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This is a fairly old internet bloggy thing, but I haven't done it so I'm bringing it back out of the internet depths.

The rules are malleable, so here's my take: Twenty actors I will watch in anything, whose names inevitably give me that little jolt of delight when I spot them in the opening credits.

They're not the greatest actors of all time, some of them are more like guilty pleasures of mine, yet not all of them are great delicious hunks. I just love them. Also because it's their acting I love, I've chosen to present them through screenshots where they're in-character, rather than in beautiful promo shots - some from movies I love dearly, some from trash, but they all feature at least one memorable performance.

And because just naming twenty was so hard, I decided to not include actors I mostly known from television (which means no Patrick Troughton, DeForest Kelley, Michael K. Williams, etc.).

Some beyond obvious, some new additions )

Haha, fooled you! Couldn't keep it under twenty-five. You probably wouldn't have noticed if I didn't tell you though.

As for the actors who very nearly made it: They were Hugh Jackman, Lee Marvin, Joseph Cotten, Knut Risan, Hiroyuki Sanada, Dirk Bogarde, Kevin Kline, Raymond Massey, Bruce Willis, James Macavoy and Christopher Lee. Then of course are the ones that I love dearly but I honestly can't say I'll watch in anything - Buster Keaton's talkie sex comedies, any Bing Crosby Technicolour venture...

I plan to do the Twenty Actresses challenges some day, and I've been toying around with some kind of favourite supporting actors list. Meanwhile I've just recieved my very own PVR, and I've already have a massive movie backlist to get through thanks to TCM. Time to get watching!
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I've been reading a lot of Justice League America (no "of") comics this week, trying to get through the grim and gritty part of the nineties in one big effort, but there's so much of it!

But at least I've been living under a rock all my life when it comes to major DC events, which means they always take me by surprise. Like when, oh I don't know, Superman dies.

And Beetle is mangled but nobody but me cares.

The Doomsday Event plus plus )

Catch up!

Jun. 26th, 2012 08:20 pm
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Ah gosh, only one episode of the new Lupin TV series remaining. And I've been too busy to do the recap of the episodes I've been watching - but here's a quick run-through!

Ep. 8 - 11. Some spoilers. )

Which brings us up to date - the penultimate episode!

The One With the Fun Fair

A casual reminder that, yes, the villains are owl men. And that Lupin wears fabulous beatle boots.

Ep. 12: 'The Woman Called Mine Fujiko, part 1' )

So yeah, just one more episode to go - gosh, has it been thirteen weeks already? Sadly I'm not quite sure when I'll find the time to watch it, seeing as I'm pretty busy with moving this week... But man, it better be memorable, that's all I ask.
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Which got grating REALLY fast. But anyway: New Lupin III episode, introducing everybody's favourite descendant of that folk hero they boiled in oil.

I had the same reaction.

Ep. 3: 'The Lady and the Samurai' )

So okay, the first episode introduced Fujiko, Lupin and Zenigata, the second was a Jigen episode, the third one was a Goemon one. I have, officially, not a single clue what the next episode might be about, ooooh exciting!
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Whathisname. Fedora. Chinbeard. Can draw in 0.3 seconds flat (and that number totally got a mention in the episode, gosh!).

Episode 2: 'Magnum .357'. JIGEN EPISODE.

Cut for reaction and images and spoilers )

Visually it's a disappointment compared to the first episode, but less eyecandy means more plot which is a good thing except the things that felt kind of strange and new. Overall I'm still not sure if I liked it or not. A rewatch is in order.
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I have finally FINALLY FINALLY figured out how to smoothly play 10bit HD on this dying computer (it involved a billion new codecs, a new player, a lot of scary reconfiguration, halting just about every non-essential process, setting the el-configuration to High Performance, and also physically balancing the computer between my knees so that it wouldn't get overheated quite so fast), which means there are a lot of episodes and movies I'm now actually able to watch!

So first thing, I rewatched the new Lupin episode. Obviously. Ohmansovisuallyalluringohmydearlord.

So although I know I spewed out a huge text post about my initial reaction, here's a more shallow one. With lots of images.

cut for disjointed CAPS LOCK )
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And that's the third and final Lupin III TV series over and done with.

You know, when I started on this franchise in October 2010, I told myself I'd NEVER watch Pink Jacket - I thought the art was hideous, plus it's pretty reviled among fans on the whole.


summary )

the best of the season )

And that's it. Man, I honestly never thought I'd get this far.

In a little over a year I've watched every Lupin film, and every episode of every Lupin TV series. That's a forty years of a franchise in thirteen months. Wow.

I feel so accomplished, in the most pathetic way possible. I'll just sit here and twiddle my thumbs until the next movie comes in December, I guess.
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- And the fourth season happens to be the last one of Red Jacket (the second of the three Lupin TV shows), so not only am I leaving another season behind me, I've finished the most famous of the TV shows.

So let's see what I've been watching.

