits while they're ahead, because it's like they reached their zenith a few years ago and the downward curve has started to show.

But man, I'm going to miss this band.

To think, ten years ago I taped a Kaizers Orchestra music video off the TV. I had to use a VHS cassette, Janno didn't have grey hair, Terje was still wearing wife beaters rather than well-tailored three-piece suits, they had another bass player -- it all happened so long ago! Look at these babies:

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Aw yeah, I've got my new Angels With Dirty Faces poster up! Not where it's supposed to be, granted (I used to have a poster of the goddess Durga in that spot, but she's been relocated to the kitchen door), but after taking that frame apart and reassembling it my hands were too bruised to start putting in extra screws in my wall.

Isn't this just the classiest wall ever?

We've got your Deadpool, your Kaizers Orchestra (signed, natch), the Rat Pack, a couple of Harry Clarke illustrations... and now a German poster for one of my top three favourite movies ever. You can see an image of the poster here.

Silly Germans retitling a movie that expressively takes place in New York, Chikago, but it's got good things going that weighs up for it - apart from looking classy as heck, it pleases me that Humphrey Bogart gets third billing like he should (this is pre-breakthrough Bogie, he plays the shyster lawyer), and the fact that The Dead End Kids becomes der Dead-End-Bande.

Excuse me, I'm going to go sit in bed admiring my sexy new movie poster.
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Got a few minutes to spare as I'm sitting alone in my mum's house until Tiny comes and drives me to Oslo where I take the train back to Bergen. Of course it all feels slightly ridiculous seeing as I'm planning to return for Easter, but this is after all the penultimate week of English lectures and I got a feeling I should attend them.

But gosh, lots of things this last week: On Thursday, after showing Tiny and her Man the sights in Bergen, I spent seven - count them, seven - hours backcombing and twist'n'ripping Tiny's hair to get the dreading process going. I'm glad we decided to put in some solid prep work first - rubberbanding her hair into fifty-two neat little sections (in contrast, I've got thirty-five dreadlocks) - because from there on it was pretty pleasant work, though my thumbs felt like they were going to fall off once we passed the midnight mark. I'm well pleased with my first foray into making dreads rather than wearing them. My babies. I'm going to watch them grow and develop from here.

On Friday we went to Oslo by train (with plenty of stops as there was both storms in the mountain range and signaling problems on the track), and on Saturday we went shopping before the Kaizers Orchestra concert in Oslo Spektrum.

Bullet points because, well, Kaizers Orchestra )

Welp, that was as disjointed and out of order as my Kaizer reaction posts always are. Good to be back in the game.

And now, a long boring journey back to Bergen (I'm totally going to pop into the comic book shop at the station. I'm thinking Dark Avengers. I'm still waiting for Gargan to eat somebody's brain.)
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My dear dear sister Tiny has been in hospital and removed the screws in her leg from when she broke it two years ago. Although we've agreed it's a relief that Magneto can no longer use her leg to do evil deeds, I thought I'd make a little cheer-up entry specifically for Tiny.


Let's see what we've got here... Oh, we've got your Richard Hammonds and your Olivers!

TTAO: Things Tiny Approve Of )

That's it. Get better sooooon sis!

(And if you should not be a blood relation of mine and still enjoy something in this post feel free to join in on the squeeing.)
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Here's some contrast: I've got a good feeling about this, man. Everything's going to be awesome.

- I've attended this semester's first lectures! They're even more interesting than I thought!

- My counselor for my bachelor thesis is a lecturer I've liked for ages (and I think he'll let me write my thesis about the Carolingian dynasty - only the BEST DYNASTY EVERRR)!

- I've already written today's quota of TP questions! Okay so maybe I'm a bit indulgent on viking kings, but come on! One of them even became a pirate after he was deposed!

- New single from Kaizers Orchestra: 'Philemon Arthur and the Dung'! It's... okay. I remember liking it better when I heard it live. I think the soundmix is a bit off (though that could be my dying computer speakers). Also Janove Ottesen's got a new hairdo that Tiny and I can discuss endlessly.

Life... is good.
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Okay, dude, yes, Kaizers Orchestra concert last night!

It occurred to me that it was my eighth - read that, eighth - Kaizer concert and as I was watching the concert hall fill with people I was thinking that maybe I should take a break from my favourite contemporary band. Though I still regarded Kaizers as the best live band I'd ever seen, every time I saw them it was slightly less magical and that depressed me.

