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Arrived in Bergen late last night, the rain was pouring down. I've missed you too, Bergen.

On the seven-hour train journey I gave Mercury Theater's War of the Worlds broadcast another listen. Still brilliant. All those little details, the technological glitches, the abrupt pauses - still scared the bejeezus out of me.

Now I finally have the time to make a sort of review too - because lo, I have seen Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1970). I'm even going to give you two reviews of it, because I'm trying to make up for The Shallow.

Nonspoilery visual/emoticon review )

Actual review with reflections and plot and things )

I hope to find the time to watch Wrath of Khan this evening. I'm sure that will result in the usual amount of Caps Lock.

Here again

Oct. 29th, 2009 07:49 am
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Ah, finally on the familiar side of the country again. Now my five day tour of various family and friends starts - later today I'm heading into Oslo to browse the Kon-Tiki museum with Rune, can't wait!

On the train journey over I learned what new acquaintances watching Firefly on my laptop (my first episode!) and having the TOS communicator chirp as a message alert tone can bring. Had a very nice conversation with a fellow geek, he convinced me my next step should be watching Babylon 5 (EVIL WALTER KOENIG OMG).

Oh, and after no new Big Finish audios for more than a year I finally gave The Maltese Penguin a listen. I was squirming in my seat trying to not grin quite so wide. Not only do I find I love Six and Frobisher, it's also a parody of one of my favourite movies ever. Peter Lorre impersonators are a dime a dozen but when they brought out the Sidney Greenstreet parallel my jaw dropped.

Oh Big Finish I've missed you so.
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Okay, so the bodies lie strewn about the place. He steps over one, cape gently swishing, and as he looks the scene over he... he puts his hands on his hips and does this tiny little swivel.

And from that moment on I knew I would love Darth Vader.

Yes, thanks to my friend Rune I have now finally, for the first time in my life, seen the first three Star Wars movies.

Hours of oogling that fine Han Solo ass )

We also had this conversation:
"So Tilly, do you plan on seeing the new Harry Potter movie?
"I suppose. I'll watch anything with Alan Rickman in it."
"Me too! ...Say, have you ever seen any Star Trek?"

And we did watch Galaxy Quest. And it was hilarious.
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Me fekk ting til å skje
Heile byen danset for oss
Og meg og deg danset med

Back to Bergen, where it's pouring down (lovely!) and it's cold as anything. For the first time I feel I might get through this term paper thing. It's been two days since my last nervous breakdown, things are looking up.

Had a wonderful birthday party with my nearest and dearest. Wore my pretty new summer dress (the first one I've bought on my own actually), ate cake (Tiny made her famous oreo one) and recieved some v. neat presents, including a CD giftcard, money for a new school bag, my very own zippo lighter, Franz Ferdinand album, Italo Calvino book and other cool things.

Of course, the ticket to the Kaizer concert was one of the presents from Tiny, and since the concert had been the night before we had to make a symbolic placeholder to put on the gift table. We had A) a camera and B) a gasmask Tiny had recently bought in a second-hand shop.

The outcome was predictable )

And yes, the Wolverine movie. The general consenus was that X-Men 3 was worse, although that's doesn't say much. I'm pretty sure I would have been less judgemental if they hadn't named that... thing... Deadpool.

So on Free Comic Book Day I did my best to erase it out of my mind and bought my first volume of Cable & Deadpool. So now I can finally use a Deadpool icon without feeling shallow.
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But days of ash and cider
Are the good boy's last reward
‘Cause once they got you where they want you
They don’t want you anymore!

What's this? For once I enjoy the Norwegian entry to Eurovision Song Contest? What sort of strange parallel world have I been dumped into? (It doesn't help that I'm watching Inferno at the moment. Evil!Brig is a bit of a hunk though).

And I suppose this is as good time as any to come out of the closet and admit that for several years now, I've been dreaming about learning to play the fiddle. No really. Folk music is the shizznit.

