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Och med ögonen slutna
Ber en själ som en frälst:
Släpp iväg det förflutna
Och släpp in vad som helst

I do believe that when you accept responsibility for a pet, you also accept the duty of shielding that pet from lasting pain.

Today it was no question about it, Domino had aggressive cancer. My vet and I agreed the best thing would be to make sure he didn't suffer from the painful end that would surely soon follow.

Deep down I knew there was no way out of it. Yesterday I decided to not give Domino his dose of antibiotics, let him have one night without that stress and discomfort, and instead I gave him some extra hazel nuts.

My family's had pets all my life, and inescapebly some of them have had to be euthanized, but I've never been this involved in the decision-making before.

I'm frankly surprised at how I'm tearing up right now. Furthermore I live in a culture where it's considered pathetic to grieve over anything smaller than a dog. I don't think I care.

Thank you little buddy, you've been great company these two years.

I don't have rats anymore. I'm the only inhabitant in this room from now on. I'll clean and disassemble the cage and try to find somewhere to put it.
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Man, what are the odds? Today I was planning to head down to the library and pick up The Roaring Twenties (1939) in order to get my Warner Bros. gangster movie loving on, and guess which DVD has mysteriously been registered as missing in action over the weekend.


I guess the likeliest explanation is that the library has done some major DVD tallying and finally caught up with which movies have been missing for some time (and a number of those turned out to movies I intended to see), but for now I'm going to be annoyed and assume that SOME WEIRDO got a grudge against me and is striking me where it hurts the most: Gangster movies co-starring Jimmy Cagney and Humphrey Bogart.

What do you want from me, movie-stealing weirdo?!

In actual real news, after I've finished my lunch it's another vet visit for Domino. Things are not looking good, but I'll keep you posted.
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Naughty boys in nasty schools
Headmasters breaking all the rules
Having fun and playing fools
Smashing up the woodwork tools

Oh hell yes, that was all I needed; Just when my cold sore from last week was healing, another popped up without any of the usual warning signs. That's it, the next time someone asks me why my lip is swollen I'll tell them I got in a fight with a big bruiser.

Domino's run on antibiotics is coming along with the usual difficulties. I've given up my usual cumbersome kitchen towel "rat burrito" approach and instead just flip him over on his back and pester him with the feeding syringe until his scratching and squirming becomes too much for me. I dab at the blood and repeat (My morning shower today was unusually stingy. My arms looks like I've been hugging cactii).

Yesterday I thought we'd finally done some progress as in his bewilderment he actually for the first time swallowed on his own accord, half the days' dose at least. But that was the end of that. I've tried mixing the liquid antibiotics with every thing I've been recommended (bread, chocolate cake, various mashed fruit, baby food of just about every concieveable variety...), but he can detect that bitter taste and smell no matter what.

So the feeding syringe it is.

So in non-whiny news, I gave up and listened to a whole lot of SH audios. Not all in one go, of course, I just thought I'd start collecting these posts so not every single entry contains my reactions.

BOSC, FIVE, SPEC, ENGR, COPP and Franny Blossom )

Just typing down my fan squee got me in a better mood. Splendid.

And God knows if it's only me, but I seem to see an entirely differet emotion than frustration on Ben's face in my mood image there. I feel like a perv just looking at it.
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Please baby let's get it right
I don't think I can take it one more night

While I'm waiting for an unpleasant call from the veterinarian I'm going to try to push it out of my mind with geek enthusiasm.

Like how Knut Risan, only Norwegian voice acting's most pleasant voice, popped up in a bit part as a police officer in the fourth episode of 'Dickie Dick Dickens'. Which is why it's a pity that before five minutes had passed Dickens had tricked, bound and gagged Corporal Windy. And that was the last we heard of him.

Also, tonight's the Katzenjammer concert at Garage! It'll feel odd going all by myself (couldn't raise enough interest among my friends, what's up with people's taste in music around here?), but I've heard Katzenjammer concerts got this wonderful feel-good atmosphere. I bet it'll be fun.

