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Both Maria and I are back in Bergen, so I've been rewatching Star Trek once again, yay!

She wanted to get more acquainted with season three (in spite of my warnings) so we gave 'Spectre of the gun' a watch. Much groaning about Scotty's new hairdo was had. And expressions of disbelief at how insane that part where Kirk and the sheriff is screaming at eachother is ("I CAN'T KILL THEM!!" "YOU GOTTA KILL THEM!!" "BUT I CAN'T KILL THEM!!" "YOU HAVE TO KILL THEM!!").

Also I had completely forgotten how extremely anticlimatic that episode is. Jeez, how is that even possible with all that shooting and even a smidgen of kirk-fu?

To balance the cowboys out we then watched "the one with the indians", 'The paradise syndrome':

Maria: "What... What is Kirk doing to that pine tree? God he's feeling that bough up isn't he. He can't go five minutes without - oh! Now Spock caught him, good Kirk, get rid of that bough."

And that ending, oh dear.

Kirk: "I! Am! KIROOOOOOK!"
Me: "Oh I always scream out my name when I'm frustrated too. There's a school assignment I can't figure out? 'I AM TILDEEEEE!'."

We also watched half of Star Trek XI, which Maria hasn't seen yet (she threw up her hands in resignation after Spock and Uhura made out and mumbled something about "This is just silly. Let's watch the rest some other time").
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So after FINALLY finishing the assignment yesterday (WOOO!) and then chewing some salmon maki at a friend's birthday celebration, I got home and - MAN, had some grade A quality time! Pizza, chokolate milk, some Hummel playing (it makes me feel like Mister Bridger in The Italian Job) and a newly bought volume of Deadpool.

I don't think I've been this happy since my last Kaizer concert.

Sadly my local comic outlet only had Volume 2 (Dark Reign) of Way's Deadpool, but I haven't picked any up since the final volume of Cable & Deadpool so I went with what I could get.

I found it really enjoyable; Good art, fun writing, nicely done character stuff... The only thing I really really don't like is the extra voice in Wade's head.

Ooh and I also bought Volume 1 of The Essential Avengers. I want to dig more into the superhero thing and I adore both Stan Lee and Jack Kirby :3 That's on today's schedule.

Good times

Nov. 19th, 2009 08:12 pm
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I have something to say for posterity's sake, and for the sake of potential newcomers who might have gotten the impression that my blog consists of nothing but angst and insomnia and Star Trek:

You know what? Right now I'm content. I'm satisfied. I'm even, if I dare to be so bold, pleased with myself.

- The exam today went fine - not great, but fine, I'm sure I'll pass and that's all that matters. For the first time in my life I sat down for an exam and I was calm, I wasn't about to throw up with nervousness or anything, and I had actually had a whole night's sleep (chemically induced, but who cares?)

- I've seen Marie again for the first time in... what, it must be over six months by now? She's in Bergen to once again fight for the environment. We've chatted and enjoyed ouselves for hours today and she'll be staying for almost the entire week!

- Related to Marie coming, of course, is the fact that I've eaten my first vegetarian tacos and found them a tasty and completely viable option. Healthier for me, healthier for the environment.

- And so, having been so sociable all day, I now get to enjoy my own company. I'm burning my favourite incense (mmmm nag champa), maybe I'll watch a movie, and I'll most certainly take my usual evening stroll (I seem to have become quite addicted to not just The lives of Harry Lime but also the walk itself).

See? Content! I'd forgotten how this feels!
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It's the calm before the storm prior to Tiny's seventies' Hallowe'en party, I'm about to get some loon pants on and put flowers in my dreads. I'll see if I can secure some photos at some points.

I've had a lovely few days on this side of the country so far, meeting up with old friends - one of which I hadn't seen in the flesh for three years. Ah glorious geek-outs, I don't get enough of those in Bergen.

I finally fullfilled a life's ambition of seeing the viking ship of Oseberg for myself. I can't believe it never occurred to me I could just pop down to Bygdøy at any time and check it out. I could cry, it was so beautiful.
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So I met up with Sunny (disclaimer: not actual name), my newest friend in Bergen, and after observing the mummies in the local museum (yup, still dead) we decided the best course of action was for her to show me some Star Trek, original series.

So hey, I've watched my first TOS episode! And my second! And my third!

I think there was some worry whether I would find the late sixties special effects distracting but, hahahaaaa. You know. This is what I usually have to deal with.

First impressions of TOS: Okay, okay, I can see how Kirk is sorta kinda Mister Awesomepants of the universe - Spock is possibly even more awesome, only in a completely different way. I'm glad I watched my first episode with some company, since that meant I could go "Oh thank God I thought it was only me" when she pointed out that Vulcan mind melds were hilariously sexual. Also, we could stop the DVD and discuss possible ways to crossbreed Vulcans and tribbles.