In other news, isn't it weird how my definition of "old" is all screwed up? No, like how I can watch The Mark of Zorro from 1940 (oh yes the costumes and lighting and direction and sword fights ungh I LOVE IT), and I'm not in the least bit bothered by how it's more than half a century old. I wasn't born then anyway, at least I've seen it now.

BUT. Then I'm embarassed by the fact that today I finally saw the last episode of Cowboy Bebop. It took me two years to get through a series from the nineties, and I feel like I'm ages behind everybody else. So when I say it's brilliant, I suppose the rest of the world'll go "WE KNOW."

But yeah, it was pretty brilliant. The music, the animation, the plot... I wish there'd been more of Spike's Jeet Kune Do though. Seriously, I wouldn't have minded if there'd been a martial art style fight in every episode. And I wished they'd dropped off Ed sooner. And Fay for that matter, though she showed some potential for being an interesting character now and then. I'd settle for Spike and Jet: Space Marriage any day.

Ah, my legs hurt like whoa. I hiked to the top of Fløyen today once again, in wet snow. I bet it'll feel even worse tomorrow.
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And I came from nowhere like you and your friend
My searching and wandering went on without end
My future was dim, my spirit was crushed
In one sacred moment my questions were hushed

Yay, I've finally seen the 1968 DW serial The Invasion! I'd heard lots of good things about it. (Zoe's girlfriend, UNIT introduced, Zoe's brain pwning science, the brilliant suspense and horror (OH GOD THE INSANE CYBERMAN'S SCREAMS), the charismatic villain, the upkilt shots, the insane amount of Doctor/Jamie groping...). And oh boy did it deliver all of these things.

There were still pleasant surprises though, like how the Brig is introduced arse first. It's impossible to not approve of Brig!bum. It's also the first serial with Sergeant Benton in it ( ♥ ), and he's looking adoringly at the Brigadier all the while. I realized I've now seen the very first Benton appearance and the very last. Good thing there's a whole lot in between I've yet to watch.

Yesterday I also sat down to watch The Magnificent Ambersons )

Continuing with my Orson Welles kick, I listened to original War of the Worlds radio broadcast during my constitutional today.

2X2L calling CQ... Isn't there anyone on the air? ... Isn't there anyone on the air? ... Isn't there... anyone? )

Also, thanks to that lecture I attended today on Byzantine art by one of Europes' leading experts on Byzantine mosaics, I have decided that by God, one day I'm going to see Hagia Sophia for myself. He kept apologizing about how the pictures he was showing us of the gold mosaics all looked so lifeless, while I felt like I would burst into spontaneous applause any minute. Wow.
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We are two mariners, our ship's sole survivors
In this belly of a whale
Its ribs our ceiling beams, its guts our carpeting
I guess we have some time to kill

On my way to Norse class on the fourth floor in the Humanistic-Philosophic main building I walk past all the linguistic classrooms, and I catch bits and pieces of all kinds of odd languages. It's wonderful. I wonder if other people think the same when they hear us trying to get our tongues around words like dýrligr and hljóz.

I quite like our current teacher as well. Today we were just starting on the grammar (Hundr beit mann, mann beit hundr), and he said "If you feel this is hard, you can comfort yourself with the fact that Obama was inaugerated yesterday". And after that he quoted Øystein Sunde lyrics at us. Yes, I think I like my new teacher.

And I'm appearantly not finished geeking over the Holmes audio plays.

In which I use the words 'adorable' and 'bedroom' )

I finally found out why I get so distracted by Clive Merrison's voice, though. It sounds so spectacularly alike to Geoffrey McGivern's, the original Ford Prefect. I have to concentrate not to make up little Alternative Universe-plots in my head about Ford Prefect driven mad by detective stories Don Quijote-style.

I can't be the only one who hears it, the similiarity I mean?

And because I have nothing better to do: Audio examples )

Or, you know, I might be mad.
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This is the story of the Trou Macacq
The pine box derby, the monkey track
Not what I heard or saw on TV
But what I witnessed entirely

A touch of insomnia and access to TV Tropes: Suddenly I find myself groggily watching Happy Days at two in the morning, trying to see if there is as much subtext between Fonzie and Mork in the crossover episode as people claim. I couldn't see it, but now I know Orkians are canonically bisexual.


