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Been dealing with insomnia all month long, which makes for a collection of very blurry December memories. On those nights I've started thinking "fuck it" and replayed Ghost Trick on the DS. For a game I love so hard, it's amazing I've hardly made any fanart of it -- though I guess it's probably because the characters are so VERY stylized it's kinda hard to do your own thing with them and still make them look recognizable.

But hey, how many Ghost Trick characters wears a long white coat with a bright red scarf, not to mention a half-open shirt and a medallion like something out of the last days of disco? Inspector Cabanela's not very interchangeable.

Mr. long legs )

Glad I managed to squeeze in one last drawing this year!
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So yeah, I've started reading Shade the Changing Man. It's wonderfully weird. And a bit like Doctor Who, if the Doctor was stranded on earth with just a vague idea who he was or what he should do. So sort of like the Eight Doctor Adventures. Shade's first body even looks a bit like Eight.

Anway, I put on some equally weird Laurie Anderson records and ignored just about everything I know about colours. It felt right.

'My worrisome case. Too sensitive. Too dreamy. Too impulsive' )

Oh Vertigo comics, how I've missed your insanity.
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I've started reading the 52 comics - thanks to my new smartphone I read one issue (only 11 kroner!) a week. I'm definitely hooked, but like most recent DC storylines it's dark, and horrible stuff happens to characters I'm invested in, so I felt an urge to do some cute fanart of better times.

I love Ralph Dibny, The Elongated Man - he's my favourite of the stretchy superheroes. Well, he's more of a detective than a typical superhero and in the comics of the sixties he used to travel the world in a convertible along with his brilliant (non-superhero) wife Sue looking for mysteries to solve (they were based on Nick and Nora in The Thin Man, one of my favourite movies).

And they lived happily ever after )

I've got a soft-spot for happily married superheroes.
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This came out of a desire to try to colour something shiny (like a shiny hiney). And because I've always felt vaguely guilty about that Blue Beetle drawing not having a companion Booster Gold piece.

I wonder why flying superheroes even bother with walking )

I aknowledge that the drawings I do still differ a lot from how I want them to be, but I think I can spot some improvement compared to, say, the Beetle drawing I made last year.
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My friend Vee's been lending me his Duckverse comics, and realizing the last attempt I made at drawing a Disney duck happened when I was about ten years old, I thought "Hm. I wonder if I am able to pull it off?"

Well. It was fun anyway, and I picked one of my favourite supporting ducks as it were, Gladstone Gander.

I like Gladstone. Vee can't understand it. )

Does the average American know who Gladstone Gander is? I think he had one or two cameos in DuckTales, but as far as I know he's comics only. Well, he's Donald Duck's cousin, and the luckiest duck in the world. He's usually the antagonist, seeing as he's also courting Donald's girlfriend Dolly. That's pretty much it, and Carl Barks (who created him) got tired of him real quick, and Don Rosa (my favourite Duckburg creator) only ever used him in three or so stories, because he thought the character was limited. And he is.

I think he's interesting as a sort of parallel/antithesis to Donald, because they're both lazy and lacking in ambition, but Gladstone gets away with it because he's so lucky. And then he spends his life pretty much exactly how I would like to spend mine; Reading comics, listening to records and teaching himself the ukulele.
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I've hardly drawn anything so far this year, but here's my answer to the "draw yourself as the last video game character you played as" challenge.

Tilly Stratford: Ace Attorney )

Anyway, lately I've been trying to get back in the drawing habit by doodling when I've got nothing better to do. Not gonna lie, there's been a healthy helping of Dick Gumshoe doodles. And Larry Butz. Showing once and for all that when it comes to liking video game characters, I really haven't got a "type".
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Alert the media, Tilly's been drawing characters from another fandom! Though there IS the same amount of fedoras and ties and slightly too short trousers.

