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My dear dear sister Tiny has been in hospital and removed the screws in her leg from when she broke it two years ago. Although we've agreed it's a relief that Magneto can no longer use her leg to do evil deeds, I thought I'd make a little cheer-up entry specifically for Tiny.


Let's see what we've got here... Oh, we've got your Richard Hammonds and your Olivers!

TTAO: Things Tiny Approve Of )

That's it. Get better sooooon sis!

(And if you should not be a blood relation of mine and still enjoy something in this post feel free to join in on the squeeing.)
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Wow, that... that's starting to smart quite a bit. And I never realized just how quickly you can grow bored of the taste of your own blood.

So! Eyecandy movie picspam to divert my attention! Let's see what auntie Tilly's got her wandering hands on this time... Why, it's the first half of The Brothers Karamazov from 1958!

And who's the eyecandy?

I can't be bothered to resize these )

And that's the first half of the movie. Why didn't I include the other half, you ask? Because I can't get hold of it - the second file was corrupted, and the movie isn't released on DVD, strangely enough (which is also why you see that sexy little TCM mark in the corner).

What happens next? IT IS A MYSTERY.
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Okay, so imagine if Batman and Captain Kirk were boyfriends, planning to take over the world.

Yes, I've just watched it. We're talking the horrible TV pilot Alexander the Great from 1968, starring William Shatner and Adam West.

And not only did I watch it, I liveblogged it and did gratuitous capping.

I'm studying Ancient history, so it would have been fun if I could point out all the historical inaccuracies and all - but sadly I'm studying the boring bits of history, like the nature of Alexander's administration or what cultural impact Hellenism had on the conquered city states.

So instead I'll point out every time somebody says things like "go to the rear".

Oh those wacky Macedonians )

Okay gratuitous pic spam sort of fizzled out midway, but it's not my fault if the director suddenly thought to himself "Maybe we should try to make do with slightly less homoeroticism".

Let's just be grateful they never got this beyond the pilot, or we'd had somebody else filling Captain Kirk's high-heeled boots.
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I know El Día de los Muertos isn't until next Sunday, but I've been reading Aztec history and it only served as a reminder of how much I love Latin American folk art, in particular calaveras:

And my favourite calaca sculpture )
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Yes! After a number of Westerns of very varying quality I finally found one where DeForest Kelley plays an awesomesexy baddie. And rides a horse :D

Sheepskin coat and black leather gloves fuck yes.

Oh yeah there might have been a plot in The Law and Jake Wade (1958) I'm not sure, I wasn't paying attention to that.

On that note, I was perusing [livejournal.com profile] st_secrets_arc yesterday (what do you mean "procrastination"?) where I came upon this secret. Apart from the fact that I've found more stuff than that person, that could so have been written by me! God I've watched so much crap because of that man. I REGRET NOTHING.

Ah, but I finally finished the Empires paper (Rome won) and now I'm going to celebrate with more delicious mancandy some Bogey - can you believe I've never seen The Treasure of Sierra Madre?
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It's hard feeding a George Raft addiction when the good movies are so darn hard to get hold of. And beggars can't be choosers.

I just don't know what Hollywood was thinking at times. Take Manpower from 1941 - if you had George Raft, Edward G. Robinson and Marlene Dietrich on board, would you make your movie a melodrama about electricians?

A melodrama about electricians.

Ah but still. Look at all that pretty.

One of these days I'm going to stumble over a movie I can enjoy for both its quality and eyecandy.
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You're probably sick of my blurry screencap spams, so I thought for once I could offer a real honest-to-God TOS pic spam. With, you know, proper photos.

Not for the faint of bandwidth )
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I don't know why, but I just feel absolutely great today. From the moment I woke up I was all OHH YEAH LIFE IS SWEET.

I'm sitting here in my pajama bottoms (got caught in the rain earlier), drawing and listening to some Louis Prima (now and then getting up and dancing a bit, because the swing's got me), and later tonight I'm going to probably watch another Marx Bros movie, and hopefully finish the first season of TOS. While eating tacos :D

AND I've downloaded an episode of The Lone Ranger featuring a certain DeForest Kelley (*innocent whistle*) because looking at old pictures from his Western days has just killed me with unf.
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Oh my goodness.



TIME, I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT. I'm watching old behind-the-scenes stuff and TOS bloopers and he's such a dorky goofball (with the most insane high-pitched giggle), but each time I see present!Shatner I just can't stand the man. REALLY.

What's more I should be finishing that History assignment, not watching old Twilight Zone episodes.

Say it with me, young!Shatner: I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON.

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Had to split the festival entry in two so it wouldn't get EPIC LONG, so here's the actual music part of the music festival (and less "Tiny and Tilly do Fredrikstad"):

More pictures and summaries )
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Guess what.

Månefestival was brilliant! The atmosphere, the city, the weather (for the most part), not to mention the music.

Too many pictures )

And a quick'n'dirty guide to most of the weird running jokes created by Tiny and me spending three days together:

- Dropping the punchline "as the Bishop said to the actress" (which I love) in favour of "that's what Tollak is saying right now".
- See also; Why both professional sound checks and The Fonz have forever become linked with Tollak Friestad's sex life.
- Due to my mobile's autospell function Skambankt has been renamed Spankbank.
- Sean Connery sings the Commitments!
- "Deny thy father and refuse thy name, and I shall no longer be an Ottesen", or; Kaizers present Romeo and Juliet.
- "Damn birds, coming here and stealing our jobs. Lets go beat up a duckling."

Part two of the picspam coming up: CONCERTS!
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Right then, time for a reaction post for The War Games. I guarantee you it will not be eloquent.

