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The age-old adage goes "The thing about running is: Nobody else gives a shit about running." Cardio, it seems, is something my more active friends subject themselves to in order to become better at some other athletic activity (lifting, skiing, handball, dancing). Me, I just want to be a runner.

(I call what I do running; It's really jog-walk cycles, as per my couch-to-5k programme's instructions). I'm still a far cry from the sleek, gazelle-like runners I pass on my route, but comparing my aerobic base to what it was a year ago I really have made progress, and I'm pretty proud of myself.

Anyway, nobody but runners give a shit about running. I've started becoming unusually interested in other runners' habits and techniques and diet. I particularly enjoy learning what music other people run to -- it's hardly ever music I'd put on my running playlist, but I find it fascinating anyway.

So hey, here's some songs I friggin' love running to right now.

Like a speeding bullet )
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So what did I do this year? I moved. I spent the summer all alone painting the family cabin. Got hooked on gardening. Got hooked on knitting (again). I was best man in a friend's wedding.

To be honest just about everything else about 2013 was pretty dismal. Depression, unemployment, insomnia, more visits to the emergency room than ever. At least 2014 can only get better.

Here are some more good things about this past year:

I watched 175 films through the year (not counting rewatches, documentaries and short films). I think my favourite movie experiences this year was watching Le Petite Monde de Don Camillo, and Cleopatra on the big screen -- which is why there's been a lot of Taylor/Burton films this year. There's also been a lot of George Sanders, and DC animated films.

175 films is admittedly pretty weak. My excuse is that I started knitting, and when I knit I've found I prefer to watch TV shows, because chances are I won't miss as much information if I glance away from the screen for a moment. I went from hardly watching TV at all to bingewatching all of Breaking Bad, Community, and Downton Abbey.

I also stuck to my last New Year's resolution: Finish at least one drawing every month! So here's one of those "my art year in summary" things:

Superheroes mostly )

So that's 2013 for me. Happy new year!
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Hi, I'm not dead! Been sorta busy for once this month - first my sister had her big wedding party (one year after the wedding). It was Rockabilly themed and they'd hired a band and everything, it was great. Secondly, it was time for my school reunion (roughly equivalent to middle school/junior high). Everybody'd become adults, it was really weird. Thirdly, I was best man in my best friend's Maria's wedding. Had to don a bunad for the first time since I was a teen. Marriage equality rules, by the way.

So all in all, not dead. In fact I had a dream last night I posted a list called "Ten random comic book things that make me happy". And here I am.

So. Why not?

10. Namor the Submariner's and Black Adam's pointy Spock ears.
09. That one time Chas was unavailable and John Constantine had to ride with some random long-haired biker.
08. How Ralph (Elongated Man) Dibny's nose twitches when he gets intrigued by a mystery.
07. The debate on whether Ralph Dibny can't help it or whether he does it as a gimmick.
06. Mucous Membrane.
05. Plastic Man's dumb sense of humour.
04. When The Spirit gets flummoxed by an unexpected kiss.
03 Ted (Blue Beetle) Kord's costume.
02. The height difference between Big Barda and Mister Miracle.
01. How Blue Beetle helped young inexperienced Booster Gold grow as a person and they became soul mates and I get all emotional about this relationship between two fictional superheroes and just shut up don't tease me.
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I suddenly got curious about the existence of comic-centric songs and the internet proved me right. The only problem with songs in various "Top X songs written about comics" lists was that A) Like Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man', they weren't actually written with comic book characters in mind, or B) Like Wings' 'Magneto and Titanium Man', they weren't particularly good.

So hey, I made my own. With some half-assed graphics thrown in because I felt like it.

She talks like a Daily Planet reporter )


Ookla The Mook: 'Stop Talking about Comic Books or I'll Kill You'

I just couldn't care less if they bring back Kraven
And I don't care if Spider-Man's a clone
Stop spending all our cash on back issues of the Flash
Or I swear to God you're gonna spend your twilight years alone
When all else fails.
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This is a fairly old internet bloggy thing, but I haven't done it so I'm bringing it back out of the internet depths.