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And father had had such hopes
For a son who would take the ropes
And fulfill all his old athletic aspirations
But apparently now there's some complications

What an absolutely BRILLIANT DAY :D

Woke up, found out the clogged bathroom pipes have been fixed so for once I could take a shower without flooding the floor. Yesterday I bought eggs for the first time in months, so I had a wonderful breakfast (Domino was just as pleased as me). And then THE SUN WAS SHINING, so I couldn't help myself, I put on some warm clothes, transferred three SH audio plays to my new mp3 player and got going.

And then I just NGH DIDN'T WANT TO GO INSIDE, so at the spur of the moment I, uh, climbed a mountain. Halfway up I was sweating profusely and wheezing like a faulty radiator while silver-haired pensioners cheerfully jogged past me, but it felt SO GOOD escaping the city for once.

Then I reached the top, bought a water bottle and a cup of cocoa (the sun had disappeared and it was bitterly cold), texted Tiny about how healthy I was being, and strolled down again.

My feet hurt (had I known I was going I would have worn better footwear) and I'm SO TIRED, but I feel great!

It also gave me the opportunity to listen to more of the Holmes audios (I can't stand listening to audios without moving) and I've come to LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

See, four - that's how many SH audios I can listen to before I go from thinking they're somewhat tolerable to CAPSLOCK ADORATION.


If I'm high, it's from endorphins and actually breathing fresh air for once.
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Brownie, the beautiful agouti rat with the white gloves, passed away yesterday.

Of course I knew it would happen eventually. His Myco had been acting up the last couple of weeks, but recently I thought he was improving, which isn't that uncommon I guess. At least he didn't seem to be suffering, he was very attentive and playful yesterday morning, and one of his final treats was boiled egg, his favourite.

Domino seems okay. Brownie was the sociable one, but I'll try to be good company to my remaining one.
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I know the dance steps old and new
I've even won a prize or two
But when I steal a kiss from you
I seem to lose my sense of rhythm
When your cheek is next to mine

So stuff happened and now Tiny is coming to visit me tomorrow! By an amazing coincidence the Rocky Horror Show is on Saturday! OMG OMG OMG this will be so cool, Tiny is bringing the fishnet stockings (and her old printer/scanner, though that is unrelated) and we'll have so much fun.

In other news, my attempt at feeding rats liquid antibiotics have been pretty catastrophic. Well, nobody's lost a limb or anything, but there's now antibiotics in my hair, on my clothes, on the chair... I've tried mixing it with baby food, yoghurt, breadcrumbs, avocado, even a tiny pinch of cocoa powder. No go. I'll phone the vet tomorrow and see if we please please pretty please with sugar on top can have some pills. Pills I know how to get into them.

And I was sitting on a seminar yesterday discussing Plato's Gorgias when I suddenly thought "Hang on... Willy Wonka! I totally forgot Willy Wonka on my top character list!" As you do. But man, how could I remember Seraphin and not Wonka?

And finally, since there's no coherent line of thought in this post whatsoever, I'll follow my sister's YouTube posting kick. Not that I watched the Emmys, because hey - no TV, but I caught this bit:
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Cute idea. But am I going crazy with Bergen hormones or something, or has Josh Groban gotten, well, I believe the word I'm looking for is "hotter", lately? I must admit he dropped off my radar a couple of years ago.

Hey look, I brought my Groban albums to Bergen. How foresighted of me.

Rat update

Sep. 22nd, 2008 06:46 pm
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My life and my love, dear
Are yours to command
I stand here before you
My heart in my hand

I'm exhausted. It's been one of those weekends.

While I was simultaneously working on my exam, trying to assemble my new luxurious and huge IKEA desk, and combating the minor infection in my nose piercing, Brownie got distressingly ill, and man, he had me worried.

So now, finally, the exam's been uploaded, the desk is (mostly) assembled, I've bought more medical salt water, and most importantly, I've taken Brownie to the vet. I was very relieved to discover that I do in fact live very close by to an animal clinic.