Anyway I'm really thankful for the fact that this is one of the few complete stories that survive from the Troughton era (though I'm sure more will pop up someday. Right? Right?), because I thought it was a lovely, exciting one - what others have described as padding I regard as build-up.

Ah, I think I'll go the easy way and incorporate a pic spam.

This will be really long. As usual. )
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Mmm Errol Flynn in thigh-high boots and tights so thin you can see the muscles work as he moves. Yesss.

And then I'm forced to admit that my shallowness ended there, because I got far more caught up in The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) than I expected to, as a non-swashbuckling Flynn movie. Usually I'm not crazy about Bette Davis but she blew me away in this one.

I'm going to have to see more Flynn movies. Captain Blood, definitely need to see Captain Blood.

In dread news, I did my first proper shampooing today - and goodness that felt great. No discernable difference in hair so far, except my scalp going "OH JESUS YES". Spent two hours working with it to get it to dry, but with sunshine like this it was just enjoyable.
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By a complete coincidence I discovered that Ian McKellen celebrates seventy years today. I don't often mention things like that, but hey, Sir Ian is an awesome old man.

Excellent opportunity to go OOOOH at the pretty as well, like him in the part of Romeo years before I was even born:

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Would you always, maybe sometimes
Make it easy, take your time

Ah, so my final exam is tomorrow, you know what that means? Vaguely related procrastination!

I've been memorizing and reading Medieval history today. I think my most successful technique is the one where I envision the facts in absurd and cartoonish ways, it hasn't failed me yet. The Treaty of Jaffa? Richard Lionheart and Saladin having a tea party (complete with stuffed animals and tiny furniture), eating brand cookies. Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castille conquer Granada? Two flamenco dancers (one looking vaguely like Viggo Mortensen) create havoc in a British TV studio.

I also like to cast different actors as historical figures in my head and play out little scenes as I read. These are often influenced by which movies I've seen recently.

You're dying to know which is which, don't you?

HISTORY. Starring... )
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Or; Why I can't climb stairs today. Jesus Christ my legs are never going to work again.

Well, so yesterday I did my weekly hike up Fløyen and brought my camera along. Then I got lost and climbed another mountain, Blåmanen.

The products of my pain )
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These are my salad days
Slowly being eaten away

Well hello there Randolph Scott and Carey Grant.

That is all.
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I miss her lips and the smile on her face
The touch of her hair and this girl's warm embrace
So if you don't wanna cry like I do
A-keep away from a-Runaround Sue

This might be the one doo-wop song that is even catchier than 'I saw Linda yesterday'. It's physically impossible for me to grow sick of 'Runaround Sue'.

Random thought that struck me last night: I should be glad I wasn't a teenager in the late sixties.

Because I would no doubt have had the biggest awkward fangirl crush on Peter Tork of the Monkees and ridicule would surely follow.

My bedroom walls would have been plastered with that guy. Well, obviously not exclusively, there would have been plenty of room for my other late-sixties idols.

Yeah dude, what eyecandy would have been prettyfying my walls if I'd been a teenager back then?

Stealth picspam! )

That was an odd thought experiment. Maybe I should make an entire weird pic spam series of "What would be hanging on my wall if I lived in [era]?" I can't help but contemplate how different my wall would look if I consentrated on the early sixties instead, for instance.

But back to Peter Tork. He and Mike Nesmith were totally an item back in the day, right?

No? Damn. Oh yes, I can go from nil to slash in two point oh seconds.
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Many's the lad fought on that day
Well the Claymore could wield
When the night came, silently lay
Dead in Culloden's field

Some time before Christmas the local library bought The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) on DVD. Since then I've been thinking about seeing it, and now I'm glad I did. It's a beautiful film: The colours, the costumes, the sets and spectacular action scenes are really marvellous.

And of course it's the matter of the cheeky actor in the main role as well, one Errol Flynn. Christ, with thighs like that it would be a crime not to have him running about in green tights.

But to my own surprise I found I ogled Flynn less and less and instead held my breath each time Sir Guy of Gisbourne made his cape-swishing entrés. Oooh, that Basil Rathbone. I believe I've used to the words "stone-cold fox" about him previously.

And rightly so. Aquiline nose? Check. Steely eyes? Check. Facial hair of Evil? Check. Attractive amount of male pattern baldness? Check. Slightly effeminate villain? Check check check.

If I had been Maid Marian in this particular story I think I would be hard pressed to decide between Robin and Guy. I wouldn't mind being in the middle of that man sandwich, nudge nudge. Hoh no.

And so with that we return to audio play-land again.

Where all is sweetness )
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But if you take her out
Remember she can break your heart in two
But she'll put it back, glue it together, make it look brand new
You see she's a very extraordinary sort of girl

So yesterday I watched Hitchcock's Secret Agent, and...

Well you know John Gielgud, right? When he wasn't doing Shakespeare, he portrayed these lovely elderly no-nonsense, snarky characters, like Hobson in Arthur and stealing the show as Charles' father in Brideshead Revisited?

Well take a look )

But as for the overall movie, I wanted to watch it because of Peter Lorre (who portrays this great dandy slag and is great fun - and not the villain for once. Unsympathetic as hell, but not the villain). But generally I'm pretty certain it's the weakest I've seen so far of Hitchcock's movies. I mean, even the silent movie The Lodger was many times as suspenseful as this one.

I quite liked the dialogue though. And not even the plot bits, just how everybody flirted and teased and were so utterly charming all the time.

Also watched City Lights for the the first time. Maybe I'd gotten too high expectations after hearing about it all these years, but I thought it was a bit unsatisfying. "The best ending in movie history"? In the end I thought the flower girl showed herself to be undeserving of the Tramp's sacrifice, and that just bothered me.


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