Incidentally I have the faintest memories of watching reruns of Happy Days when I was seven or so. The only thing I remember is that it had a terribly lame title in Norwegian or Swedish, can't remember which. Everything I know about The Fonz I think I've learned by cultural osmosis. Oh, and of course that Happy Days had the most joy-inducing theme ever.

In completely different news, the more I read about it the more I'm dying to play Penny Arcade Adventures. Gabe and Tycho in the pulpy twenties, fighting Lovecraftian horrors, and it looks so good as well. It's like it was made specifically with me in mind.

Oh well, some day when I have a new laptop. Maybe I'll try my hand at the demo next year. And in the meantime I can savour the excitement.

By they way, I think growing a bit sick of my music collection is one of the best things I've done lately - I've been listening to Last FM radio and now there are so many bands I'm dying to check out. Atomic Fireballs, Club For Five, The Real Group, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, anything to do with Brian Setzer... And most of all those of the lame name, Squirrel Nut Zippers. Why has no one ever told me a genre like neo swing existed?

Okay, now I'll finish packing. I'm not bringing my laptop (I don't think it would survive the ordeal with all its keys intact) so you might not hear from me for a little while. But ah, tomorrow at this time I'll be in Akershus once more!
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Zašto kradeš naše snove Sanela
zašto kradeš uspomene
Tudja ruka tebe vodi Sanela
tudjin pita samo pošto si?

Tiny's coming to Bergen tomorrow! She's bringing my mum's vanilla muffins, Top Gear and Star Trek TNG goodness, and herself.

I've cleaned the kitchen, uploaded my philosophy exam, discussed with my Text and Culture counselor so now my exam will be all about Vysotsky (oh the challenge) and I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT TINY COMING I hope I'll be able to sleep, I need to be there to meet her at the train station tomorrow at seven.

And on Friday is the Kaizers Orchestra concert and I'M EXCITED ABOUT THAT TOO. 250 % Tour, baby!


And now I think I need to go to bed because I only get more jazzed about this every minute.
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Why has no one told me Radio 7 are broadcasting Big Finish plays? By some majorly lucky coincidence I started browsing the website for more Holmes audios (for lack of Jeremy Brett I turn to Clive Merrison) the moment Dead London began.

I'm still not warming up to Lucie. But then I haven't reached The girl who never was yet. I need closure for Charley before I move on, I think.

And please tell me Clare Buckfield has been able to flirt with all the BF Doctors. Because that would be cool. Hearing her voice makes me miss Banto and Sally Ann, though.

This audio seriously reminds me of Seasons of fear. Which is a good thing. And possible Mithras keyplot thing! "Doctor, what's this thing we're in?" - "A wicker man." - "Oh blimey, I saw that movie. Doesn't end well, does it?"

In other scifi news, today for the first time I suddenly got a craving for watching Star Trek TNG. Shoot, that must mean my sister's plan is starting to work. Mostly I feel my current life is severely lacking in Data goodness though.

Augh. I still haven't done the dishes, have I?
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I have dot com children
And dot com wife
Living my dot com life
But will I trust in breaking news
When I'm sixty five

Right, stressfull weekend aside, I want to indulge in some mindless fun. [livejournal.com profile] acidpenguin46 compiled a fabulous list of her ten favourite fictional characters with images and quotes and shiny things, so hey - I'll be a copycat.

I found that if there's one thing that's harder to do than to find images corresponding with literary characters, it's finding image corresponding with audio characters. After some thinking I've decided that it would be unfair to instill whatever vision I have of those audio characters in others, so watch me abusing the hell out of Imeem's embeddable sound files on this one.

Ten characters that can pwn all your characters )

I spent way too much time on this, audio snippets and all. And still it might be entirely different tomorrow.