The rules are malleable, so here's my take: Twenty actors I will watch in anything, whose names inevitably give me that little jolt of delight when I spot them in the opening credits.

They're not the greatest actors of all time, some of them are more like guilty pleasures of mine, yet not all of them are great delicious hunks. I just love them. Also because it's their acting I love, I've chosen to present them through screenshots where they're in-character, rather than in beautiful promo shots - some from movies I love dearly, some from trash, but they all feature at least one memorable performance.

And because just naming twenty was so hard, I decided to not include actors I mostly known from television (which means no Patrick Troughton, DeForest Kelley, Michael K. Williams, etc.).

Some beyond obvious, some new additions )

Haha, fooled you! Couldn't keep it under twenty-five. You probably wouldn't have noticed if I didn't tell you though.

As for the actors who very nearly made it: They were Hugh Jackman, Lee Marvin, Joseph Cotten, Knut Risan, Hiroyuki Sanada, Dirk Bogarde, Kevin Kline, Raymond Massey, Bruce Willis, James Macavoy and Christopher Lee. Then of course are the ones that I love dearly but I honestly can't say I'll watch in anything - Buster Keaton's talkie sex comedies, any Bing Crosby Technicolour venture...

I plan to do the Twenty Actresses challenges some day, and I've been toying around with some kind of favourite supporting actors list. Meanwhile I've just recieved my very own PVR, and I've already have a massive movie backlist to get through thanks to TCM. Time to get watching!
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I went to the movies and saw Les Misérables with my mum.

I've mentioned it before, I'm a recovering Les Mis obsessive (both book and musical). So when friends who've never cared one jot about musicals suddenly got obsessive about this one movie I was puzzled. Was it because the performances in it were so mind blowing, or just because the musical is so darn good?

This gon' get wordy )

So when the DVD comes, yeah I guess I'll have to splurge on it, even if there were elements that annoyed me to hell and back. In the meantime, mum has said we need to watch "the real one" (the tenth anniversary concert, you can't beat that Dream Cast) soon, and trying to remember the names of the ABC students made me realize it's high-time I reread the book (How many times have it been now? I stopped counting after the fourth read-through).
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This is a continuation of my previous list of Five Comic Book Characters That Intrigue Me For Silly Reasons (and its recap), but I decided I had to rephrase it this time. "These are characters I'd like to check out" doesn't necessarily work when I've already encountered them in big comic book events or crossovers. Still, some of these titles are listed only because some character intrigues me for silly reasons, but not all. Some just seem like genuinely good reads.

Anyway, enough with the explenations, here we go.

Ranging from least to most interesting )

For the record I hear good things about the ongoing Hawekeye series, but I haven't really put in enough research to see if it'll suit me. Also I was thinking about listing the old Elongated Man comics, but he has become so familiar to me through Justice League Europe he didn't seem to fit the list somehow.
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I couldn't access LJ on New Year's Eve to post my 2012 movie list, and then I subsequently forgot. But here it is, an actual internet page dedicated to it this time:


That's 189 movies, not counting the rewatches. That's more than previous years', probably because I haven't had a very good year and among the multitude of reasons why I love movies, escapism ranks pretty highly.

There have been, as usual, some recurring names and themes among the movies I've seen. Some intended (Spencer Tracy, George Sanders, Bollywood, Busby Berkeley, Herbert Marshall) and some surprises (William Bendix sure popped up a lot somehow!).

My absolute favourite movie this year was a romantic comedy from 1932, Trouble in Paradise. Usually romantic comedies and love triangles are not my thing, but the story of a gentleman thief living in sin with a female confidence trickster (they first meet when they try to scam each other, thinking each other rich) who then falls in love with his next mark is just so absolutely delightful and I'm in love with all the characters. It's so wonderfully, elegantly risqué as well, without being crude.

