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God knows how I can enjoy a song who's refrain consists of singing the word "fun" twelve times, but The Housemartins just have that effect on me.

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My great discovery this week is the British entertainer Ronald Frankau, who's eloquent yet risqué songs surely must have made some housewives' cheeks redden while listening to him on the BBC in the thirties. Imagine a sort of Etonian Cole Porter.

And obviously his best songs never made it on the BBC. My favourite being the adorable Everyone's got sex appeal for someone (MP3 format).

Obviously by today's standards this is very SFW, but in the thirties - boy, he can't have been doing his career in the BBC any favours.
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In honour of Hallowe'en I'll share the latest horror fiction that has managed to seriously rattle me: Marble Hornets.

It's a continuing unfolding story about a student movie that was never made, disappearing friends and a faceless, slender man you don't wish to come across - and it's all made through a series of YouTube videos and a Twitter account.

Every one of those movies hold clues you might not catch on your first lookthrough (and no, there aren't any of those horrible jump-scares. It's more about the uneasy building atmosphere). Watch the videos in order. I can't wait to see how this will continue.
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I know El Día de los Muertos isn't until next Sunday, but I've been reading Aztec history and it only served as a reminder of how much I love Latin American folk art, in particular calaveras:

And my favourite calaca sculpture )
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I'm not a francophile. All in all I like three French music artists, which Last.fm interprets as me loving all French music, which means it keeps recommending French music to me, which is registered on Last.fm, and Last.fm goes "Oh, she listens to even more French music, let's give her what she wants" and it continues in a perpetual, increasingly French spiral.

Every now and then the recommendation radio gives me something I can really enjoy though, and this week's discovery is the band La Tordue ("the twisted") - just fun easy listening.

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I believe this might be the most ridiculously potent love song ever written.

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Lord help me if I catch a glimpse of another human being while it's on because everybody seem to be wonderful while this is playing.
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Oof, I severely doubt there'll be any mountain hikes today, that Skambankt concert last night was quite a workout. I don't know any concert venues that get quite as stiflingly hot as Garage, and then they played Stormkast #1 at the end and I'd be damned if I wasn't going to rock out on one of my favourite songs, even if my body was protesting very hard at that point.

Well for those who aren't well-educated in matters of Norwegian punk rock (pff, highly unlikely right?) we're talking about these crazy dudes:

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You're probably sick of my blurry screencap spams, so I thought for once I could offer a real honest-to-God TOS pic spam. With, you know, proper photos.

Not for the faint of bandwidth )
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I remember when I was a child I'd watch Bonanza every Sunday morning. Today I suddenly became eight years old again.

I heartily recommend the episode The Honor of Conchise - you've got all three Cartwright brothers (though Adam does as usual get in trouble pretty early on), an Apache standoff, the cavalry, and what appears to be actual outdoor locations.

But most of all you've got DeForest Kelley (you saw that coming right?) delivering one hell of a performance as the sneering, coldblooded Captain Johnson. Best pre-Trek Kelley I've seen to date.

YouTube link
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In honour of this year's big anniversary (no, not Marvel), I thought I'd offer one of the prettiest things to come as a result of that feat forty years ago: A neo rennaisance song about the moon landing.

MP3 download: Hope Eyrie, vocals Mary Frohman, written by Leslie Fish.
We know well what life can tell:
If you would not perish, then grow
And today our fragile flesh and steel
Have laid their hands on a vaster wheel
With all of the stars to know
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If I ever learn to play the piano, I'm going to go at it like Chico Marx, finger guns and all.

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Today I want to lead you to my newest discovery: Self-Styled Siren, a blog dedicated to great classic (mostly old Hollywood) movies.

I don't agree with all her opinions, and God knows I haven't seen half as many films as she has, but she writes with an eloquence and a wit that makes me spend an an hour plus before I realize I should get up and do something. Her calm dismissal of a journalist who called Basil Rathbone "sexlessly debonair in the way Hollywood liked its leading men in the 1930s and 1940s" is way beyond my level of maturity*.

Not to mention she has an eye for details and an imagination that... let's just say she's made me want to rewatch The Maltese Falcon and try out some new interpretations.

For a sample blog entry, try Ten Things I Love About Old Movies.

Lenghty pimping end.

*Seriously? Rathbone is sexless? What. That's like... calling Humphrey Bogart effeminate. Or Mae West prudish. It's funny because the last Rahtbone movie I watched was Captain Blood where Rathbone's entire character is summed up as "'Allo, I am a French slutty pirate." I dare anyone to watch Love From A Stranger (not that you should, it's not very good) and not see that disconcerting level of sexuality he brings to the part.
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This is just a song lyric in comic book form (art by Lloyd Thatcher), but in my opinion it might just be the coolest thing Alan Moore ever wrote. But my great love for thirties' gangster films might be shining through here.

The entire comic can be found HERE, at Scans_Daily. Warning for stylized violence.

P.S.: Never listen to any rendition of the song. It won't sound as great as it does in your head.
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Oh, yesterday I forgot to mention one thing: It was my one-year anniversary of living in Bergen! I celebrated the day by simply following my beloved Saturday routine: Tacos and an old movie. Yesterday's movie (apart from The Spirit, feh) was Laurence Olivier's Richard III.

I've never read any of Shakeaspeare's so-called historicals, so all I knew about the monarch I've learned this last year (and most of that mostly consisted of "don't assume what you've heard about Richard III actually happened").

But oooh, deliciously evil. What was more delightful than Richard thrusting his hand forward for his cousin to kiss? OH APART FROM BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL GOD I LOVE THAT.

But it was really the supporting cast that made this for me. John Gielgud acting his ass off before being murdered in the first act, and wonderful wonderful Patrick Troughton in a small but pivotal role as Sir James Tyrrel:

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This always happens.

In my day-to-day life, Kaizers Orchestra is just a band I like. They're one of many bands I enjoy, I listen to the albums now and again, wear the T-shirt occasionally. Then I attend a concert and spend an hour and a half with my arms in the air and a huge grin on my face shouting "Halleluja!" each time The Jackal tells me to. And then I always spend a couple of weeks being all KAIZER KAIZER KAIZER after.

Thus the Sunday treat will be slightly affected by this.

videos and stuff and things you have to see, Tiny )

RPS: Still not something I'm entirely comfortable with, but I'll be damned if that's going to stop me having fun.
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My sister will get a kick out of this.

My favourite Marvel character. We're talking physical disfigurement and mental unstability, we're talking the merc-with-a-mouth, we're talking... Deadpool!

Two pages )
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Something a little different today - a short film from the days when Disney dared to be weird (but no less melodramatic).

And because I love Nelson Eddy's voice.

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Part two
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I realized I wanted to do some sort of weekly feature. Just to spread some general weekly love.

So I present the cheesily named Sunday treat: Each Sunday, hopefully, I'll post a video, a picture, a poem - something that I've found interesting during the past week. And then I might even keep a tab on my small obsessions by looking through the entries.

Today I want to share another Brel song - possibly my favourite one, and one that I've been completely stuck on this past week. It's not just the song I've been obsessed with, but this one performance (I've seen several videos of Brel performing this song, but none is as gripping as this - the first time he ever sang it to an audience):

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I might not be one for love songs, but I'm so desperately fond of "love and ruination" songs. When love is not joy and flowers and puppydogs, but humiliation and desperation and pain. Songs like Crosby's 'Temptation', Porter's 'So in love' and even Chaplin's 'Weeping willows'.



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