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Last year I decided I should finish one drawing every month and it really helped me get back in the creative swing of things, but after a while it had me going "Ooh I have an idea for a drawing but I've already finished one this month, I better wait in case I'm at a loss for ideas next month" and it got silly so now I try to draw whenever the mood takes me.

So more Doctor Who -- I'm relistening to all my Eight audios (wow, The Stones of Venice and Minuet in Hell are even worse than I remember them) and in the future I'd like to make fanart of the stuff that happens in them, but first I wanted to see if I could draw the eighth Doctor at all. And I was frustrated with my inability to draw curly hair and decided I needed the practice.

A hopeless romantic )

Now that I've been staring at a lot of pictures of McGann I'm a little bit surprised at, well, how good looking he is. I know, "duh", but like, individually his features aren't very striking, but they're put together in a very pleasing way. Even when I'm drawing him I get the urge to tidy up his eyebrows and soften those nasolabial folds but then it doesn't look like McGann anymore.
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Every time I try to watch new Doctor Who I get disenchanted with the entire franchise and can't be bothered to watch any of it for months. I literally haven't thought about Doctor Who after the anniversary show last year when my only reaction was "Ugh, never mind then."

Until now: My love for the show has been reinvigorated in the most unlikely way: The sixth Doctor! Yes, the single most hated run in Doctor Who's history. I'm almost finished with The Trial of a Time Lord and you know what? It's mostly terrible, but Colin Baker as the Doctor is so good.

Not that it came as a big surprise -- I'm already familiar with Six through the Big Finish audios and the classic Who fandom loves him (yet still recognizes his run on TV was godawful), but I had no idea he was so much fun to watch as well! He's a lot more energetic and physical than I'd come to imagine him in the audios and Baker is obviously unable to deliver a half-assed performance, no matter how terrible the script is.

So for all of that Six deserves some fanart. This is literally the first time I've drawn Doctor Who fanart since, let's see... 2009!

Another voyage 'round the English language )

At this point the only TV Doctors I haven't given a fair shake are Five and Seven. Who knows what the future will bring.
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The universe is just overflowing with things that makes me happy these days!

There's the two previously-lost Doctor Who episodes from the sixties that have been discovered in Australia! I knew it! I knew the world wasn't so unfair that it'd leave us derived of Patrick Troughton in such a fabulous hat.


Secondly, and pretty much simultaneously, the newest Lupin TV special appeared online - with English subs! The plot's a mess, the tone is all over the place (a gory Miyazaki tribute??), but the new voice cast made a fair debut (though I'm reaaally hoping Kōichi Yamadera's gonna grow in the role of Zenigata), the heists were fun, and the animation and art really were surprisingly good.

Hey it had Green Jacket references and the SWAT team, I'll overlook the bad writing this time.

Thirdly, my pal Åsmund's lent me his copy of Red Dead Redemption and I'm loving the hell out of it so far. I know it's just Grand Theft Auto in the Wild West but that makes all the difference. I even love the minigames - the horseshoe tossing, shooting rabbits, breaking in wild horses - I'm having so much fun!

Aaand finally, today I bought my train ticket. Traveling over the mountains on Thursday, with Linni as well. It's gonna be great seeing everybody again (and eating some real food!).
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You lure me in again with intriguing characters, well-written and exciting stories, moving drama, and promises of an asexual Doctor, and then we move on to season six and forget all that and instead it's all just rubbish.

My God, we're reduced to pilfering plot elements from PotC: Dead Man's Chest now? And how exactly is the head writer in love with River Song an improvement to the head writer in love with Rose?

Argh, so disappointing! I just... I hate cheap shallow drama, I hate smugly written time paradox plotlines, I hate the "historical episode revealing that some mythological being is in fact an alien" formula, I... okay I don't hate River Song yet but I'm going to start very soon unless the quality of writing improves very very soon.

Is nu!Who just incapable of giving a Doctor a second season that isn't complete trash? Even with the oh-so-celebrated Moffat at the helm?

(I promise I'll eat my words if the remainder of season six turns out to be so amazing and breathtaking that every minute of it is like an eternal orgasm, but at this point I'll just keep watching to see what happens to the storyline the Doctor Rory).
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Hey, nobody told me to expect to see Bill Nighy in Doctor Who! And then bam, Tony Curran and his fine fine acting!