Anyway, it was fun fiddling about with the HTML and posters for this year's list. I used Imgur to host the images, which means the poster images will eventually break - but it works for now.
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I've got a new vanity project this year, it's this page:

Moviewatching 2012

A place where I'll not only list but also try to score and write a few words about every single movie I watch this year.

It's got a sexy hover effect and everything!
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There's just something about keeping list that seems so... satisfying!

So here we are, list of this year's movies (short films, documentaries and rewatches not included).

Movies 2011 )

All in all I feel the list isn't as varied as it was last year, but that's probably because I haven't had the money to go to my beloved film club this semester. On the other hand I've been watching a lot more foreign movies ("foreign" as in non-English) than usual.

A good movie year, I think.
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Well for what it's worth, Captain America seems to have gotten me back into the comics groove. Not that I have the funds at the moment to buy comics, but I'm back to haunting those old comic-related sites and blogs.

Hey, remember when I did that small informal list of comic book characters I wanted to acquaint myself with? I just realized I've actually done just that on most of them, so to recap:

Let's see if they were all they were cracked up to be )

Broadening your horizons: You'll come across some diamonds; some rocks. It's awesome.

Actually I've got another list like that in mind - comics I have some vague ideas about and that I'd like to read some day - that I might inflict upon you one of these days. It'll even feature more DC.
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Whooa there you go, the four final Lupin movies!

From best to worst, you know the drill )

Yup, so in less than eleven months I've seen every single Lupin III movie. And even in time for this year's TV special! (See? It won't end. It will never end.)

You know some people feel accomplished when they've finally seen every Star Trek movie? Well there aren't TWENTY-EIGHT OF THEM, like it is in the Lupin franchise (five theatrical films, twenty-two full-lenght TV specials, and one godawful OVA). Oh my goodness, so many hours of my youth misspent.

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Amidst the school assignments it really feels good to sit down and write something that doesn't need references to articles from 1972 or people with strange German names. Nope, writing about cartoon characters blowing stuff up with really big guns tops that one I'm afraid.

Oh, and fair warning: I'm going to deviate from my usual Lupin movie post form - instead of adding the five new movies into the ever-growing list of good-to-bad, I'm just going to compare the five movies to each other and list them accordingly. With so many movies that fell into the "meh, not good, not bad, but watchable" category it just became too difficult to list them all from best to worst.

Tell you what, if I see a Lupin movies that I'd consider part of the top five, I'll tell. And if one is really really bad and deserves the place at the very very bottom you'll know (Hint: THE ONE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CUT IS THE WORST THERE IS. IT CAN'T GET ANY WORSE, IT JUST CAN'T.)

And I'm sorry, no GIFs this time because you've been bad I've had some computer troubles lately. Mostly solved now, but there wasn't really any scenes that stood out enough for me to go back and start fiddling with GIMP.

I didn't think I'd ever develop *feelings* for a specific make of guns )

That makes twenty-five Lupin movies. I'm really far along now - trouble is, at this point I've exhausted most of my sources: I literally do not know where I'll find another Lupin movie.

And you know what? Bad as a lot of them are, it's sort of scary to run out. Talk about your guilty pleasure.
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I've got a bookmarks folder simply titled "WANT". It has an abundance of pictures of clothes referencing things I like.

I've got this weird affliction where I feel the need to show the world my geeky interests. I mean - I know that the world doesn't care, and I've got clothes to cover myself already, I'm in no immediate danger of being forced to go out naked, but that doesn't stop me from looking at webshops specificially catered to my geeky interests and making those flaily "I want that" hand motions babies do. You know, once in a while.

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I caught a link to this very extensive comic cover gallery and of course the first thing I did was check which comics were published the month I was born - you know, let's pretend it had some kind of mystical effect on what course the life of newly-arrived Tilly would take.

So have a spam!

The top 10 coolest covers from the month Tilly was born )
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You realize I'm still reading Justice League International, it's still the greatest thing since bread and butter and I've come to the conclusion that if I don't let out some fangirl joy I'm going to explode in an unstable burst of primary-coloured confetti.