Anyway, I'm intrigued. I liked TOS, but I liked it on absolutely different premises than TNG. I enjoy the campness. Over time I might learn to be less annoyed with the set lighting.
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I'm a survivor, my heart is tough
I'm hangin' in there and that's enough
Shake, trip, shimmy and we do the bump
Everybody swingin' to the Brown Derby Jump
Today my only academic accomplishments consisted of attending one lecture and read a few pages in Howe's Empires: A Small Introduction, but it's not every day Ana travels from Serbia to Norway! Man, that was great; I haven't seen her since I left the Academy.

Two completely different geeky discoveries today:

One: Stan Lee had a TV show called Comic Book Greats. And he had his guests drawing while they were being interviewed, one of them Will Eisner. And this is available on YouTube. Awesome. One thing is Eisner's amazing skills (he draws the Spirit just from the top down, no sketching!), but mostly I'm amazed at what an intelligent and respectful discussion they're having. When did you last see someone disagreeing so corteously on television?

Two: I'm sort of really excited about the new Big Finish spoilers. Okay so I haven't bought BF audios for two years because of my economic situation, but how can that teamup not be made of awesome?

(ETA:) Three: Mum discovered a hedgehog in her front garden and I was promptly asked to do hedgehog research. Not actual fandom, just adorable.
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A suitor, lowly born, with hopeless passion torn
And poor beyond denying, has dared for her to pine

Huh. After having been subjected to everything from nineties' trance to Deep Purple for hours at the party yesterday (I had a good time, though I stuck perhaps a bit too much to my own clique), what song has been stuck in my brain since I woke up this morning?

'A maiden fair to see'. Odd, but at least it's my favourite song from HMS Pinafore.

So yes, party was good, I only had to be defensive about not drinking alcohol once (which I believe is a new party record), and I don't think the party had anything to do with my waking up with a surprising amount of dried blood on my forehead. All my own, appearantly. I suppose I must have scratched myself while sleeping, because I'm fairly certain it wasn't there when I got home last night.

In other news, I'm getting fairly sick of Last.fm continuing to recommend me obscure French artists every time I play my Recommendation radio channel (except Thomas Fersen, he's awesome), so just for diversity's sake I've been playing a lot of late fifties/early sixties heartthrobs with inoffensive names like Billy and Bobby and Ricky.

I might have acquired some sort of idee fixe for men with impressive quiffs and the ability to sing falsetto. Oh Bobby Vinton, why is it impossible to get hold of any of your albums?

I'm also religiously convinced that Del Shannon's 'Little town flirt' has actually got the lyrics 'Little town twerp'.
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I saw my baby
Trying hard as babe could try
What could I do, my baby's fun had gone
And left my baby blue, nobody knew

If I've been uncharacteristically quiet these last few days, it's because I've had wonderful company over - my friend Marie (You remember Marie, from the Academy?) and her man Rune, who's a real sweetheart. My little loft room was cramped, but a lovely place to be this weekend.

Everywhere we went we stayed until closing time, and we watched movies at night. Rune is a far bigger film buff than me. Tales From Earthsea was entertaining but clunky (and had a great witch), and I'd completely forgotten what a great movie Watership Down really is (Rune, who hadn't seen it before, suddenly exclaimed "Oh, that's John Hurt's voice! ...Does recognising things like that make me a geek?" Yes. Yes it does.) And after two days of discussing movies, I'd revealed I liked scifi, adored Bruce Willis and enjoyed Terry Gilliam. He bought me Twelve Monkeys as a surprise gift. Aw.

Wonderful, wonderful people. Things feel twice as quiet as it was before they came now. Also, SNOW. I was told Bergen didn't bother with such things, but there it is.

Also, we discussed eighties fantasy movies. Labyrinth came up. While all agreed David Bowie is one of the things that makes the movie, Rune was unsurprisingly not quite as vocal on the subject of The Most Revealing Tights Ever Worn by Man. And then there's the boots. And the waistcoat. And the leather gloves.

You know, I think I need to see that movie again soon.
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It's a big old, bad old, tough old town, it's true
But beginnings are contagious there
They're always setting stages there
They're always turning pages there for you

Ah, what a nice way to start my easter break: First a low-key Dan Fägerquist concert, and then a sleepover at my friend Marie's.

Fägerquist, as always, blew me away. It was held at the former Ås train station (which has been converted to a sort of "alternative" café/gallery/thing), and though I love that more and more people are discovering him, I still prefer the intimate low-key performances like we had yesterday. I still can't fathom how a young Swedish guy with a guitar can utterly enrapture an audience of various inebriated stages just by singing Vargjakten.

And he let slip that he'll be releasing a new CD come fall. And it'll probably include Dina ögon är som knivar, which has become one of my favourite disturbing love songs. Fingers crossed it'll include Ingen mans land and På spänd lina as well.