Yes, Ghost Trick. Obviously. And my favourite Azul. Obviously.

blue skin - the fun alternative )

Apparently I can draw stylized roses, who knew.
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It's really getting chilly at night. I've found my old hot water bottle because there's nothing I love better than to drift off to sleep feeling the heat radiating from the bottom of my bed.

This being my first autumn with Linni (well my first autumn with Linni outside of the shelter) it hadn't really occurred to me that Linni too would become fond of my hot water bottle.

And you see, Linni usually hates sleeping at the end of the bed at night.

So when I woke up at night feeling nature's call, I groggily checked to see if Linni was sleeping next to me (which she usually does), and satisfied with not finding her there, I leapt out of bed - and in the process kicked Linni halfway across the room from where she'd been sleeping happily curled up on the duvet over the hot water bottle.

Ah the jolts of guilt that comes from pet ownership. She's forgiven me by now though.

For the remainder of the night we figured out a compromise; hot water bottle in the middle, my legs on one side and her on the other. No more cross-room cat kicking.

(Illustrated for your convenience no good reason at all)

I guess that'll be the agreement for the next couple of nights too. Maybe when it gets colder I'll make a ghetto-style hot water bottle from a soda bottle and put it in her bed next to my desk.
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I've always considered online role playing to be something that happens to other people. If they enjoy it, great, but whenever I see the initials RP I will always think Recieved Pronunciation, because I've never been into that other thing.

But see, I was really flattered when I was asked by someone in the core of the Tumblr Lupin fandom if I wanted to join in on their project of creating Lupin-related ask tumblrs (I don't considered myself a part of Lupin fandom anywhere, I just post reactions and geek out all on my own).

So my insomnia and my moronic sense of humour led to the creation of this: Ask a homicidal mook.

It's an ask tumblr for... you know those creepy killer ninjas with the pointy gauntlets in The Castle of Cagliostro who never speak or are given individual personalities? It's for one of them. I don't know, it was four o'clock in the morning and I thought it'd be hilarious.

I wouldn't consider it role playing, though I guess many people would call it that. It's really just a Deadpool-inspired joke that allows me to get a bit creative, as well as draw stuff I wouldn't normally draw. Like, you know, those gauntleted ninja dudes from The Castle of Cagliostro.

(So hey, if you're on Tumblr and bored, drop this charming fellow a question!)
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I dreamed I watched the sequel to X-Men First Class. It was very good. The first part was very clever and intellectual while the second half had great action (and for some reason Superman references. Keep your comicverses apart, subconcious!).

We shall see if my prophetic skills are up to scratch. If it is, I'm particularly looking forward to rewatching the part where James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender started making out. (What a lovely little brain I have. What do lovely little brains get? That's right, they get chocolate treats!)

All this reminds me I'm absolutely going to watch Captain America sometime in the near future - sadly it doesn't open until Friday at the local cinema. But I've heard good things so far, and Dum Dum Duggan's in it, so I bet I'll get my money's worth.

And finally, unrelated: There's a brilliant challenge going around Tumblr these days, which asks you to draw your favourite character in the outfit you're wearing at the moment. Seeing as at this exact moment my favourite character is Jigen Daisuke, and I'm wearing my favourite shirt*, this kept me entertained for some time.

Fedora and revolver not part of my actual ensemble, obviously )

*The legendary Shirt of Indeterminable Colour. Is it blue? Is it purple? Nobody knows!
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Lupin III-related, what else.

Well, not so much fanart as a fan... sketch. I was just going to clean it up in PS a bit and then I'd suddenly coloured it (by mouse, oh the nostalgia) and here it is.

And it's rare enough for me to draw ladies anyway, so here's one for the history books.

A first )
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Insomnia sketches somehow turned into List of General Character Design Elements in Lupin III I Love. This is what I found in my sketchbook this morning:

Quick'n'dirty )

That doesn't even strike me as a complete list, maybe some other night I'll do a list of more character-specific design elements, or the art choices I really can't stand in this show. It's fun just trying to mimic other styles in general.
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DeviantArt is still sort of scary, it's like I've dropped into some wildly different culture, I don't know the significance of their language or actions. Though I did almost get a heart attack yesterday when one of my favourite fanartists on DA fav'ed my Zenigata picture.