I usually feel that those "the Doctor meets a historical figure" episodes wind up cheesy and twee and insufferable, but that was a lovely episode. I might have choked up a bit at the end there.

And Matt Smith really makes a terrific Doctor. I'm officially sold. Yes.
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Right! This time I'll do it, this time I'll watch the new seasons of Doctor Who, and not merely say that I'm going to do it and then forget about it.

I watched the first Matt Smith episode back in, what, April? And today I watched the second episode! At this rate I'll find out what the Nicholas Courtney reference in the last season finale was in just... a number of years! (It was just a stupid eyepatch thing, wasn't it? And namedropping the Brig? Am I gonna cry? No don't spoil me.)

But anyway, still optimistic about Matt Smith! Liked him even more in this episode. The Doctor didn't strike me as QUITE as much of a sanctimonious git, which already puts us way ahead of the tenth doctor.

Then I saw the previews for the third episode and my hopes felt a little bit dashed. Oh yay. Daleks again. And the Doctor shouting very passionately.

So much shouting. You know, I can recall only one instance where the fourth doctor raised his voice in anger. I haven't even watched The Pirate Planet in years and years, but I can still perfectly recall that "Then WHY do you DO IT?!", his voice even cracking a little, God that gave me chills.
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Thanks once again for nothing, immune system! I don't know what I've come down with this time but my lymph nodes are taking one hell of a beating. That would be terrific, wouldn't it, returning home for a week to catch the final lectures in English 101, and then get sick and miss them. I'm channeling a lot of Spock in The Devil in the Dark right now, you know; "The paaain...! The paaaain...!"

So anyway on my sickbed I decided I needed something fresh to entertain me and finally - finally - got around to watching The Eleventh Hour, my first bit of new Doctor Who since I ragequit halfway through Voyage of the Damned - the downside of this being missing all of Donna except The Runaway Bride, but the upshot being not having to sit through a moment more of Ten's teeth-baring, sugar-high "I am so awesome every single female character is in love with me" antics.

No hang on, I sat through that season finale where The Master wore a dog collar and did weird things with his tongue, and James Bond narrated. Had to watch that, obviously. Ten was still annoying.

But anyway - The Eleventh Hour.

Short answer: Yeah I suppose this can keep me entertained in the evenings.

Long anwer: haha jeez am I way behind all you guys )

Holy shit that was a lot of stuff. It's been ages since I wrote about Doctor Who, I suppose these things accumulate. At least it kept my mind off the pain for a while. I suppose my conclusion was that I want a Doctor to be less likeable while also being more likeable.

You know, apart from wanting to watch more of Two's serials, of all the silly things - I'm getting a hankering to relisten to Minuet in Hell! That's what watching new!Who does to me - oh, to have a Doctor be scared and confused! Anything but smug self-importance!
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Remember [livejournal.com profile] ladyyatexel and her art project, The Yeti Book, a children's tale of the Doctor and Jamie (and of course, Yetis)? It is done and I need to pimp the hell out of it because it is beyond magical.

I don't care if you have no prior knowledge of sixties' Doctor Who, you can stand twentysomething pages of lovely little watercolours.

Here: The Yeti Book

Goodness me, it's been ages since I watched any Doctor Who. It might be time to revisit the Second Doctor's era again I think.
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AWWWWW YEEEEAAAAHH. I might have been quizzed about one of those things I was crossing my fingers I wouldn't get quizzed about (The Sættargjerden concordat of 1277) but I somehow managed to write nine pages about it, so I guess I had to know something about it. In any case I'm pretty certain I must have been the only one who included a lengthy tangent going "It's amusing that the final agreement between the king and the archbishop happened to be written down on St. Lawrence's feast day, because..."

Anyway, a thousand thanks to those who wished me luck with my exam.

Aaand we're back to regular geeking:

- I see the Eight Doctor is going to get a new costume. I'm going to miss the Edwardian look, but I like what I'm seeing - fits nicely with my head!canon of a more practical Doctor during the Time War. He obviously took some fashion tips from his BF Fitz and damn now I want to read the EDAs...