I've been thinking: I should check out Jørn Simen Øverli, shouldn't I? He's our own Norwegian singer of Vystotsky songs. And hey, they got his albums at the Deichman library, that's tomorrow settled then.

Had a lovely time at Marie's, and met her friends. Within minutes me and her friend R. (who had been introduced to me with "This is R., he knows everything about movies. R., this is Tilly, she knows even more.") were discussing Hitchhiker's Guide and Gary Oldman and Doctor Who and we just kept on with the geekfest the rest of the night, and most of this morning. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I hadn't even realized how much this shut-in semi-student life had affected me. Just sleeping over and chatting and eating a marvellous easter breakfast (R. fried eggs) has transformed me back to the way Tilly is supposed to be.

So that's good.

I feel like watching a movie. Maybe another part of The invasion of time and then... well, Young Frankenstein perhaps?
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It's a lie, (I don't believe it's so) it's a lie
Our love couldn't go wrong, how could I know I was only dreaming?
And now, now that you're gone, I will go on really believing
I take the fall

Uuuuugh! I'm so horribly, obscenely uncomfortable. Turns out walking in the rain in a pirate costume and a coat wasn't a brilliant idea - I can see why lightly-clad pirates weren't abundant in Scandinavia. That's the sort of things that gives you a cold and a never-ending runny nose, oh yes.

Swell party, though. All pirates (no ninjas allowed), rousing renditions of Yo ho ho and an abundancy (okay, one bottle) of rum, and I finally found an acceptable opportunity to wear underwear (well, a corset) on top of my clothes. I was a pirate wench, after all.

That was Saturday. Today I'm still snotty and croaky and uugh. And appearantly in some sort of bitter Cold War situation with one of the guys I'm living with because of the way I wash my dishes. The sad git must have some serious issues since my dishwashing abilities frustrates him so.

Aaaanyway. Finally gave The one doctor a listen, and god, it's pure crack. And very fine crack it is too. The funny thing is, I don't have any sort of previous experience with Colin Baker as an actor. Checking IMDB profile... Nope. Not a thing. In fact, I had to reconfigure my mind just listening to his voice, since I now rather think "ah, Tepesh the vampire" when hearing him talk, than "oh, the sixth incarnation of the Doctor of course." I like his voice though, lovely hoarse quality.

I thought it was sort of cute, though, how he had to convince the Cylinder that he wasn't Doctor by doing the one thing the Doctor would never, ever do: Passionately snog the companion. Oh, pre-New Who, how innocent you were.

"That's very clever of you to notice that!" - "Yeah, well, I am very clever." - "And very sexy." - "And very se- no! No, let's not start that all over again..."

I'm preparing another movie quiz. Watch this space.
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Gi meg et bord innerst i hjørnet
Og la meg sitte i fred
For varmen er på en måte litt varmere
På Børs café

People are running all around me preparing for the prince's arrival, and there's many hours left (six, to be excact) before the guy comes. So far I've taken a shower for His Royal Highness, and later I plan to put on a bit of makeup for His Royal Highness, and then perhaps my black hoodie for His Royal Highness. I will not wear a skirt. Since we're supposed to have a fake class meeting where he'll conveniently pass by at the exact time of my poetry reading, I see no reason to tart myself up.

I've actually been losing sleep over this (not the prince arriving and me reading some poetry, but what I'm supposed to feel about all this) and last night I think I figured it out. I have no dear feelings about the royal family. They've never done me any good. They're just a family, like any other, but with less work and more pretty clothes. But; I reckon this might be my closest proximity to a history book in my lifespan, so why not use it?

So yeah, the reading is on.

Actually, I'm equally excited about Snooky coming down today. Marie pointed out when she saw my daily planner, that I had written "Crown prince arrives at 16.00" and then "Snooky arrives at 20.00" in much bigger letters. That sums it up, I think.

Actually, me and Snooky had a bit of a tiff last weekend, and I hate arguing over the phone. We sorted it out eventually, but since we're both feeling a bit shaky and raw I decided to invite him up over the weekend to get back to our status quo.

Talking about doing things this week, I've been toying around with this new drawing program I stumbled upon, ArtRage. It's nice to work with since the colours act like real paint, but a bit of a bother when you have to use a mouse. You can get some nice work done, though, if you've just got an assload of hours to spare. And I did.

