Sep. 20th, 2009

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I hope they're rough, I hope their skin is tough like Spanish leather
Can't wait until their dull dead eyes meet mine
Augh, I need to shake up my mountain hiking habits. Partly it's because I feel like I know Fløyen inside out now - I've seen all the seasons change, the panorama doesn't impress me anymore. But also the thing is that I feel like I've listened to all my audio plays five hundred times each now.

I didn't begin hiking for the mountain's sake, it was just something to do while listening to the sixty-plus Sherlock Holmes audios I got my hands on last year.

Finding a new mountain to climb shouldn't be too hard, the city's surrounded by them after all. I just hope I don't need to travel by bus, since the reason I favour hiking to training studios is the price. Finding new audio plays to listen to is harder, I've been foraging both the library and The Internet Archive, but nothing has really grabbed me yet. It's possible I'm going to have to actually buy something.

It's not like I should stop with the hiking when it's so good for me - today I ran all the eighty-eight steps in the staircase up to my room, hardly without being winded at all! I haven't been able to do that for months!

Oh yeah, and this is of course continually haunting my mind every step of the way, and has done so for weeks. "And the climb is going where no man has gone before."
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You're probably sick of my blurry screencap spams, so I thought for once I could offer a real honest-to-God TOS pic spam. With, you know, proper photos.

Not for the faint of bandwidth )


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