Of course, no word on why Eight suddenly needs a new costume. I guess it's implied it's for Big Finish's covers, but I can't help dreaming about proper TV-BBC taking Eight back...

- Hahaha, what is this? A Norwegian dub of the first Lupin III series from the seventies? And it was released this year? HAHA WHAT. And the description presents it as "Hayao Miyazaki's animated show" which is a dirty rotten lie to sell more copies, jeez lousie (Miyazaki produced two episodes, but that was in the second series).

Still, it's hilariously weird. Why would they do this, what audience are they trying to reach anyway? I can't even decide if I want it, just to see how horrible it will be to watch (I can't even stand the American dubs!) - a Norwegian Lupin III gang? "Lupin den tredje"? How does a Norwegian voice artist handle a name like "Ishikawa Goemon"? Badly, if the misspelling on the cover is anything to go by. WANT/DON'T WANT CONFLICT.

- You know what I haven't done in a dog's age? A boring meme!

Current meme )
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There are a number of ideas that come to me cyclically - they burn in my mind, disappear, and some time afterwards they return to me. Nothing ever changes, nothing's any better for it. One is how hard I always wish I was religious each time my monthly cramps come along - I bet it would feel so much better to point a finger at a cruel and vengeful God who puts me in such inscrutiating pain just to make a point about something Eve did before the Fall. Blaming faulty evolution doesn't have the same zing to it.

Another is how indescribably mad I get at the BBC for not preserving their early productions each time I feel the need to watch sixties Doctor Who. Of Patrick Troughton's twenty-one serials, we've only six complete ones today! That's just unfair!

Sure I'm thankful for the preserved sound reels, and the reconstructions that've used them, but the thing with Troughton is what an absolute delight it is to watch him. He was one of those actors who just never seemed to stop, to shut off - even when he's off somewhere in the backround your eyes are drawn to him. I wouldn't call it charisma exactly, more like a very gifted man of his craft.

Or maybe I'm just a big fangirl. Watching 'The Evil of the Daleks' and the way this classically trained actor can interact with a guy hunkered down in a metal dustbin on wheels makes my toes curl. You know, in a good way.
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My flist is busy discussing the season finale of Doctor Who, and I haven't even seen Matt Smith as the Doctor yet. I'll get on it sooner or later, just waiting for the mood to come over me. It's traditional that I'm at least two seasons behind everybody else anyway.

But oh! I've finally found a new British radio love: Old Harry's Game! The best sitcom about the daily life in Hell you'll ever find!

In the first season finale God pops in as Satan struggles to get his sort-of friend/nemesis the Professor reassigned to Heaven (since the Prof is so optimistic and selfless minor demons commit suicide around him), and the demon Gary is on trial for rebellion even though it was Thomas (one of the most sinful people ever, who caused the car crash that caused him and the Prof to die) who was the mastermind behind it.

Oh yeah nobody makes comedy like the British. And there's six more seasons of this baby. HAPPYPLACE.
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Mmm, I'm so in my happy place right now. I've got rainfall against my window, half a glass of chokolate milk, newly washed dreads, and the Second Doctor on the TV (via my hard drive).

The last part I blame on [livejournal.com profile] ladyyatexel and her adorable Doctor&Jamie fan art. Whoosh, I suddenly found myself watching Seeds of Death (which it seems I haven't watched before :DDD ). Three parts in as we speak.

Aww Two, you'll always be my favourite Doctor in spaaaace.

"Your leader will be angry if you kill me! I -- I'm a genius."

And Jamie's new shirt seems to be subtly flamboyant, if there is such a thing.

At odds

Mar. 2nd, 2010 07:40 pm
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I can't quite comprehend how my yoga teacher fits into this regular world we all live in. She's so... completely at home in that yoga room. Last night I noticed she wears toe rings. Toe rings, it's so wonderful. How does a person like that stand in a shop queue or wait for a green light at a busy intersection? She doesn't even appear to ever need to go to the bathroom like the rest of us lowly mortals.

All in all, I'm not certain my yoga tutor exists outside that room. If you pushed her out she'd just go "poof!" and disappear, possibly leaving a fine silt on the floor.