Overall tendencies )

Crackiness )

The horror )

The Norway episode! )

Okay, I've indulged myself long enough. Onwards to the actual good episodes!

Quality )

The final Miyazaki episode! )

Well that's it for Red Jacket - four seasons, 155 episodes, from 1977 to 1980. It's been... interesting. (My previous season summaries: 1 2 3)

Now I enter the eighties with the Pink Jacket series. This is going to be painful.
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Tiny and Morten are well on their way back to eastern Norway, while I'm slipping back into my Bergen lifestyle.

A handful of pictures from the last couple of days )

So speaking of my Bergen lifestyle - see, this is the first time since infancy that I'm not working on my formal education, where my day isn't spent on school work in some way. And for the last five years I've been extremely comfortable with the "student" label. Losing that, it's like I'm undergoing some sort of identity crisis. I mean, what other label do I get now? "Unemployed", I guess. I'm not at all comfortable with that one, so I'm going to have to fix that ASAP.

I'm a young, intelligent and educated person in the best of health, I've held a handful of interesting creative jobs (go into any major Norwegian bookshop and there's a real chance you'll find at least one product with my name on it), I'm very prepared to be an asset somewhere! My immediate challenge is to find out where I can be an asset, to find out who'll have me. I already know my degree in Medieval History isn't worth a thing, so at least that won't come as a shock.

Out into the world we go.
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Whooa there you go, the four final Lupin movies!

From best to worst, you know the drill )

Yup, so in less than eleven months I've seen every single Lupin III movie. And even in time for this year's TV special! (See? It won't end. It will never end.)

You know some people feel accomplished when they've finally seen every Star Trek movie? Well there aren't TWENTY-EIGHT OF THEM, like it is in the Lupin franchise (five theatrical films, twenty-two full-lenght TV specials, and one godawful OVA). Oh my goodness, so many hours of my youth misspent.

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The Nostalgia Chick did a video on Les Miserables the musical this week, and that's how I learned that there was a 25th anniversary concert made a couple of years ago.

This might not be common knowledge, but back in the nineties my video of the 10th anniversary concert was my most prized possession. I watched it until the video tape wore out and then later the DVD became my most prized possession. I've been obsessed with the book too, but that's for another entry.

But you can understand my interest was peaked when I learned there had been another anniversary concert.

aaaaaah Les Mis )

There, outpouring and nostalgia done.
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Talk about your long haul! I've spent over six months getting through a measly fifty-one episodes! There were some major clunkers along the way, but also a few genuine pleasant surprises. And crack, queerness and GAYHOS.

I'm the one everybody's waiting for / Scream for me, your romantic modern hero )

"Enough with these fictional descendants and purple elephants and yam potatoes," you say. "Are there actually any noteworthy episodes this time around? Is there good stuff in there?"

Why of course, you silly goose. I need something to get me through all this low-budget animation and nonsensical plot twists.Like Dirty Harry-references! )

Ooooh am I glad to be finished with S3, it's got what must be the most lackluster, horribly animated opening sequence in the entire franchise. The only way I've been able to cope with it was by once in a while checking out the live-action fan recreation (it might be low-budget but the fact that someone managed to recreate Fujiko's scary dancing is mindboggling).
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I had a conversation with a student friend the other week where it came to light that I've never eaten instant noodles.

"What!" he incredulously spat. "But you're a student, you're unemployed - instant noodles is supposed to be something like 80 % of your diet!"

Well what can I say, I've never had money problems bad enough to affect my eating in any major ways, and I'm more of a pasta girl anyway. I have on a few occasions eaten noodles, but always with meats and sauces and vegetables and things in addition, so I'm not even sure what noodles taste like. Just eating noodles on its own is a foreign concept to me.

So, considering this obviously is a great scientific project that requires eye witnesses (and since I live alone and don't feel like inviting the next-door-neighbours over to watch me eat instant noodles) - guess what you'll be subjected to! I suppose you can view it as a continuation of that time (half a decade a go, man how time flies) I liveblogged my first coffee-drinking experience.

So I went to the supermarket and bought the one kind they had, the brand that markets itself on vaguely offensive Asian stereotypes. But it had chicken flavour, score!

Can you tell I'm procrastinating before an exam? Yeah I thought so )

I apologize for that, we'll now return to our usual routine where I post a picture of myself maybe once every two years. (But whoa isn't my hair getting long!)
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Amidst the school assignments it really feels good to sit down and write something that doesn't need references to articles from 1972 or people with strange German names. Nope, writing about cartoon characters blowing stuff up with really big guns tops that one I'm afraid.

Oh, and fair warning: I'm going to deviate from my usual Lupin movie post form - instead of adding the five new movies into the ever-growing list of good-to-bad, I'm just going to compare the five movies to each other and list them accordingly. With so many movies that fell into the "meh, not good, not bad, but watchable" category it just became too difficult to list them all from best to worst.