But don't worry, Brownie is doing much better. His main problem is that he's no spring chicken (spring rat?) anymore, and his health is deteriorating. This vet believes he has Mycoplasmosis. I remember reading about it when I was doing research before I bought him and Domino, and I've often suspected that was what caused the sneezing at night, but until now all the vets I've been going to weren't too knowledgeable of rats' health. I've got some antibiotics (liquid. This'll be interesting...), and I'll begin the treatment tonight. They also gave me a tube of probiotics, "good bacterias" to help their digestion. I've already experienced merry hell trying to feed the paste to Brownie.

Our main surprise was that my rats does in fact suffer from skin parasites, and obviously have done so ever since I bought them. This, at least, annoyes me a bit. Considering how easy a vet can check for parasites (by just worrying the rat's fur and then study whatever fell off in a microscope) I'm surprised our - what, five? - previous visits to various vets never entailed a check for this. At least this one thing can be easily cured, but the pharmacy had to specially order the stuff, so we'll begin treatment tomorrow. In the meantime, both Brownie and Domino are sending me dirty looks for having removed their hammocks.

tl;dr: My rats are suffering from just about everything, but now I've finally got a vet that knows about these things and can help me combat them.
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Easy now no need fi go down
Just walk it gently and no break nah bone
Cool end-it-ly, you have a style of your own
Me never kno you saw ya master the saxaphone

Ah, what a brilliant day this turned out to be. Woke up in a good mood, long shower, ate breakfast watching clips of Daily Show tosses (I wasn't aware they were called tosses until last night. Already my mind has transformed the word into tossers, toss-ups, toss-offs and other puerile things. THE HEAT IS KILLING ME OKAY, I get the mind of a ten-year-old in this weather). You have no idea how funny I find corpsing. Which is why I'm watching the tosses, you see.

I then found a CD I had long thought lost, which meant I could rock to The Beatles' version of Money (that's what I want) on my way to work. I love that live rendition. I don't know when it was recorded, probably after their big break, but you can hear they've still got the attitude from their early days, when they played rock and wore leather at Der Kaiserkeller.

You know what? Here. Listen to those drums and that guitar, and the way John shouts out the lyrics. This was what the Beatles were like before the matching suits and Love me do.

It was my last day at work, somewhat melancholic. I hate saying goodbye to people. Awkward things, goodbyes. Everybody expects them to be so meaningful and worth remembering, when they're just a ritual you go through with who knows how many times in your life. Can't the time we spent together every day be the meaningful part?

Anyway, time to do some wrestling with Brownie. A trip to the vet revealed that he's got an infection in one paw - appearantly it's a common problem among rats, but it means I have to rub some antiobiotics on it twice a day. He's not too happy about the arrangement.
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Your skin is so smooth, I couldn't afford you with hair
You have all the holes real girls have got plus one for the air
Your problems are simple, I don't need my Masters in Psych
To know if you get down I just perk you right up
With a couple of squirts with the pump off my bike

Oh oh, utter fail in the studying department today. I can't make a single fact about the sentral nervous system stick in this beautiful weather. I found that I could just as well let Brownie get his first taste of spring and grass and sunshine.

Now, we have had some difficulty with the red ferret harness on our trial runs. Brownie was not happy, so I found a deserted square of grass with few escape alternatives, tensed my running muscles and let him go without.

I was surprised to find that Brownie, who usually can't wait to run from my hands to explore every possible nook in his surroundings, flat out refused to leave the shade of my legs. With some bumping and pushing he made it clear exactly how he wanted me to sit to better shield him from whatever he didn't like, and gave a frustrated squeak every time I tried to make myself more comfortable.

When that was taken care of, he made his big discovery, which I think in rat-speak would translate to something like "Holy shit! All this is edible?!" becoming a superpowered grass-munching machine.

Ah, good day. Feeling optimistic, I let him sit on my shoulder for a short walk through the student village. Which is how I come to learn that Brownie absolutely hates direct sun, even for a moment. I was not prepared for him using my (naked) arm as a monkey bar to get in the shade. Now I look like some sort of deranged cutter.