But! It's a good source of memes. Like the seven-year improvement meme - though that's more for serious artists rather than someone like me who posts flawed little pencil scratchings. But I can for a moment play all "LOL I R SERIOZ ARTIST" and see if there's been any improvement.

Tilly's 'art' 04-10 )

Okay, enough with this navel-gazing, I'm going to take a shower and then watch movies the rest of the day.
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Tilly's drawing all the time again, must be the end of a semester.

This has been lying unfinished on my desk for a while, I first started on it when [livejournal.com profile] leaper182 and I were discussing Steal Napoleon's Dictionary!, a Lupin III TV special that's not the best of its kind, but we agreed one of its highlights is seeing Inspector Zenigata in appropriate attire in a classic car race.

Seeing as I skipped over the good Inspector for my last bit of Lupin sketching silliness I thought it was time to give Zenigata his due.

And everything's better when there's breeches involved )

A moment of silence, please, for my trusty mechanical pencil that perished during this process. It has served my family for many years - I stole inherited it from my sister at least five years ago and I think about ninety percent of the drawings I've posted here were made with that Pilot Supergrip. But alas, it gave up the spirit.

...And then I discovered that the Pilot Supergrip is possibly the cheapest mechanical pencil out there, and I so I bought an identical one for pocket change. Ah to live in a consumer society!
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Happy 17th of May, Norwegian Independence Day!

I'm off to Maria in my pretty red dress, lapel ribbon in place (my father has taught me that on the 17th of May the biggest crooks wear the longest ribbons, so mine is of a discreet, tasteful length), but not before subjecting you to probably the geekiest, most selfindulgent thing I've ever drawn (and I've drawn Wolverine reimagined as Winnie the Pooh, so that's saying something).

I blame [livejournal.com profile] leaper182 and the cheering-up fic she wrote me a while ago, where she inadvertently gave Lupin the idea to head to Norway, at which point I started thinking "Hmm, what would there be to steal in Norway?" and then I noticed the 17th of May fast approaching and...

Alternatively you can view it as birch fanart, I love birches )

Don't ask me about the logic behind this thing. "Happy birthday land of mine, here's a picture of these Japanese cartoon characters robbing you blind!" Be glad I fought my urges to put them in our national costume (because hey, it would have made sense in-story, blending in and all that). You dodged a bullet there.
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Yes, this comes as a surprise to no one: Tilly falls in love with something so hard she can't help herself but start drawing. Have I ever drawn any non-fanart with my tablet? I really can't think of anything.

So! With my recent violent infatuation with Justice League International the inevitable finally came!

Springing into action! )
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No hear me out, this made perfect sense in my head. At some point.

So Captain America is pretty much clad in the Stars and Stripes, right? And Wonder Woman wears something of the same, thematically.

So I thought - stick with me here - why don't they try switching costumes?

And then, God help me, I picked up a pencil.

Don't pretend you've never imagined Steve Rogers wearing a corset and a tiara )

They shall be known as... WonderCap and American Woman!
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Oh dear, this is what comes of reading eighties' X-Men comics and not being able to sleep.

I done committed fanart.

Everybody's primary coloured favourite )

Man I really would like to sleep now.
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Yeah, take a look at the entry header and guess what day it is (for fifteen more minutes)!

You know what gets really tedious after a while? Drawing dreads )

I really lucked out and actually had things to do today. You know, if you can decipher them in my doodles.

And now, another brave attempt at sleep.

Nero part 3

Dec. 1st, 2009 07:31 pm
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Why do I keep making theeeese.

Enter Britannicus )

I might actually touch upon the actual main plot in the next part. You never know.


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