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I miss her lips and the smile on her face
The touch of her hair and this girl's warm embrace
So if you don't wanna cry like I do
A-keep away from a-Runaround Sue

This might be the one doo-wop song that is even catchier than 'I saw Linda yesterday'. It's physically impossible for me to grow sick of 'Runaround Sue'.

Random thought that struck me last night: I should be glad I wasn't a teenager in the late sixties.

Because I would no doubt have had the biggest awkward fangirl crush on Peter Tork of the Monkees and ridicule would surely follow.

My bedroom walls would have been plastered with that guy. Well, obviously not exclusively, there would have been plenty of room for my other late-sixties idols.

Yeah dude, what eyecandy would have been prettyfying my walls if I'd been a teenager back then?

Well obviously a significant portion of my wall would be dedicated to contemporary Paul McCartney:

With a healthy dose of John Lennon:

I think this is my new favourite John pic. Damn low quality.

But at that point it would be weird not to have an actual Beatles pic:

Same goes for The Kinks:

The pink OH THE HUMANITY. Ray Davies looking hot, though.

And I'd probably piss off my socially aware friends by idolizing Donovan rather than Bob Dylan:

Damn, I nearly forgot Simon & Garfunkel!

But it wouldn't all be musicians up on my wall, of course. I probably would have been just a big movie fan as I am today.

I'd obviously have Michael Caine tacked up on my wall, probably wearing those glorious sixties' glasses:

But then I've got Michael Caine's picture hanging on my wall now in 2009, so not much would have changed there at least.

And God knows how I'd be aware of Jeremy Brett in the late sixties while living in Norway, but he'd surely be up there on account of his rad hair and tie alone:

No, I've got it, I'd probably be just as big a Audrey Hepburn fan, and in some unlikely fashion I'd managed to see the 1956 'War and Peace' movie adaption.

From the small screen we'd have Frazer Hines:

YES SHUSH I know Doctor Who wasn't broadcast in Norway at the time. Surely we can change history for the sake of the kilt?

Not forgetting Nicholas Courtney:

But then I kinda sorta already have this picture hanging above my bed right now. Look I've got this condition where I need to look at fetching Englishmen with fake moustaches, okay.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Of course I'll probably kick myself later when I remember other cool late sixties' icons. Not to mention all the Norwegian ones. Or, uh, all those of the female variety.

And of course there's all those awesome people that came before the sixties, I'd still be obsessed with them.

That was an odd thought experiment. Maybe I should make an entire weird pic spam series of "What would be hanging on my wall if I lived in [era]?" I can't help but contemplate how different my wall would look if I consentrated on the early sixties instead, for instance.

But back to Peter Tork. He and Mike Nesmith were totally an item back in the day, right?

No? Damn. Oh yes, I can go from nil to slash in two point oh seconds.
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