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Had to split the festival entry in two so it wouldn't get EPIC LONG, so here's the actual music part of the music festival (and less "Tiny and Tilly do Fredrikstad"):


KooKoooKitchen was the first concert we attended, but we were less than impressed. Instead we went to the classical guitar concert in the church. Summary: We went to a rock/alternative music festival and then straight to church. Heh.

Then came Farmers Market, which I honestly had very little knowledge about, except how the lead singer is from the same county as me (EIDSVOLL FOREVAH).

A bit too jazzy for my tastes, but very fun and Balkan-y. Also they have a song on their Surfin' USSR album called 'One day son, all I own will still belong to the state' and because of that I just love them a little bit more.

The first day was concluded with Timbuktu, a Swedish rapper. We only intended to stay for a few songs so we could say "hey, we saw Timbuktu" and then we discovered that TIMBUKTU CONCERTS ARE SOME OF THE AWESOMEST THINGS IN THE WORLD. We danced and danced and danced.

In fact I decided I should buy some of his albums, but woe, without his backing band Damn! he's just not that much fun.


We spent half the day in THE GLORIOUS HAMMOCKS before we attended StudioLive, a band promoted as reggae, but which turned out to be dull hiphop.

And after that, at 17.30 there was SKAMBANKT and yea, it was brilliant and cool.

But then the sound was cut midway through the first song. Terje looked slightly pissed.

It was Tiny's first Skambankt concert, and her first comment was "Man, Tollak is FANTABULOUS!" And yes, yes he was.

And after the initial sound problems were solved Terje was in a much better mood.

Quoth Tiny: "There are those who just play guitar. Then there are those who make sweet sweet love to the guitar. This band features the latter."


I'm honestly not the kind of person who takes a lot of pictures at concerts, but then they started doing awesome things during the solos and I thought again and again, "Man, I want a picture of that". So up the camera went.

*Insert slashtastic observations here*

I'm not at all obsessed with half of Skambankt. Nope.

After Skambankt (who finished with 'Stormkast #1', yay!) there was Lukestar, which was like Mew and Coldplay's bastard love child. We couldn't stand it and instead found the children's entertainment section where Tiny laughed so hard at the clown the children we're looking at her funny.

Then came Tommy Tokyo and Starving for My Gravy and you know what? I love that we can have thoroughly weird artists in Norway as well.

Tommy Tokyo reminded me musically a great deal of Nick Cave, but slightly more optimistic in some of the songs. Me, I was so impressed by him doing the whole concert barefoot (on the festival's coldest day) and doing rubber chicken solos.

Even the audience got weirder. There was a definite hippie vibe. Blowing of soap bubbles. And at the end a guy near us shouted "TOMMY TOKYO MARRY MY MOTHER!" and all was good.

Oh, and afterwards we ate our lunch right next to Helge Omen from Kaizers Orchestra. We debated back and forth if we wanted to go interrupt him and get a photo, but we didn't dare. We're not that kind of fans.

Then the last concert of the day was - and you might have heard me mentioning this band in passing - Kaizers Orchestra. And lo, it was epic. As always.

At one point Janove, with his usual impulse control of a five-year-old, climbed up on a stack of speakers approximately three meters high and finished a song up there. Then he had to beg Geir help him down, who refused, but offered to salvage the microphone. In the end their trustable roadie wound up carrying Janove across his shoulders back to the centre stage. HAHAHAAA.

And there was hugging. And it was good.

The finale was 'Min kvite russer' with audience participation and finally a capella singing. Helge, of course, stuck to directing.

We chatted with a middle aged mother who was accompanying her seventeen year old daughter. She admitted she'd heard some of Kaizer's songs before but hadn't liked it. When we met her she was standing with us at the front, squeeing and dancing and jumping and shouting as much as the rest of us. Tiny patted her back and told her "Welcome to the club".

Day Three

At this point the camera had run out of juice.

We started out with the band My Little Pony which is OMG SOME OF THE CUTEST MUSIC I'VE EVER HEARD. We were sitting in there in the bright sun listening to the best feelgood music in the world, and we just fell completely in love with the band. After the concert we ran to the merch shop and bought their album Think Too Much, as well as some T-shirts the the band themself had printed.

If you at all like indie music and feeling good, check out the Norwegian band My Little Pony. Do it.

We could only hear a few songs of Death By Unga Bunga, a punk/rock band that only consists of guys YOUNGER THAN ME, which felt weird as hell. But they were great! Obviously influenced by the Stones and the Kinks, with songs that were catchy as hell.

Then we attended the Katzenjammer concert, and THIS BAND IS STILL SO BRILLIANT LIVE. We were having so much fun right at the front and I think I have a crush on every single girl in this band, because they are all so IMPOSSIBLY AWESOME. I want them to make another album NOW.

The day of great music fizzled out a bit at the end with some very alternative jazzy stuff, as well as Kristin Asbjørnsen, who we walked out on mostly because she had such painfully bad English diction. Instead we went to the motel room and squeed and ate cheeze doodles and geeked out.


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