Oooh, but a lovely day. I'm trying to not think about the possibility of being evicted in the middle of the exam period (but that's a long story for another day) and instead just meeellow out.

Also, this YTMND might be several years old, but I found it yesterday and I haven't laughed like that for ages. "You make me touch your hands for stupid reasons". And I think the guy doing it got a wonderful sort of Nick Scovell/Audrey Hepburn thing going, but that might just be because I'm deranged.
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So I was walking down the great Karl Johan street, absentminded (as always), when I was stopped by a police woman. I looked up, and this is pretty much what I saw:

A horde of nazis marched down the street, completely silent save a steady drumbeat. The Parliament building was sporting a swastica and a banner declaring "Deutchsland siegt an allen Fronten".

Only it wasn't 1940. A pretty surreal morning. All the times I've seen the pictures, watched the juddery black-and-white footage, and then, on a Tuesday morning in search of a Kim Newman book (which was a futile task. I can't find a single proof there has ever existed such a thing in Norway), it's before me in living colour. So familiar and yet so alien.

So yes, the movie about Max Manus, saboteur and national hero, is being made. Aksel Hennie walked by in period costume. The German army patiently waited, propped up on their rifles, for the next shot to be ready.

After the initial surprise had subsided, I was so thrilled we actually do things like this in tiny Norway. Block off the main shopping street, fill it with horse-drawn carriages and some lovely-looking motorcycles, even replacing all the signs and window-dressing with with more time-appropriate things.

So, in not-so-historical news, yesterday's ratbathing made me realize something: Domino has changed colour. Not over the course of a day, but so gradual I haven't noticed it.

Look at this picture from the day I bought him, back in September, and compare that to the one I snapped yesterday. That's not a trick of the light. Domino has gone almost entirely white over the course of the seven last months. How odd I haven't noticed that.

And in the freaky dream department (you've all been waiting with bated breath, I can tell): Last night I seemed to be doing my written Bio exam, only it was hard to consentrate because we we're all shoved together and the person to my right was a Parasaurolophus, which used to be my favourite dinosaur as a child (shut up, girls can have a dinosaur phase too). He kept trying to copy my notes. On my left hand, though, was Stephen Fry, and I was trying my best not to give in to temptation and copy his notes.

Yeah. I can only guess Stephen Fry has become my subconcious embodiment of knowledge or somesuch, since he pops up in all my school-related dreams.
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And this old man in front of me
Holding canes and ruby rings
Is like containing an explosion when he sings
But with every chance to set himself on fire
He just ends up doing the same thing

Well, that was disasterous.

I'm speaking of the rats' first bath today. Tired of people asking me "Rats arent meant to be orange, are they?", I broke out the plastic tub, the rodent shampoo, the soft-bristled toothbrush and set to work.

Most rat-guides will guide you through rat-bathing something like this:
1. Prepare area. Place down a towel the rat can stand on, fill the sink/tub with warm water, have the shampoo, brush and towels ready.

2. Grab unsuspecting rat and dunk him in the water, without submerging his head and ears. Hold him until he is thoroughly wet.

3. Place him on the towel, lather him up with the shampoo and gently brush his tail with the scales.

4. Dunk him again, rinsing off the shampoo.

5. Gently towel dry. He'll love this!

The guides I've read seem to leave out the part describing the dozens of times the rat will take an astounding leap off the table and on to your shoulder, where he will cling to you neck, just where you can't reach him properly, while the water streams cheerfully down your back.

You have not been thoroughly wet until you've tried to bathe a pet. Now try two of them.

Then we did battle )

So that was quite an ordeal, for me and them. To atone for my cruelty I've given them both treats, and I'm washing their hammocks. You have not seen a happy rat until it lies down in a still-warm tumbledried hammock. It's insta-boggling, I tell you.

But holy Moses, they're so clean. I didn't know Domino could be this white! No more pee-stained tails! What unexpected joys a pet owner can discover.