But instead of erratically listing all the little things that makes me curl my toes with glee as I'm reading, I think the most levelheaded way I can go about this is to tell you exactly why issue 16 and 17 are made of pure joy and angels' laughter.

Well okay so maybe "levelheaded" isn't the word to use.

5 reasons, in handy list form )

Gosh, now I remember what it's like reading comics that are entertaining rather than insanely frustrating!
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It's funny how I've got such a goldfish memory when it comes to Lupin movies specifically - it always depends on how good the last movie I saw was. If it was good I can't wait to see another, if it was bad I have to spend a lot of time convincing myself to ever watch another one.

Too bad the last one I watched this time won the dubious honour of being the worst Lupin movie I've seen yet. I'm hoping posting about it will flush it out of my system because I just know there has to be other good movies in this franchise I haven't seen yet.

Anyways this time I've mostly seen very recent Lupin movies, it's interesting to see the gang in the 21th Century, attempting to be relevant and meta. And not always succeeding. Aaand I rewatched one of the former "worst Lupin movies ever" and thus it gained a different position on the list. So yes, even I can change my opinion on things. Sometimes.

'I was going to call it Love and War, but I didn't want people to get the wrong idea about us.' )

I'll say this for Angel Tactics though; In a franchise that has seen its fair share of deus ex machinas and ass-pulls, it's impressive to sweep them all aside with the most ridiculous ass-pull of them all:

Why of course Jigen's got a small air conditioner strapped to his head on the off-chance that a member of a terrorist group will try to use knock-out gas on him. OBVIOUSLY.
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It's that time again, kids! We've got your rants, your GIFs, your CAPSLOCK rage and squee!

I can't believe I've watched fifteen of these fuckers. What am I doing with my life. Watching cartoon characters shooting stuff and losing their trousers at an alarming frequency, that's what.

Of special note this time: I was really planning to catch most of the backlog first, but for fear of being spoilered about this year's TV special (The Last Job) I somehow found time for it.

Here's a spoiler for you: Goemon has an iPhone.

Not sure how I feel about that.

Five more movies )

And now, with some eighteen Lupin movies remaining (and according to my research a bunch of them are pure shit) I think I'm going to take a break and pick up these reviews again in 2011. The good news is that by sticking to watching an episode of the seventies' TV series a day makes me reeeaaally appreciate the animation of these movies.
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I watched Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro on a recommendation and yes, that was hell of an entertaining movie! - Even to a dumb person such as I, going "wow, they really did their homework, this is one big love letter to seventies' action movies! What's that? It was made in the seventies? Oh."

It was so good, in fact, it made me do some soul searching when it comes to anime. I already know I am prejudiced towards Japanese animation movies and TV shows, and yes, I realize it's a medium and not a genre - but really, why do I have so much trouble liking it?

I've tried putting it into words )

Now as a hilarious contrast to my "waah anime is dumb" post, I'm really interested in seeing more Lupin the 3rd. The problem is finding the best way to proceed among all the movies, the two television series, the manga...
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It seems like ages since I made an illustrated list of silly things, no? This is possibly an extra unnecessary one, but still I bring you:

Five comic book character (that is, superheroes) that intrigue me for silly reasons

I thought it might be slightly more fun that "Comic books I plan to pick up some day when I have the money and feel like trying out something new".

Like I've mentioned before, until recently I stuck to fantasy and Vertigo-type comic books. Superheroes and science-fictiony stuff is pretty new to me - my main exposure to them has been various incarnations of Scans Daily through the years, which means what I do know about these characters is pretty polarized. Which you will see from this list. And a please give a warm hand to Wikipedia!

In no particular order )

Oh and I'd like to point out that most comic books I check out I do because they're recommended to me and/or seem actually good (The Immortal Iron Fist looks AWESOME from the bits I've read). In fact I had to remove Cassandra Cain from the list because the only Why's I could think of was that she seems like a genuinely interesting character.


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