I finished The Claws of Axos which was great fun - at least the fourth and final part. I could listen to Delgado!Master purring things like "My dear Brigadier" all day...

And if the UNIT jeep's rockin', don't come a-knockin'.

Aww Benton.
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Still haven't slept. There's a lecture in three hours. Feeling... okay. Freaked out earlier, but that has passed.

Brain not quite working at top speed, but I've been digging up older discussions about the Who Christmas special. I still think naming Dalton's character Bondxiatel was genius.

I even attempted to read this essay about the use of powerplay in new!Who when my brain got completely sidetracked and I wound up contemplating just how many buckles and straps there are on a straight jacket. I always believed they had, like, two.

I tell myself that this newfound knowledge means this night hasn't been a complete waste of time.

ETA: I also learned that there is an animal named Kirk's dik-dik and I still haven't stopped giggling. This is the level I'm on right now.
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Aaand there. I mentioned I hadn't watched The end of time yet, so... Done. I'm the last Who-fan in the universe to see it, but it made me acknowledge that yes, I've become one of those fans. I got pulled in by the new stuff but found I preferred the old rubbish instead. Same with Trek.

Anyway, after Trek I've found I can't react to anything TV-related without a pic spam, so here goes.

Much fangirling for villains inside )

There. Ah. It's been a while.
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Let’s make a TARDIS wave throughout LJ. When you see this entry, post a picture of the show (aka Doctor Who) on your own journal.

I haven't forgotten you, Who!

You know, I still haven't seen The end of time. In fact I haven't watched new!Who since I turned the TV off halfway through Voyage of the damned. But... The Master!

(I had a dream months ago though where The end of time involved Two returning and being awesome and something about a panda and it was awesome. A lot of Masters just can't compete with that).

Here again

Oct. 29th, 2009 07:49 am
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Ah, finally on the familiar side of the country again. Now my five day tour of various family and friends starts - later today I'm heading into Oslo to browse the Kon-Tiki museum with Rune, can't wait!

On the train journey over I learned what new acquaintances watching Firefly on my laptop (my first episode!) and having the TOS communicator chirp as a message alert tone can bring. Had a very nice conversation with a fellow geek, he convinced me my next step should be watching Babylon 5 (EVIL WALTER KOENIG OMG).

Oh, and after no new Big Finish audios for more than a year I finally gave The Maltese Penguin a listen. I was squirming in my seat trying to not grin quite so wide. Not only do I find I love Six and Frobisher, it's also a parody of one of my favourite movies ever. Peter Lorre impersonators are a dime a dozen but when they brought out the Sidney Greenstreet parallel my jaw dropped.

Oh Big Finish I've missed you so.
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Take your sweetheart down to the river
Dash her on the paving stones
It may break your heart to break her bones
But someone's got to do the culling of the fold
I've had the stupidest idea: Someone really needs to make a UNIT video to Oingo Boingo's 'Little guns' just because it features the lyrics, "Tiny soldiers with little guns, little tanks no bigger than your thumb". Y/Y?

Agh, I'm in such a weird mood. Somebody please teach me how to shift my brain into a lower gear now and again. What was that Holmes said about his mind being a machine working on empty and shaking itself apart? It's like that. Obviously I need to develop a drug habit.

Have a random picture from my Doctor Who image folder.

(Oh yeah and the Second Doctor action figure has been released and is still not available outside of the UK and the US. If I were to find a way to work past that, remind me why food is more important than a piece of plastic again?)

Top fives

Aug. 25th, 2009 05:51 pm
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Man, this "Top Five" business was way harder than I thought. I've been so afraid of missing something vitally important I've been triple and quadruple checking every little thing.

It was fun though.

Top five Two/Jamie moments )

Top five Monty Python skits )

Top five Sherlock Holmes stories )

Top five Beatles songs )

Top five Beatles music videos )
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Right; Since I still haven't slept since my last entry, my guess is that this will be less "clever reflections about the multicultural themes of the story" and more ZOMG THE MASTER OWNS MY SOUL.

Also UNIT ♥ )

Whoa, it's nearly midnight. Where did the time go? I'll go sleep and dream of brave UNIT soldiers drinking tea.


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