The ordeal is over: Pale and wet, both of us.
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Despair up to the point when they provoke
You to tell the fucking punchline before you have told the joke
But sorry sunshine it doesn't exist
It wasn't in the top one hundred list

Owowowww my back! I've been cleaning my room, places I haven't cleaned before. Good news: I've finally changed the Christmas tablecloth on my desk and done the window (not very good. I've learned it from a book. I'll need to ask mum to teach me). Bad news: It was at the expense of my body. Ow.

I've downloaded two things that keep seems to be eating all my time (not that I mind):
- Season one of Jeeves and Wooster - even though farce isn't my kind of humour. I mean, there's farce in the books too, but that isn't as important to me as the language and the... well, Wodehouse. It still makes me giggle though. And when I don't find it funny I can ogle the costumes. Hugh Laurie had an excellent skinny frame for three-piece suites. And there's the jazz playing! Excellent strong point.

- Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. It's getting a bit old (what, four years?), the fighting bits are horribly executed (BUTTON MASHING), it lags like hell and got more bugs than I can be bothered to count, but I'm growing to love it. Not only do I get to be a badass vampire (though I opted for a wimpy Toreador because I liked their mindset), but there's so much mischief you can get up to when you're not on a quest. Like hacking the personell files on the hospital computer and finding the personell file on a Robert only reads, "No one can succeed like doctor Robert". LOVE.

Gosh, I'm having these crazy dreams of late. A bit of a late-night session of Jeeves and Wooster and QI resulted in a dream where I was back at my old primary school, and had a teacher who might very well have been Stephen Fry. He kept telling me these extraordinary bits of fact, I wish I could remember some of them. Either to see what sort of bizarre "facts" my mind can come up with mid-sleep, or, even creepier, find they were all true and that my subconcious has this sort of factoid reservoar.

But that was nothing to last night, when I dreamed Sylvester McCoy got annoyed with me (yeah, I don't know) and locked me in a room with the ugliest wood paneling you ever saw, but I found I could remove one of the panels and suddenly I was Alice in some kind of steampunk wonderland. But when I got to the bit with the Cheshire Cat it was my rat Brownie, and I wandered about a bit with him on my shoulder, until I met a wizard who turned him into a toothbrush ("I'm really a benevolent wizard, you see," he kept telling me. "I just really can't stand rats."). But then it turned out the toothbrush was evil (it even said so on the package: "EVIL TOOTHBRUSH") and we had to battle it.

Yeah, I don't know.

Time for dinner, I think, and then some Bloodlines.
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He can't lose with me in tow
I refuse to let him go
At his side and drunk on pride
We wait for the blow

I guess it's become the Norwegian Thing To Do, to spend your easter holiday in a mountain cabin, skiing and reading the latest thriller, sitting outside and working on your tan. I don't conform to the Norwegian Thing. I've been in turn at my mum's, my dad's, and then back at my mum's. I've been watching Heroes on DVD, finishing up Harstad's Hässelby (which was great, I got chills down my back reading the end of it) and stuffing my face with candy. And had splendid dinners all around.

(Well alright, I did one of the Norwegian Done Things, I went on a day trip to Sweden, with dad and Kari. Not to stock up on cheap liquour though, rather to watch the crowds and get some Brie. Fun times.) Oh, and Kari got me this beautiful boxwood rat netsuke off Ebay. Isn't it pretty?

As for the real rats, Brownie and Domino got to spend the holiday in their old cage at my mum's, who made it snug with an old tea towel for a hammock. I think they enjoyed their little holiday.

So. In a week's time I got a huge Biology test. I need to study for it. Knowing that I am a master of procrastination, I've done a deal with myself. If I start studying for it tomorrow, I'll treat myself to Seasons of fear. If I dare to wrangle with the elements and their natural occurences as well, I'll also get Embrace the darkness. I hope this'll work out. As long as I don't do my usual procrastination I actually have a good shot at doing a fairly successful test. I just need to actually get going.