But now I intend to open that box of brownies, plug my laptop to the TV and watch great amounts of both The daily show and the The Colbert report. The life, I am living it.
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Frisk luft och motion får man i vår zon
Arbet det gjer frihet och frihet tiger still
När natten kommer bara sover jag
För at glömma at du finns till

What is this shit? Eoin Colfer to write sixth Hitchhiker's Guide book. Are we going to publish fanfiction now? Excuse me while I write and publish Harry Potter and The Next Bit or The revenge of Fagin.

I can agree the original series ended on a bleak note, and God knows I was pissed off when I finished Mostly harmless at sixteen, but it ended. I found consolation when Dirk Maggs used the excellent quintessential radio phase to tweak the ending and make it more agreeable.

If they're dying to make contemporary writers finish Douglas Adams' books, at least they could pick The salmon of doubt or something. It doesn't even have an ending.

I'm trying to supress this news by focusing on Stephen Fry's update on the endangered species described in Adams' Last chance to see. This will be so good.

While we're still talking Adams:

When you see this, quote Douglas Adams in your blog.

"My favourite piece of information is that Branwell Brontë, brother of Emily and Charlotte, died standing up leaning against a mantelpiece, in order to prove it could be done. This is not quite true, in fact. My absolute favourite piece of information is the fact that young sloths are so inept that they frequently grab their own arms and legs instead of tree limbs, and fall out of trees."
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You can feel my lips undress your eyes
Undress your eyes, undress your eyes
Words of love and words so leisured
Words of poisoned darts of pleasure

I love Franz Ferdinand. Their lyrics remind me of learning English when I was a small girl. About six, trying to sing along to an English song, but I didn't understand the words, so I just strung together whatever phrases I'd picked up.

So, it's my birthday today. Big two oh. I haven't actually seen anybody today, save for when I went to the grocery shop to get some bread, juice and feminine products. Snooky is in Sweden with his mates, partying in a cabin that incidentally belongs to a pretty famous Norwegian musician. And I'm perfectly fine with that (Snooky being away, not the musician's cabin), people must stop asking me.

Actually it's just as well I haven't seen anyone today, I'm PMSing like hell. That's why I'm so melancholy right now (yesterday I actually had to choke back tears when I was driving, because He ain't heavy, he's my brother came on. Jeez Louise.). Even though I hate the chauvinistic "Oh never mind her, it's just PMS", for once, it's just PMS. I don't want anyone to think otherwise.

So, what am I doing today? Well, I've cleaned up a bit for the party on Sunday (yeah relax, the time will definately come) and watched some Cowboy Bebop, which is what I got from Snooky for my birthday. I think I'm really rather liking it. Of course it may be too early to tell, since I've only watched the movie and five episodes. But yeah.

Mostly it's the music and design. Oh, and possibly the sweetest intro of anything animated, ever.
[Error: unknown template video]

Granted, I hardly understand the plots, the animation can be a bit grating at times, and the characters are almost universally boring - except the main character, of course, which seems to be the only character that was thought through. Oh, but the design! There are some really ingenious design choices!

So overall, yeah, I think I like it.
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He told me that I have a soul
How does he know?

I've not completely given up on life yet, and there are several reasons for this:

A) I've got a box full of Lollipop-ices. All mine, moahahahaa!

B) I've started rereading Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. You don't feel so bad when you read about others' pain (plenty so far, I'm already at the Champmathieu-case). This is the fourth or fifth time I read it, this time just to see if I still love it. At least I have a better clue of how you pronounce all the French names now. Bamatabois always makes me grin.

C) And last but not least, the latest story arch in M, where C'thulhu follows the author home and is kept as a family pet.

Image hosting by Photobucket

and another one for good Norwgian measure )

You have to love that! It's being printed in Norway's next-to-biggest newspaper, and think of all the people who don't get it. He's alienating lots and lots of people. But I love it. Even when he learns C'thulhu tricks by giving him cats as snacks, I love it.

Okay, sick now. Gotta lie down.


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