But then Jesus Christ. Halfway through the (admittedly very fun) concert Janove announced that there was a certain guy they'd always wanted to work with - and Morten Abel walked on the stage! Morten effing Abel. My jaw dropped, I couldn't believe they'd kept it a secret.

It was sort of adorable too, since Morten Abel is a slightly older generation of Norwegian musicians. He's up there in a three-piece suit next to Janove Ottesen who's in a sweaty tank top with approximately five hundred chains around his neck. And they had such great chemistry, you could just sense the mutual fanboying. And then Abel sang 'Rullett' and it's one of my favourite songs and it was magical and surreal.

Other points of interests, you know how it always comes pouring out )
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Boy, you know you're lazy when one of the most worthwhile things you've done the last three days was asking the guy at the local comic shop if they could possibly stock some more volumes of Cable & Deadpool.

But the weather has been so preeeetty, and I've walking all over the city just checking if everything's as it should be (and yup, it pretty much is).

Oh, and I've been making those animated Kaizers icons I was talking about. Did I ever stop and ask myself if there was any real demand for them? Hell no, this has all been "because I can" all the way!

Sample (a.k.a the cool one):

Herr Polizei, du finner meg aldri igjen )
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Jeg er bare en kommunist
Som har litt trøbbel med sitt liv
Jeg er bare utplassert
Jeg er bare litt naiv
So I've been toying with GIMP tonight (as both ImageReady and that new PS Animation thing seems to be mysteriously missing from my Photoshop) and an .avi file of 'Knekker deg til sist'.

After several hours of tinkering with animated gif-making (which is, we all agree, not something I usually excel in), the result is joyeous!Runes and... this icon:

...where I attempted to capture Terje's O-face, but now the only thing I see is Øyvind's seemingly disembodied head floating in and out of frame in the background. HAHAHAAA. I'm so ready for bed.
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This always happens.

In my day-to-day life, Kaizers Orchestra is just a band I like. They're one of many bands I enjoy, I listen to the albums now and again, wear the T-shirt occasionally. Then I attend a concert and spend an hour and a half with my arms in the air and a huge grin on my face shouting "Halleluja!" each time The Jackal tells me to. And then I always spend a couple of weeks being all KAIZER KAIZER KAIZER after.

Thus the Sunday treat will be slightly affected by this.

videos and stuff and things you have to see, Tiny )

RPS: Still not something I'm entirely comfortable with, but I'll be damned if that's going to stop me having fun.
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Had to split the festival entry in two so it wouldn't get EPIC LONG, so here's the actual music part of the music festival (and less "Tiny and Tilly do Fredrikstad"):

More pictures and summaries )
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Guess what.

Månefestival was brilliant! The atmosphere, the city, the weather (for the most part), not to mention the music.

Too many pictures )

And a quick'n'dirty guide to most of the weird running jokes created by Tiny and me spending three days together:

- Dropping the punchline "as the Bishop said to the actress" (which I love) in favour of "that's what Tollak is saying right now".
- See also; Why both professional sound checks and The Fonz have forever become linked with Tollak Friestad's sex life.
- Due to my mobile's autospell function Skambankt has been renamed Spankbank.
- Sean Connery sings the Commitments!
- "Deny thy father and refuse thy name, and I shall no longer be an Ottesen", or; Kaizers present Romeo and Juliet.
- "Damn birds, coming here and stealing our jobs. Lets go beat up a duckling."

Part two of the picspam coming up: CONCERTS!
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På et tidspunkt såg det lyst ut for oss to
Men lampen gjekk tom for parafin.

It's amazing that you can be mentally exhausted and yet so physically restless at the same time. I was going to take a long stroll today and listen to Martin Jenkins' modern audio adaption of Faust (Mark Gatiss makes such a sexy purry-voiced Mephistopheles it's astounding) but lo and behold there's a storm out.

So instead I've put on my pyjama bottoms (since I got soaked to the skin just attending lecture not ten minutes from here) and think I'm going to put on a movie. I've downloaded The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947), but I think I'll wait with the Danny Kaye goodness until tomorrow.

Maybe I should watch the Kaizer live at Vega DVD? I'm still so gleeful that they, in the booklet of their new Våre Demoner CD, coined the genre "doomsday country music". Just for that I had to relisten to the song Hevnervals:

[Error: unknown template video]
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If there's somebody listenin'
Won't you hear my plea
Won't you send me a good good girl
To spend her life with me

SWEET JESUS YES. Term paper finished! I'm printing out the three copies as we speak. I intend to never ever write the word frontale (antependium) again. The closest I shall endeavour the get is the phrase "full frontal nudity" I think.