(Actually, I'm dying to listen to Scherzo. An audio play where the characters are deprived of all senses other than hearing - what a perfect plot! And I can't help but notice McGann and Fisher are the only cast members listed on the Wiki, which must mean yum in audio form. And, you know, I keep hearing what a great play it is. Have I ever heard a singly word about Embrace the darkness, good or bad? No. I guess that must be bad.

But, and here I get to the "but", I want to finish off the last few parts of the second season with Eight. Yup, a completist, that's me. And I'm going to lay off the book-buying and generally save more money, so a mere £9 won't set me too far back.)

Whoa, you can tell I've been away from my blog a while. I keep just keep on writing. Anyway, tomorrow Tiny'll come by, we'll try to study and eat pizza and watch my Kaizer DVD.

To my sistah, the final word: OTP forevah!
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We will triumph over all strife
We will love even in our rage
For together we've found real life
Dear constant friend
Dear wife

Though all my Michael Ball-related things are in boxes in my mother's basement, I found I couldn't pack away my Rage of the heart album. It's pompous and clichéd and sounds like it was molested by a synthesizer, but I still have a weak spot for it.

Plus, you can't ignore the effect it had on my English vocabulary at the end of the nineties. I don't think I'd encountered the word "plummet" before that album, sad to say.

Today's big revelation: Chief O'Brien in Star Trek is Jimmy's dad in The Commitments. No more, no more shall I watch The Next Generation and wonder, "That curly-haired guy - why do I recognize him?".

Furthermore, in actor-related revelations that interests nobody else but me: Today I realized that Gideon Crane, the slightly deranged tormentor of the Eight Doctor in Minuet in hell, is voiced by none other than Nicholas Briggs. How I could have missed this I have no idea. Still, I find it oddly appropriate that Nick Briggs, one of the world's biggest DW geeks, plays a character who believes himself to be the Doctor.

Also, after a quick relisten of The one doctor I've fallen utterly in love with the character Banto Zame. You couldn't invent a more charming bigamist conman if you tried. And what a delicious voice to bring him to life, I could listen to Christopher Biggins' voice perving all day long (He's sixty years old for crying out loud! Oh audio format, what traps you weave). And a quick google reveals to me he was in Rocky Horror Picture Show by jove!

I've been contemplating: When the day comes that my economy is in a more manageable state, I *could* of course download further audio plays directly from the Big Finish website, since it's mostly the customs that costs me money, plus I don't have to wait for the inept Norwegian postal service to do their job. I'm still not sure though - I'm one of those crazy persons who really enjoy reading the cover booklet from cover to cover, and fuzzing over where to put them on my shelf. Also, buying the MP3s from the BF website is still more expencive than purchasing the CD from Amazon. Minus the customs. Damn those customs.

Ugh, I'm hopeless today. Got a stomachache like none other. Hope it'll be fine by tomorrow, since I have a six-hour dissection class. I am actually looking forward to it, anatomy is fascinating. I only hope these pigs and cows weren't killed for dissection purposes. I'll have to remember to ask my teacher.

God, Domino has gotten so bossy these last few weeks. I think he's becoming the new dominant rat. He keeps stealing Brownie's bread bits right out of his paws, and Brownie lets him. I feel sorry him, so I give him an extra bit, and in turn Domino steals that too. Silly Brownie, why don't you ever think of hoarding like your brother? They are both very sneezy again, I'll have to make another appointment with the vet any day now.
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Pierre gave it to Sheila
Who must have brought it there
He got it from Francois and Jacques
Aha, lucky Pierre!

I'm amused by the fact that of the entire Tom Lehrer catalogue, it's I got it from Agnes that I find most people take offense to. People gasp and say "What a terrible song! It's probably about AIDS!" completely disregarding it was written well before that ever reared its ugly head. Plus, they seem to completely disregard actual dark parts of this song, like the incest ("She got it from her daddy who just gives her everything") and the beastiality ("She then gave it to Daniel / who's spaniel has it now"). People are funny.

It's so damn catchy, though.