Tell you what, if I see a Lupin movies that I'd consider part of the top five, I'll tell. And if one is really really bad and deserves the place at the very very bottom you'll know (Hint: THE ONE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CUT IS THE WORST THERE IS. IT CAN'T GET ANY WORSE, IT JUST CAN'T.)

And I'm sorry, no GIFs this time because you've been bad I've had some computer troubles lately. Mostly solved now, but there wasn't really any scenes that stood out enough for me to go back and start fiddling with GIMP.

I didn't think I'd ever develop *feelings* for a specific make of guns )

That makes twenty-five Lupin movies. I'm really far along now - trouble is, at this point I've exhausted most of my sources: I literally do not know where I'll find another Lupin movie.

And you know what? Bad as a lot of them are, it's sort of scary to run out. Talk about your guilty pleasure.


May. 4th, 2011 09:51 pm
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Thought: What is it that my journal has been lacking in these last couple of months?

Oh I know - shelter cats!

When I locked myself in today I found a little surprise nestled up on the reception desk between the adoption papers and the money box:

The new bundle of joy's name is Kasper, clocking in at 12 weeks, he's half Maine Coon, half who-the-hell-knows-how-did-our-cat-get-out-anyway and his new family is picking him up on Saturday.

Click through for Kasper's siblings and some other stars at the shelter )

Well that's a few of the thirty-ish cats we've got on the shelter. Going to be interesting heading into the kitten season.

Oh and one for the history books: Absolutely no scratches on me today! Though I did get chlorine into a small cut on my hand and boy that stung like a bitch.
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YES! I have FOUND it, I have SEEN it, I have GIFed it!

What, you ask? The holy grail of the Lupin III franchise, the hardest thing ever to track down in its original form:

The Miyazaki episode! (Well he made two, the first of which is considered the best and what I'm talking about here) - 'Albatross: Wings of Death'.

Proving once again that entertainment with "OF DEATH" in the title is superior to all others. NO EXCEPTIONS.

GIFs, caps, squeeage, antique airplanes )

Man it's been ages since I made GIFs, I had to update half my GIF-making software. But ah, I reach such a state of zen just making my little movable pictures... (I swear one day I'm going to find a better way to optimize them without indexing the colours. Some day.)
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I caught a link to this very extensive comic cover gallery and of course the first thing I did was check which comics were published the month I was born - you know, let's pretend it had some kind of mystical effect on what course the life of newly-arrived Tilly would take.

So have a spam!

The top 10 coolest covers from the month Tilly was born )
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So I'm back in Bergen again, with ten or so days to go until my English exam - but today is my day off, so I'd rather talk of something a little more fun. Like how my entertainment for the journey was the somewhat-expensive-but-oh-so-worth-it second volume of Deadpool Classic (I was advised to stay away from volume one as it's mostly Liefield and pre-personality Deadpool).

You see, what I'd seen of recent Deadpool comics had all but convinced me I'd outgrown Deadpool. I mean sure he was my gateway into superhero comics but that was years ago, and reading bits and pieces of the recent Deadpool titles like Merc With A Mouth had me going, "man, is this what's he's been about all along? Non-sequiturs and 4chan jokes? I've seen fire hydrants with more character development!"

But then I thought, hang on, I loved Cable & Deadpool, but that wasn't my first exposure to good ol' Wade Wilson - I first learned to love him by reading bits on Scans_Daily of Joe Kelly's nineties' run! So I've bought those first couple of issues, and gosh Wade, it's good to see you have some character development again!

Scans galore because yay good comics )

Speaking of Deadpool and love interests, somebody told me that in the recentish Deadpool Noir book 'Pool has a love affair with genderbent Bullseye. That sure is... something else.


Apr. 14th, 2011 02:26 pm
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This is a bit of a side topic I guess, but seeing as I sat through and half-reviewed Strange Psychokinetic Strategy I thought that the least I could do was have a small squee session about the Italian short film Basette, or Sideburns.

It tells the story of a hapless criminal named Antonio, but the heart of the movie is an elaborate fantasy sequence in which Antonio imagines himself and his compatriots as Lupin III characters - and I tell you, this humble Italian short film blows that professionally made seventies' live action movie straight out of the water!

Aaand I was going to cap one or two frames to give you an idea of what high production values it has and how lovingly it references a silly Japanese cartoon from the seventies, but watching it a second time I actually loved it even more and sort of wound up capping a whole lot, short as the movie may be.

Pic spam time! )

Basette, as it happens, can be watched in its legal entirety here. So if you should ever have 15 minutes to spare and an interest in seeing a bittersweet/funny/sad/delightful short film that was obviously made with a lot of love, consider it recommended.
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Right, on to Justice League International once again. I've read several years' worth of this comic by now, mostly trying to get through some of the less interesting bits (there have been some story arcs I've wanted to skip so bad but I can't bring myself to it).

Don't worry, not going to go through it all - mostly this post is going to be one part "aaaaugh I hate the Conglomerate SO MUCH" to two parts "Booster and Beetle are breaking up NOOOO".

It's the early nineties and things are changing )


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