I want to wash out all that pent-up fretting and stress with something meaningless. And my sister is going to have the screws in her broken ankle removed tomorrow, and will possibly need a pick-me-up.

I know, a Kaizer Orchestra pic spam!

I'm just going to assume you're not familiar with them )

As usual my pic spam gets out of hand. But I've got an excellent excuse!

Good luck with the procedure, [livejournal.com profile] tiny_cs, you'll be off those crutches in no time.
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I can't seem to feel the envy I ought to feel
Or maybe I don't need the sour side of love

So of course when there's three days until term paper deadline Internet Explorer ups and dies on me. Then Firefox gets lonely and does seppuku as well. I have no idea why. At least I find that IE sans add-ons still works, and now I have for the first time in my life gone for Opera, hoping that it's got a stronger will to live.

So far... I'm really loving it. Opera is intuitive and easy to use and I love having my bookmarks on speed dial. Maybe I'll convert completely.

In writing news, I somehow still think my term paper has an interesting subject and I'm having fun with it. It's not every term paper you can debate at lenght what possible angles you can thrust a spear through a king's chest and still hit the heart.

But lawks am I tired. And then I find that The Daily Show and The Colbert Report episodes are no longer available to non-US citizens online (what on earth shall I watch during dinner now?!). And then I broke one of my favourite drinking glasses, I now have only two left of the nice ones. And I'm... just tired.

On the bright side, I get to have breaks where Tiny and I peruse Dr Mowinckel for silly pictures. And oh, that reminds me: Yesterday somebody put a colourful party hat on the bust of Johan Ludwig Mowinckel outside the university library. After a long day it made me laugh. Thank you, anonymous student with a party hat to spare.
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Me fekk ting til å skje
Heile byen danset for oss
Og meg og deg danset med

Back to Bergen, where it's pouring down (lovely!) and it's cold as anything. For the first time I feel I might get through this term paper thing. It's been two days since my last nervous breakdown, things are looking up.

Had a wonderful birthday party with my nearest and dearest. Wore my pretty new summer dress (the first one I've bought on my own actually), ate cake (Tiny made her famous oreo one) and recieved some v. neat presents, including a CD giftcard, money for a new school bag, my very own zippo lighter, Franz Ferdinand album, Italo Calvino book and other cool things.

Of course, the ticket to the Kaizer concert was one of the presents from Tiny, and since the concert had been the night before we had to make a symbolic placeholder to put on the gift table. We had A) a camera and B) a gasmask Tiny had recently bought in a second-hand shop.

The outcome was predictable )

And yes, the Wolverine movie. The general consenus was that X-Men 3 was worse, although that's doesn't say much. I'm pretty sure I would have been less judgemental if they hadn't named that... thing... Deadpool.

So on Free Comic Book Day I did my best to erase it out of my mind and bought my first volume of Cable & Deadpool. So now I can finally use a Deadpool icon without feeling shallow.
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It just goes to show that accompanying your sister with a broken ankle to a rock concert isn't all bad. In order for her to have a bar stool to sit on we placed ourselves right at the back of the venue (the bar Mono) by the mixing table. I couldn't see anything for the first few songs, but when the tallest blokes decided to move we really had a great vantage point: I don't think I've ever heard such crisp sound at a Kaizer concert before.

Kaizers were obvisouly in a good mood - lots of joking and talking (including a lengthy, snarky anecdote about Terje's first tattoo: "You want more? I've got lots of Terje stories!", an ongoing quarrel between Janove and Geir about the artistic merit of the song 'Til depoet' and so on and so forth). I've never seen them so at ease in front of an audience, small as it was (just 180 people).

The dirty details )

In usual me-fashion I'm just listing all the tiny little bits and pieces I can remember. A lovely concert overall, the kind you get such a high from. I had such a great time (but is the Våre Demoner tour meant to be the end of an era or what?). Norway's best live band, Kaizers Orchestra.

So today I'm going to be celebrating my birthday with my family as well. This is an exceedingly lovely mini-vacation.
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Eg kan sei det igjen men eg har sagt det før
Familiebedriften dør, sjå på meg den som tør
Å sette seg i stolen

Nope, still don't enjoy standing in autograph lines. In the rain. Starving.