Oh Lord, when did YouTube become such a treasury of Lehrer? It's all there; The masochism tango (Snook and I can still do a rousing rendition of this, and often do), Pollution, National brotherhood week, and of course that sweet old evergreen, Poisoning pigeons in the park (you can say I grew up with this one).

Wash, wash, wash, that's all I've done today. The floors, the walls, the sink, the shower, the toilet... I even did my best to unclog the shower drain (I don't think I succeeded though). My poor hands are dry and raisin-y, not good when combined with rat-scratches. Stings. A little bit.

First day of Baytril - the peach babyfood worked a charm as always. Domino got so excited he wanted to nibble my finger off and take it to his corner of the cage.

So what do you think? Should I spend my evening watching Get Carter (for Caine-y goodness) or Olivier's Hamlet (for Troughton-y goodness)? Hamlet, I think, though it's not one of my favourite plays. Macbeth is so much more fucked up and Tarantino-y.

Memo to self: Stop using names as adjectives.
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So I brought Brownie and Domino to the vet today, since the sneezing and laboured breathing hasn't shown any sign of abating this last month. This time, however, I brought them to a specialist of smaller pets.

Diagnosis: Murder Lower respiratory infection. Or pneumonia if you like.

She told me off for not bringing them to a vet sooner, and rightly so. I'd just wish the last vet I took them to didn't tell me not to worry if I didn't see any chunky bits coming out when they sneezed. Which I to this day have never seen.

Anyway, they're both on antiobiotics for two weeks. Pills. Baytril. Not too easy.

A rough guide to feeding Baytril pills to a rat:
1) Cut a pill in half with aid of handy pill cutter from the pharmacy.
2) Use a sharp knife to shave off bits of the halves until they are both roughly one third of the original.
3) Take one third, crush it with handy plastic pill crusher from the pharmacy to a powder.
4) Mix the powder with a teaspoon of apple juice since Baytril appearantly tastes vile.
5) Put the laced apple juice in a feeder syringe.
6) Take one (1) rat, place it calmly in your lap, and struggle with it for fifteen minutes trying to get some apple juice into it.
7) Fail. Let mum do it.
8) Rethink.
9) Take other third, crush it with handy plastic pill crusher.
10) Mix the powder with a drop of peach baby food.
11) Take other rat, let it lick the baby food off your finger.
12) Voila!

Only another two weeks of this. Hooray.

Anyway, I'm letting the rats move into their Christmas present from my mum: A huge new rat cage, which we've decorated with all sorts of fun things. I'm going to give them another dose of Baytril and then let them explore. I'm really pleased with the result.
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She's pretty as a daisy
But look out man she's crazy
She'll really do you in
If you let her under your skin

Run! Run away! Save yourself!

So, I'm suspecting I have a touch of the Plague. Or a common cold, it's too early to tell.

Everything, absolutely every inch of my body hurts. My shoulders should have been put out of their misery hours ago. I've still not found a single activity that does not cause me discomfort.

Still, I tried to make some use of the day. So far I've managed to clip the claws on two of Brownie's paws. He hated it of course, but unlike Domino he doesn't scream bloody murder when I hold him. Feeling optimistic, I opted for one of Brownie's back paws and managed to cut into the quick.

I feel awful. I made my own rat, who I'm supposed to take care of and feed and love, bleed. I gave him a royal helping of yoghurt drops and dropped the claw-clipping for the day being.

Not that their claws are freakishly long, but I'm preparing myself and them for a gentle rat-bath. Domino's got a case of buck grease like nobody's business, and when a white rat becomes bright orange I say there's time I give a helping hand.

Okay, one final uninteresting (for you) rat comment: Last night I saw them both boggling for the first time. Sweet. Only a rat could manage to look so freaky when they're enjoying themselves.

So, my eyes fell on 10th Planet's Invasion and holy Batman, that's a bucketful of awesome. Three of my favourite Doctors attending (well, two Doctors I love and one I've actually never seen an entire episode of, but who I really like still). God, DW fans must be a spoilt lot, when things like this is just organized for their convenience. "Look over there, that's Tom Baker, living legend."