After abusing the "trace" feature mercilessly, I did a painted rendition of everybody's favourite OH SHI- picture:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Daleks and daleks and daleks, oh my! )

Fabrics are wheee! And yes, I'm developing an obsession with drawing Tom Baker, let's not mention that.
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Two women with powdered-white faces
And one long-nosed bald man with warts
Things worsen and worsen, there's a hook-handed person
And others with nastier parts

(I can't help it, I fangirl Lemony Snicket)

This week we're working on writing scripts. Next week they'll be performed by professional actors. In front of the whole school. Eep! Today I've been working on a short scene about a man who wants to become fog, but it never went anywhere (even if you're on a non-grading school doesn't mean you can leave out conflicts, silly). And now I've got to find a new plot before tomorrow. Think!

In other news, my sister Tine and her husband (ooh, "husband") visited me yesterday, and we had pizza. It was wonderful, except I always feel twice as lonely when they leave again. That's the price, I guess. And I'm starting to barely get some internet access on my room, even though it usually just lasts for a couple of minutes. Still, progress!

I've finally started drawing again. First time since I came to this school! And it's still fun, especially when I get the proportions sort of right!

Another two cats have been found dead under horrible circumstances. This isn't far from where I grew up, and that scares me even more. As a "family saying" goes, there can't be even the tiniest amount of gentleness in a person that hurts animals for their own enjoyment. The worst thing is that cases like these aren't rare.

And with that in mind, Swedish politicians have decided that in order to lower the taxes, they intend to disband the national animal protection. Great idea, guys. Hooray.
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Tengo la camisa negra
Ya tu amor no me interesa
Lo que ayer me supo a gloria
Hoy me sabe a pura

The class had a farewell-party yesterday, it was fun... and sad. I'm horrible at saying goodbye. But I guess it's good closure.

I'm not really a party person, but after the barbeque had been consumed, we'd all played a round of Varulv (or The werewolves of Miller's Hollow, a great card game for a large group of people that involves secret loves, freemaisons, lynching and other fun things. I was a werewolf again and got lynched. Again.), speeches and alcohol consumption (not by me, I'm sober as a priest), things simmered down to people just sitting around, talking about "what comes next", a nice accoustic song played on the stereo and I just leaned back in my chair and thought this was a perfect end to these three years at Skedsmo.

The final part of the party I stood talking with one of my Media teachers, Nils Håkon (a really nice guy. You really ought to buy his book for your kids or check out his web shop). I think students gets too prejudiced when it comes to teachers - they can really be quite friendly critters (says the Werewolf that managed to slay all the teachers playing in one go).

He made me think about journalism once again. It might be the sixtieth time I've thought "No, I won't do journalism. Journalism is so dull, and I was so scared to flunk the class.", but once again somebody shows me the positive sides. A great way to perfect your language, learn to trim the bad stuff, develop good writing habits, et cetera et cetera. I'll never stop fighting that issue. Though he spured me on the thought about getting an English degree, so I can become a subtitler. I've been thinking about that one for years.

So I'm thoroughly finished with that school. I never did find out why the school statue is a pregnant girl, or what that large crate that's been standing in the staircase for six months contains, but I'm finished. Well, not quite. I have to go make a CD of all the things I've saved to the school computers. Mostly projects of my own, but also a nice Icelandic pop song a classmate first played to me.

Oh, and we finished with a ritual burning of Christian Krohg's Albertine. Usually I would have had great qualms with burning a book, but this one was really, really dire. Good riddance to it.
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Some say you're a troubled boy
Just because you like to destroy
All the things that bring the idiots joy
Well, what's wrong with a little destruction?

This is the first time in the history of this blog, so here goes:

Nå kan du støtte Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge, helt gratis!

For hvert spørreskjema du svarer på hos FrivillighetsNorge, går ti kroner til Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge. Du kan selv velge hvor mange spørreskjemaer du vil svare på, og kan redigere svarene etterpå om du vil.

Registrer deg her. Det er selvfølgelig helt gratis.

Støtt dyrene og skriv om dette tilbudet i bloggen din også!

In other news, I had my very last P.E. lesson in my life today *Dances like a loon* It was spent on strolling around with Vegar chatting about sitcoms, Nintendo games and Biker mice from Mars. Geekyness ensued.
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You're as sensual as a pencil,
Wound up like an E or a first string
When we made it, did you hear a bell ring?

Still feeling poorly (hah! the most uninformative description in the English language), no actually, very very sick still. But at least my eyes are halfway to working again, so I can watch some DVDs (musicals preferably, though mad transexual scientists from the Transylvania galaxy are popular right now).

But anyway, my point was that when I opened a cover I haven't seen in ages, an unmarked CD fell out - and it turned out to be the collection of every major product I made for my first year at Media. So weird, I thought it was lost forever.

Absolutely every photo taken by me and of me from a complete year, which made the nostalgia race (can you be nostalgic for something that only happened two years ago? Ah well)

Here's a little treat from a Christmas photoshoot between friends:

Action photo of what the holidays are all about )

And is it just me, or is the scene were Tim Curry bitchslaps Susan Sarandon possibly the greatest scene in cinematic history?


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