But I got a snapshot with Janove )

The sad thing is of course that the whole band was there, but not positioned in any way that lent itself to photo ops. At least I got my copy of Våre Demoner signed anyway.

So. Tomorrow I'm taking the train, then tomorrow night I'll watch the new X-Men movie with Tiny in Oslo (even if it sucks at least we can stare at Hugh Jackman for two hours), then on Friday there's the intimate Kaizers Orchestra concert at Mono (I think I'm starting to look like a stalker), and on Saturday I celebrate my birthday with my family.

All in all that means that for four entire days I'm not going to freak out about my term paper. Jesus Christ yes.
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Eg har folda mine hender
Spilt blod, knekt tenner
Nå sitt eg her

Every time I take a break from reading The Spirit, I always remember it as just some camp entertainment suitable for unwinding after a long day of school.

And sure that enters into it, but each time I pick it up again I'm surprised by how astonishingly engaging and well-made it is. Yesterday I read the story 'Showdown with the Octopus' from 1947 and I was literally holding my breath. When the Octopus fired a shot straight through the Spirit's hand I winced, which is not something I do even at modern comics.

So refreshing )

Oh, and browsing through the comics shop today, I noticed they had stocked a copy of Darwyn Cooke's first volume of modern Spirit comics. Very excited at this. Looking forward to reading them one day, when I've exhausted the Eisner collection at the library.

There are three good reasons I look forward to Cooke's Spirit:
1. People say they're actually very good and fun and tongue in cheek like The Spirit ought to be.
2. Covers like this (Strong, capable female characters, that's The Spirit I know!)
3. I've mentioned it before, but the Spirit teams up with Batman for an issue. The Spirit and Batman. How can that possibly not be the greatest, funniest thing in the entire world?

In non-vigilante news, the new Kaizers Orchestra album was released today. So far I like about half of it, we'll see if the rest grows on me (it usually does when it comes to Kaizers). Just four days until I see them live, and just two days until they come to Bergen to do a signing.

And yet, while I was sitting at the library researching the martyrdom of St. Catherine of Alexandria for my term paper, what song was continually playing in my mind? This. damn. thing. Sometimes I want to ask my subconcious a big dubya tee eff.
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I can hear the soft breathing of the girl that I love
As she lies here beside me asleep with the night
And her hair in a fine mist floats on my pillow
Reflecting the glow of the winter moonlight

There's something brilliant about how my tutor, who's the biggest all-round expert in Medieval history I know, ends a lecture on archaeology with the words "...which was very nicely illustrated in the first season of The Black Adder."

And my English seems to be broken today, I apologize in advance.

Anyway, it's been a long time since I did a music meme, so here's one:

Nicked from [livejournal.com profile] vesleskjor:

Think of 20 10 albums that had such a profound effect on you they changed your life or the way you looked at it. They sucked you in and took you over for days, weeks, months, years. These are the albums that you can use to identify time, places, people, emotions. These are the albums that no matter what they were thought of musically shaped your world.

List and snapshots of my life )

I was thinking about how these days I don't have my record player so it's all CDs and mp3s instead - and with the skipping of songs that don't appeal to me and making my own playlists I don't have that same feeling towards "albums" anymore. Records you listen to all the way through, I miss that aspect.

I need get my record player to Bergen some day.
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I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go
Walkin' with a dead man over my shoulder
Waiting for an invitation to arrive
Goin' to a party where no one's still alive

That's what I call a fun morning!

Wope up at eight thirty and fired up Skype so [livejournal.com profile] tiny_cs and I could coordinate our plans of attack for ordering Kaizers Orchestra tickets. Got them, so I'll be taking a weekend trip homewards for the 1st of May for the intimate Våre Demoner tour. Oh yeah.

Then we ended up arsing about online, watching Top Gear for hours on weird little Korean flash sites. As usual I walk away thoroughly entertained but without understanding a jot more about cars.

I bet I startle the neighbours with my seemingly unprovoked bursts of laughter when I'm using the headset to simultaneously chat with Tiny. *Silence* *Roar of laughter* "I love May so much." *Silence* Repeat.

And if there's one love story that transcends living and non-living entities it's the one between Hammond and Oliver. Aw.

In other news, I have a hard time explaining how overjoyed this image makes me. I knew Stephen Fry was picking up the torch after Douglas Adams, working on another Last Chance to See project, but I wasn't aware that Mark Carwardine was involved as well. That's just too brilliant.

I'm looking way more forward to this than the Watchmen movie, honestly.


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