You can tell I have never been in a fandom until now who organized cons, don't you?

Ugh, I'll creep back into bed and rewatch Genesis of the Daleks. At least I got a bottle of my favourite apple juice (though I still won't taste it with this blocked-up nose). Pity meee.
tilly_stratford: (Fops with canes are teh sex)
All around is anger, automatic guns
It’s death in large numbers, no respect for women or our little ones
I tried talking to Jesus but he just put me on hold
Said he’d been swamped by calls this week

Tonight is Tiny's birthday cum costume party! Wooo!

I'm a bit weary thinking about how I'll get the black gel and hairspray out of my hair tonight, but we'll figure that out when we get there.

Brownie and Domino are joining me, though I guess they won't dress up. Maybe I can convince them to wear small eyepatches, so they can go like their Doctor who/alternative universe selves. Or maybe not. I can just say Brownie dressed up like Domino and vice versa.

Which reminds me, today I saw the perfect cage for them, bigger, taller and with wooden shelves. It's perfection in rat cage form. We wants it, we neeeeds it.

The kitty is suddenly nowhere to be found, it's been gone two days now. Maybe it had a home, maybe I've just looked for it in exactly the wrong times. We'll see.

Right now I'm reading Watership down and whoo boy, I had no idea it was such a brilliant book. I picked it up, thinking it's a children's book and I never got around to read it, so why not now, and I tell you, I have problems sleeping at night because I have to put it down and wonder what's up with this and that.

And no, I've never seen the movie, but I think I shall (when I'm finished with the book, of course).

This children's book, it owns me.
tilly_stratford: (Not knowing Del)
Our Helmsman loves exotic plants the plants all love him too
He took some down on leave with him and we wondered what they'd do
'Til the planetary governor called and swore upon his life
That a gang of plants entwined his house and then seduced his wife

I've got two rats and an Xbox. I never get anything done anymore. There's so much I should do - wash clothes, vacuum, wash the bathroom...

Xbox: the curse of the working class.

It's been Fable all day, five hours of killing and archery practice and trading tofu and getting tattoos and practising homosexuality (why is it, when your male hero marries a man, he still is called the hero's wife? Except that every unimportant male character is camper than Christmas, I mean)

Eee, I gots a rat on mah shoulder. Brownie and Domino have become such thieving little buggers, too. I keep finding my things in their stash. Tampons, earplugs, candy wrappers (this tells nothing good about my habits, does it?). Just now Domino was working off his little furry butt trying to haul my mobile into the cage. But ah do declare, ah do love mah little room mates.

I got my Doctor who at last! Wheee! Me and Snooky (who's hardly seen anything of season 2 yet) have watched so far as The girl in the fireplace so far, and I've warned him it's all downhill from there. But fun just the same.

My sister Tiny might be a lost cause, though: She's become a trekkie, the poor dear. A Next Generation trekkie even. But still, I think we should all support her in this decision, and I for one post the The Picard song. Is there even slashy subtext in Next Generation, I wonder?

Oop, hang on, just let me retrieve my lipbalm from Domino's mouth.

Me and Snooky have sorta planned to go see Stardust on Saturday (it just started showing in Norway this week). Really looking forward to it, though mostly to Robert DeNiro's sky pirate (I'm slightly worried it'll be the best part of the movie). I was reading an article about it in some free newspaper, quoting some MTV-interview with Neil Gaiman, where he compared it to lots of different movies, before he said "Fuck, I could just list all sorts of random movies". I mean, not that I've ever even been in the same building as Gaiman, but that seemed like the most un-Gaiman thing to say in the history of Gaiman.

Also, while I was doing the dishes today, I sort of started wondering why Gaiman fangirls don't have some sort of cutesy, awkward nickname for their hero. Like Neily. Or Gai-Gai. Why I think of things like this while doing dishes, I have no idea.

Also: The hardest, toughest substances known to man:
3. Diamond
2. Beta carbon nitride
1. Cornflakes that have been moistened by milk, and then have dried in a bowl.

These are the sort of things I learn by living on my own.


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